Monday, July 19, 2021

Blips in UFO Land: Attacks On Travis Walton

 I find it an odd juxtaposition, this current 'debunking' of Travis Walton, along with the hoopla over the gov. release of info regarding UFOs. Er, sorry. I mean UAPs. (snark.) I have long believed Walton, and I only met him once, very briefly, but both my husband and I were struck by his "vibe" -- he seemed absolutley geniune, and also, a bit haunted. Meaning, quite obviously, his experience changed him for ever. And even if (a big IF) Walton is full of it, that doesn't erase any of the other incredibly strange experiences people have had, all over the world, for centuries. (Including me, my experiences go back to childhood.)

But that aside, it's odd that on the one hand in this moment of the popular culture, people are embracing the Pentagon's stance on UFOs UAPs - and attacking Walton at the same time. Not that the same people are doing both. Maybe the former caused the latter.

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