Sunday, March 4, 2018

alienviews: UFOs, Internets, And Boundaries

Alfred Lehmberg, one of the few people out there writing about All This Stuff that makes us think. Sadly, Lehmberg is still unappreciated -- a lot of people mock him (because they don't get it) some harass him, others ignore. I think the latter is the worst.  It's not just about specific cases and events, but a meta view of It All. And yet, with some exceptions, most of us don't go deeper. Until we go deeper while at the same time go around, and out, we won't get much in terms of The Big Answer. Anyway, here's a quote and a link so follow it:

alienviews: UFOs, Internets, And Boundaries: Lost balls in the tall grass, ourselves, and at a total loss as to what UFOs are then, we can at least know what they do! What they do is embarrass science and give it a systemic wedgie. There's your cut to the chase. (Alfred Lehmberg)

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