Sunday, July 18, 2021

Exploding Head Syndrome

 Recent Boing Boing item on Exploding Head Syndrome. Yep, I have the same thing. Long ago worried about it. Do I have a tumor? Am I psycho? What is happening? But it's "just" Exploding Head Syndrome. Bright lights, flashes, weird beeping electronic sounds. No explanation for its cause, but, not to worry, say the experts. It's harmless.

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is an abnormal sensory perception during sleep in which a person experiences unreal noises that are loud and of short duration when falling asleep or waking up. The noise may be frightening, typically occurs only occasionally, and is not a serious health concern. People may also experience a flash of light. Pain is typically absent. Despite the name, the sufferer's head does not actually explode. [wikipedia, via Boing Boing]

That may be. Seems to be. Fine. I'm good with that. But. . .

It still is at thing. What is it, and why? And is there some connection between other sleep related phenomena, like sleep paralysis, OBEs, (out of body experiences), lucid dreaming, vivid dreams, dreaming in color, sleep walking? All of which I've experienced since childhood, and still experience.

Combine that with a long list of supernatural/paranormal/UFO/anomalous episodes, there has to be a connection here. A clue. More than meets the eye than "just" some seemingly random odd but harmless (and therefore, don't worry about it little missy) occurrence like Exploding Head Syndrome.

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