Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Many Green Eyed Cat, Animal Spirit Oracles, and Mango

Mango, my cat.

Yesterday I rearranged my altar space. I realized my tarot decks, oracles, stones and crystals, and other magickal objects were scattered all over. Many in the room of doom, er, room of possibilities (thank you Karyn Dolan) that we are in the process of redoing. 

I set up a lovely but crowded table in the bedroom full of stones, etc. and underneath the table, a basket full of tarot decks. Next to the that, on the floor, a basket with my oracle decks, many of them animal oracles, like the Animal Spirits deck, Natives, Druid, etc. 

I had a strange dream last night:

I'm walking on a busy sidewalk; it has to do with the school but also, just people not connected to the School. Sort of a combination of school and grocery store. I see a beautiful kitten on the ground. It has the markings of a bengal cat (domestic) and also, like a cloud leopard. It is simply a stunningly beautiful animal! And it has the most brilliant green eyes! 

I worry though. Something seems wrong with the cat. It has trouble walking. (my cat Mango has trouble walking; he walks with a weird gait due to past injuries, including being attacked by a pit bull. Somehow, Mango managed to escape from the bastard's mouth.) I pick up the cat, so sweet! But am put off by what I notice: it has three eyes! The third eye is not in the third eye place, it's above it's left eye. Weird. Almost disgusting, but not quite. 

A veterinarian walks by. He says he will treat the cat for free, and, that the eyes are not a problem. It looks weird, he agrees, but nothing to worry about. It doesn't affect the cat's health or vision in any way. I look closer and see yet another eye just beginning to get larger above the third one! 

I try to get passers by to take the cat, but everyone says they don't have the time, or money, to get involved. So I end up with this cat, even though I wonder if it will survive.

Sometime during the night I heard a weird scrambling sound. Mango, my cat, usually sleeps on our bed. But this sound was coming from the closet area, and where the little altar table is. I found that Mango had managed to get himself into the basket I had full of animal oracles. (At least it wasn't the tarot cards.) He spent the whole night there. It didn't seem like it'd be comfortable; all those hard cardboard little boxes full of cards (a few in pouches) still, he seemed happy.


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