Monday, September 14, 2020

Little Syncrhonicities and Missing Items . . .

 Trivial. Not much, really. At all.


Yesterday, for some unknown reason to me, at least consciously, I was thinking of a certain local person who is immersed in the local witchy pagan magick stuff. SOOOoooo big time. Or, she likes to think. Myself, I think this person is rude, in many ways a phony, arrogant, and oh anyways. 

So I  am thinking of her, and wondering why I haven't come across her in social media intranets circles. Since social distancing and isolation, PLUS the fires here in Oregon (oh it's bad!) I have not been boing out at all. Just for the most necessary of errands. 

Then, suddenly, she appears in my social media thread. Out of nowhere. 

Also, silly things like: all kinds of trivial, mundane yet still unnerving coincidental things like: The Music Man. I was thinking of that, again for some unknown reason, and later in the day, my spouse asks me for the name of the musical starring Robert Preston (he was doing his crossword puzzle.) 

And, the very special I - can't- write- without- it mechanical pencil beloved spouse writes with, went missing a week or so ago. Just, gone. It was on his table by his chair, and  the, gone. We looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE, I TELL YOU! Truly. We picked up the recliner, swept, (we sweep every day) picked up cushions, etc. No pencil. This weird kind of disappearnce happens a lot in our house. 

For example, spouse had a lovely pair of wooden chopsticks a friend made. Great chopsticks! We took care with those. One day, one of them disappeared. Could not find the one anywhere. We looked all over; almost took the kitchen apart. Then, YEARS later, we found the missing chopstick. It was stuck on a cupboard shelf, in between a plastic three drawer thingie, and the side of the cupboard. Okay then.

So many more examples!

Back to the pencil. So today, after sweeping, etc. I went to pick up today's newspaper from the floor, and there, smack out in the open, was the pencil. Just sitting there as pretty as you please. Like, "Who, me? You were looking for me?" 

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