Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Journaling Animal Dreams, Tracking Connections (and a Boy Chicken)

Jim mentioned awhile ago that I dream a lot about animals. He finds this unusual. He also has an active dream life, but doesn't dream about animals that much. I don't know if it's unusual or not, but I do dream a lot about animals, both real and imaginary.

I'm inspired once again to start an animal journal. About five years ago I started one, but it wasn't just about animal dreams, but all things to do with animals, all the little synchronicities. Writing in the journal became a big job, including all those things. It didn't last long.

This time I'm sticking to animal dreams.

I've also been thinking of my fascination with animal stories, particularly the stranger ones. That comes from having a Fortean leaning towards life. I posted here a while ago that a professor of mine wanted to know what I was planning to do with my collection of interesting and unusual animal stories. I didn't know. I'm still not sure, but I think it's a start to finding out … something.

I am beginning to believe that animals, as guides and messengers, have a lot to do with this journey.

And now, here's a dream about a chicken:

I'm in the backyard of our house, and alongside the bedroom window (where, on the other side, is our bed, and this location outside the window seems to be one for animals in other dreams) is a penned in area with chickens. One of these chickens is a male. Not a rooster. But a male. Only a chicken. It's very clear in the dream this is a chicken, but a male chicken. He's big and fluffy and very sweet. 
All the chickens are asleep. They're on their sides, on the ground, and at the end of this line of cuddled together sleeping chickens, is a large, sleeping raccoon. I'm very worried at first this raccoon will eat the chickens, but he means no harm, he just wants to get warm. I wonder if I shouldn't cover the chickens, (and the raccoon) so they don't get cold. But I'm worried they won't be able to breathe. 
I try to give the male chicken away. I'm not sure why, I like him, it's just weird. But all my neighbors who have chickens have plenty of chickens and they don't want him. They like him and find it interesting I have a male chicken -- it's not they find him ugly or digesting, they just don't have room.
So I keep him.
Later, in front of the house, and looking up at the night sky, my husband and I and others see a flock of beautiful birds. At first, only I see can see the birds. I'm surprised no one can see them, because they're huge. The size of prehistoric birds. They remind me of the Phoenix, but they're Phoenixes. They have delicate, long wings and tails. Their wings and tails are ruffled at the edges, and these are transparent. It turns out the birds have been there all along, but no one's bothered to really look. They are beautiful. I wonder if they're even "real" -- they're really there, but if they're not of another dimension, or reality. Or planet, even. Something. 

I haven't explored this dream yet to figure out it's meaning. Or, it could just be the effects of a few days of cold medication and disrupted sleep.
But this is the first entry in my animal dream journal nonetheless.

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