Thursday, June 3, 2021

UFOs: Graphic Matrix Webby Things

UFO Geo Scan, oil pastel on black paper, Regan Lee 2021

 Dream last night:

I'm standing outside my house, at night. Looking up at the sky. A voice over -- male -- from some podcast. I hear him. He talks about "orange orbs" and UFOs in general. Then, in the sky, I see colorful graph like formations appearing. Sort of like stationary fireworks. But not quite as spectacular. Very precise, geometric. Matrix type "drawings" in the sky.

With their appearance, I just know -- it is telepathically conveyed -- that UFOs are, often, ET, etc. But originate from a program. Geometry. Sacred geometry. And from that web, that mass of crossing lines and shapes, comes UFOs. And from the UFOs, all kinds of things. ETs, aliens, elementals, MIB, MIBLABS, what have you. 


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