Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Owl, the Tree, and Sasquatch

A few days ago I posted about this:      A Synchronicity Diamond UFO Memory
The other day, another synchronicity. Talking with someone who said "Your name came up last night." This person was hiking with a mutual friend, they saw an owl. Discussion on whether or not it was really an owl. It looked like an owl! but, was it moving? Closer look. Turns out it was part of the tree, that, in the last light of day (they went to watch the sunset) everything worked together to give the appearance of an owl. For whatever reason, this made them think of Sasquatch. Wondering if Bigfoot could be around these parts. The mutual friend said "I think Regan wrote a book about Sasquatch."

Well, I did, in a way. Decades ago I self-published a short book on two Oregon Bigfoot stories. Printed them up, sold them on e-bay. Sold them all, to my surprise. But also, to my embarrassment, because, of course, it was pretty terrible. Compared to what I know now. Craig Woolheater has a copy; I told him to never let it see the light of day!

The conversation then turned to owls and UFOs. My friend had never heard of the owl-UFO connection before, but she was very open to experiences, and shared some of her own with me. For some reason, I told her about missing time -- not only missing time, but my own experience with missing time. This to a co-worker. I had the sense she would be accepting, which she was.

I'll be sharing Mike Cleland's owl books with her. (Of which, in MIke's first book The Messengers, he refers to me as a "maybe abductee." I don't know if I, and my spouse, were abducted, or what, but I do know we had a UFO sighting and missing time, along with a list of psychic type experiences afterwards.)

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