Monday, January 18, 2021

"Boring" Orbs -- Not So Fast

Orange Orb, Enhanced, oil pastel on paper, Regan Lee 

 Orbs. In the context of UFOs, when we say “orbs” usually little dots of red or orange spheres comes to mind. Lots of video out there of red, orange and other colored round lights zipping around the skies. Sometimes they merge, or drop down from a larger craft. But basically, while interesting, they’re just dots of color. So some get bored and dismiss anything that’s an orb as insignificant.

But there are all kinds of orbs. When we say orb do we mean a UFO -- and what kind of UFO? -- or something more ghostly? Spirit orbs. 

I’m disappointed in those little dots. While many are orange, there rarely isn’t any connection to what I experienced decades ago. 

My orb was huge. I didn’t see any other orbs of any size, or any other UFO craft. 

The orb seemed to be waiting for me. I had missing time. Bizarre, intense dreams began after the sighting. The orb followed me; it seemed aware of my presence.

The orb was very close -- at one point, about a hundred feet away from me.

I wouldn’t call any of that insignificant.

My point is, in brushing off any report of an orb type sighting as boring, and all of the same kind, much is ignored and therefore lost.

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Unknown said...

Most of what I have seen are orbs. Mostly small ones, but big ones, too. I had an incident where the full moon seemed to fly apart into four moons (or large white orbs) in the four quadrants of the sky. I think that counts as a full moon and three large orbs. That one was witnessed by my best friend and first boyfriend. I was fifteen, and they were sixteen.

I think that the orbs are sort of the natural form of the non-human intelligences. Sort of their most elemental form. I could be wrong, but...I do think they are some type of intelligent energy that can sometimes become solid and take form and sometimes not.....