Sunday, June 6, 2021


 Among the hundreds of weird aspects of the UFO realm, the giant insectoid praying mantis beings really have my attention. It is just so bizarre, and out there . . . combined with my innate "Yikes! A BUG!" reaction to small insects, and the overall surreal and frightening encounters with giant insects, these narratives have  me immensely intrigued.

Last night's Coast to Coast had UFO researcher Preston Dennet as guest; during the interview Dennet told a tale of a woman jogging in the wee early hours when she saw a fifteen foot praying mantis walking rapidly down the road. It disappeared into a corn field (yes! a corn field.)

That story inspired me to create the following collage, a new medium I've been having fun with. This is the first collage in a series of UFO and cryptid themed collages. 

"Mantis," mixed media collage on 5 by 7 index card, Regan Lee 2021

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