Monday, March 26, 2018

Amy Allan: Mediums, Ghosts and Aliens

The Dead Files medium, Amy Allan, mainly communicates with once human spirits. Sometimes entities, shape shifters, energies that were once human but became . . . something else. But a few times, (a very few times) Allan has come across aliens, as in ET.

A recent episode of The Dead Files had Amy Allan going about a haunted location, encountering the usual spirits of the dead. But she also encountered insecticide alien type beings.

"So it's an alien…" restates her husband, who accompanies Allen on her sessions.
"Yes." She continues: "…Theses things are bad . .  . torturing children. . . "

They're described by Allan as "small, gargoyle, dragon type creatures."

On the property under investigation in this episode, Allan came across a portal where these creatures come from. This portal has been here ". . . since the be inning of time." These entities are clearly aliens, Allan makes it clear. Some of the aliens are large, the largest having "bulbous eyes" and "daddy long liege arms."

"They enter people's dreams," Amy says. She goes on to say that the dreams are not literally dreams, but really happening in another dimension.

The aliens are doing their thing amongst other spirits, including ghosts/energies of humans who have passed. As I've often wondered, are the aliens and spirits aware of each other? Both categories of entities interact with the living, but what are the dynamics of these energies in the ether, or astral, or whatever name we want to give the non-mundane realm?

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