Friday, April 30, 2021

Aliens on Cliffs; New Drawings

 Three new drawings. I call them "aliens" though I've never seen beings like these, at least, not that I remember. I notice that they don't have eyes, and most of my alien creature drawings don't have eyes. I think it's because, while I remember entities from my childhood, I really remember the sense, the feeling, the almost visible but not quite. They were real, they were there, but . . . like my missing time events and UFO sightings, and the sense I was inside craft, I don't remember beyond just the feeling. 

Aliens on Cliffs, water soluble Neo-crayons and ink on paper, Regan Lee

Alien on Cliff, Neo-color crayon, pencil, on paper, Regan Lee

At Night, oil pastel, ink, on paper, Regan Lee

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