Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Mantis Follows You . . .

 Some time ago, I don't remember where it was, some interview, the UFO researcher commented that praying mantis synchronicities, in the context of UFOs and overall paranormal strangeness, happens with alarming frequency.

Last night, I listened to C2C interview with UFO researcher Preston Dennett. Which inspired me to create this collage, which I posted earlier today. When I walked into my studio this morning, I was startled to see looking up at me, two praying mantis. Not real ones, but images I had cut from an old National Geographic. I'd forgotten that I had set them aside on my work table. (Why had I? Hmm...)

Later, this evening, I visited my Good Reads page. I haven't checked into that page for many months. And the first book that pops up is this:

Looks like I'll have to read this one then! I'm not a huge Koontz fan -- more of a Stephen King dame -- but I do like Koontz (despite his conservatism) and have read many of his books. I don't know The Praying Mantis Bride is about but it'll be interesting to find out. 

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