Monday, June 18, 2018

Trumpsters and the Fringe Realm

I've written in the past about what I see as a contradiction between ultra right wingers -- especially Trump supporters -- and the world of the weird. Recent actions by the POTUS have me wondering, once again, why this is so. Those who are UFO, cryptid, anomalous researchers who are also crazy over Trump baffle me. How could you support Trump -- and continue to support the POTUS -- while delving into the world of the unexplained?

Looking at UFOs -- either they're ours, or they're something else non-human. ET, earth bound entities, something. If they're ours, that means governments the world over are messing with us. Why support such systems? If the UFOs are of the 'other' -- ET, etc. we better look out. Either the ETs, aliens, or spirits are benign, or malevolent. If the former, they aren't going to be happy with our supporting of such hateful, greedy, ignorant, bigoted men like Trump. If the beings have nasty intent, they aren't going to care about us at all. Only in terms of what we can do for them. And after that, we're lunch. So again, why support dictatorships?

Sasquatch and other Cryptids
This category has its own set of problems. Those who think there's a paranormal aspect to Sasquatch often find themselves attacked by pro-Sasquatch folks. If you think Sasquatch is simply an animal, and, you're into hunting for sport generally, it's not surprising you'd be a Trump supporter. But if you think beyond the idea Bigfoot is 'just an ape' that means you're of the mind things are not what they seem. Conspiracies about the government's cover-up of the existence - if this is true, why support a government that keeps such things from us? Or, as with the case of UFOS, do these right wingers think the liberals are doing all the covering up?

Not likely since many on the left mock anything that suggests the paranormal and supernatural. As much as I like left pundits like Colbert, Maher, Stewart, Noah, etc. I get irritated at them when they make fun of anything to do with the paranormal. They get pretty smug when it comes to those topics. So it's unlikely the liberals are behind the scenes of covering up strange things.

Two Worlds
Ghosts. UFOs. Strange creatures. And more; a long list of unexplained, mysterious happenings through the centuries. Clearly, for those of us are study these things -- who've experienced these things -- know there is another world out there. Much more than the mundane. This acceptance of these worlds suggests an open mind, an embracing mind. Minds and hearts that are bigger than our often petty human concerns. Which seems to go against the mind-set of Trump.

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