Thursday, February 22, 2018

Why Roswell IS Important

Nick Redfern has a couple of new pieces at Mysterious Universe on the possibility that what crashed at Roswell was not a UFO full of ETs, but a human engineered event.

Roswell is important because: we need to find out what happened. What really happened.

 " in Ufology should want any case to be this or that." Nick Redfern (on a FB post.)

No matter what Roswell turns out to be, it's important. Obviously, if what happened at Roswell was really a crashed flying saucer from outer space full of aliens, that's hugely important. Shattering, life changing.

But, it might not be that. It's at this point many give up. They either continue to cling to the ET explanation, or, walk away out of frustration. For the former, Redfern's point about not wanting any particular UFO case to be "this or that" will be ignored. Unfortunately, the latter will also be ignored. But the fact that Roswell wasn't a UFO related incident isn't sad news. It doesn't mean the case is closed on UFOs and they don't exist after all. Roswell isn't any golden key that unlocks the mystery. No case is.

But Roswell is important either way. If not aliens, then the possibility that humans intentionally created an event using human test subjects is also huge. And shattering. We should care about that. We should be angry at that. We should call out Roswell for what being another covert action, covered up by our government, using humans as fodder for experiments, and spreading disinformation among the public for decades.

I'd say that's very important.

I don't know if Nick is right or not. Either way, ET or human made, something happened at Roswell that deserves more than the 'true believer' response, as well as the jaded and bored so what response.

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