Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A Question About Abduction Regression Leads To . . .

 I asked Lon Strickler yesterday if he knew if a certain psychic could do a regression on me regarding my missing time incident. He told me that this person doesn’t do that type of work. I’m not sure what prompted me to ask him that; it was a spontaneious moment. I replied that I do have a contact locally for someone that does that type of work, so I will contact them.

I told my spouse about this last night, as we were sitting on our porch, enjoying the early evening and nice breeze. Again, I’m not sure why I mentioned it.

Then last night, I had the following dream:

I’m in one of my recurring dream-scapes. This is the one where the elementary school is two stories, and I alwasy get lost. After assisting in the third grade classrooms upstairs, I am schedled to go downstairs to the second grade classroom. But I always hate this, becuae I always get lost. Other staff doesn’t get lost, why is it always just me? There are two staircases, and, elevators. One stairway, one elevator, takes you to the classrooms. The others . . . well, a dead end. And you can never find your way back in. 

No matter how hard I try to remember, write down directions, etc. I always get the wrong one, and get lost. Same today. And so, of course, I am not only late for my classroom, but never do get there. On my way trying to figure out which stairs to take, which direction to go, the principal comes down the hall. She says good morning, thank god. I was afraid she was going to ask me what was I doing. Then again, I think to myself, I only have a week to go and then I retire. (In reality, I retired this spring.) 

I finanlly choose an elevator, get off, and take a stairway, and damn it!! Again. No idea where I am. Can’t get back in. I start walking, very strange underground garage kind of place but no cars. Dust and concrete and pipes. A large man is stumbling around, he is bleeding and seems very confused, dazed. Another man -- I have the impression he’s a doctor of some kind -- is trying to get rid of this man. He’s telling the man that yes, he’s been abducted, and yes, it’s over for now, just keep going, keep going, you’ll be okay, don’t say anything, etc.

             Actor Christopher Plummer.


I am afraid. I know that I too have been abducted. This doctor sees me and refuses to talk with me. I tell him I now know where I am, sort of. That it has somehting to do with “them” and abductions. He pretends he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Then I get really angry. “Well, at least tell me how to get back to the school!” He won’t. Tells me I have to figure it out for myself.

A friend of mine; sister? Not sure. She’s here. We’re now walking around, lost, wandering in and out of very dim rooms. It’s daylight but hard to see. A tall man comes out (Christopher Plumber, don’t ask me why all these movie stars are in my dreams lately) is not human. He looks human, but it’s a disguse. He attacks us for trying to find out things. Why are we here, where are we, how to get back, what happened to the man who said he was abducted, why it is a secret, was I abducted, what is GOING ON?!

He refuses to answer and is angry to be asked.

Somehow, we get away. Not back to teh school but out of this dim, underground type of place. At least we’re out in the open now.

Ah, the underworld. A sort of Alice in Wonderland dream. Down that rabbit hole for sure.

Secrets. Things Not To Be Known. Keepers of those secrets. 


It’s as if some dreams are one giant tarot card that is to be interpreted. 

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