Sunday, July 4, 2021

Nothing This Fourth

 Haven't been too active on my blog here, or anywhere else in my own personal blog-o-sphere.  Still doing quite a lot of art; not particularly UFO themed, but a lot of mixed media, collage . . . really fun. Set up an Etsy shop and have a lot of projects going on. 

A very quiet Fourth of July here. Both the hottest, and the quietest. Not grateful for the heat, in fact, a little terrified. Last year's fires were horrible; tragic, ruinous. (Willamette Valley, Oregon.) A dry year and already fires have started. As far as yahoos with fireworks, thankfully, there have been hardly any. We've been staying in, due to heat, and too much fun with art. Why go out into the heat and the "Covid's over we don't have to wear masks anymore" insanity? (Hey: Covid isn't over, and it's nice to visit and be a little more relaxed but don't get too comfortable.)

I still go out and look up at the night sky, but nothing. Beautiful stars and planets of course, but nothing to report UFO wise. 

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