Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our Big Fat Massive Pentagon Multi-Researcher Government UFO Reveal

Listening to C2C this past Sunday night, host, George Knapp. Guest: Dr. Eric Davis discussing UFOs. Points -- important points -- UFOs are real. As Knapp said, "Duh." What they are, that's another question. Although Eric Davis did say the origins of UFOs are "non-human." Inter, outer, inner, other . . . but not human. So far, fine.

Lots of researchers of the nuts and bolts kind involved in the Pentagon's study of UFOs. Although Davis did say that there is a definite paranormal aspect to UFOs. (Which is clear, and something many a UFO witness, including myself, has experienced.)  Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) involvement in this has always troubled me. Davis blithely acknowledged many conclusions remain classified, and (paraphrasing) will never be released to the public. At the top: Bigelow, who has said in the past that people don't have the right to know everything. Bigelow is a private citizen. A wealthy one, with all kinds of connections to government as well as industry, including aviation. A sort of anomalous Howard Hughes type. 

I definitely have mixed feelings about Bigelow. He's poured a lot of money into paranormal research. He's gathered people of various disciplines to study UFOs and the anomalous realm. On the other hand, he's too damn cozy with both government and private industry. Both factions include those who don't give a damn about the truth concerning findings and how it will affect our society as well as culture. They only care about how those findings can benefit them. The rest of hoi poli be damned. We don't get to know. 

Bigelow has had his own UFO experiences, which he doesn't talk about. I do love the fact that he doesn't care what people think about his opinions and beliefs concerning UFO reality. He has the wealth and connections to make things happen with research. Who hasn't daydreamed about having all the money in the world to spend on paranormal and UFO research? (Well, if you're a saucer nerd, that is.) 

There's Bigelow's work with NASA. He wants to go out to space. Trump wants a 'Space Force.' MUFON. NIDS. Skinwalker Ranch. Project BEAM. BAASS. Conspiratorial minds are busy musing on the implications.

From the beginning, and more so as time has gone on, I've had a nagging feeling about Bigelow and those he works with -- something not right. 

Government has acknowledged UFOs are real. The rest of the world goes on. There's been a kind of shrug and 'hmm, interesting' response to this news and then, nothing. But what can we do? Regardless of UFOs, the world, and the U.S., is in a rotten and sad state. I'm not naive or ignorant, of course I'm aware and involved in the very real day to day madness of our current POTUS and what he has unleashed in our world. It's sick, it's deranged, it's bad.

So no wonder the obvious news of late from the Pentagon, from mainstream publications like the New York Times, that UFOs are real doesn't cause the huge reaction it might have not long ago. Meanwhile, much of what our government, as well as private industry and a handful of citizens knows about UFOs remains hidden.

I've long believed that the government knows a hell of a lot more than it says it does, that information released to the public is on need to know basis, and, the information itself is parceled out according to their needs at the moment. Does anyone out here really believe that all is revealed?

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