Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Synchronicity Diamond UFO Memory

Many years ago, I saw a diamond shaped UFO.

I was in bed, curtains open. Looking at the night sky. It was around midnight. I'd been looking through the window off and on for what seemed hours -- couldn't get to sleep. Suddenly I noticed what I assumed was a star, or planet, very very bright. Aside from its brightness, it seemed not only larger than a typical star, but shaped differently. I got out of bed to look out the window. Yes, this sparkling brilliant 'star' was diamond shaped. It was always turning. In place, stationary, but revolving. Around and around. Spinning. I watched it closely. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just seeing the normal effect (autokinetic effect) -- that perception that stars are moving. But it wasn't that, because it wasn't a star or planet. It wasn't there at all, then, it was. It was much larger and brighter than a star or planet. It truly was moving in place; spinning. I look at the sky all the time, and I would have noticed the appearance during the night of any bright star or planet in that place. 

I watched it for what seemed like hours. Spinning in place. Large. Bright. Not moving across the sky. 

A few days later, I was at the home of a woman who did my nails. She was very interested in UFOs, and had seen a few in her life. She told me that she had noticed a strange light in the sky recently, and proceeded to describe the diamond shaped light I saw. 

It didn't come back. If it had been a star, it would have made more than one appearance in the sky.

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