Saturday, September 4, 2021

A Glitch Moment While Reading

 I'm not sure if what happened earlier today was synchronicity, or a glitch in the veil, or what, but it was both startling and trivial. As these things often are.  Moments of intense weirdness in the midst of the mundane. "It" trying to get our attention.

I just started reading a new mystery on my Kindle. The main character is walking down the street, and I read something like "... then I saw the monkey trees." Or, "... there were monkeys in the tree." I thought, that can't be right! Makes no sense. I re-read and it was "The sycamore trees were beautiful." Or something like that. Whew.

About three chapters later, the character's husband buys her a monkey tree (monkey puzzle tree) and his nickname for her is "Monkey Tree."

These moments, for me, come in little clusters. A number of them will happen frequently for a couple of weeks, then, gone. I think the energy that is this synchronicity mirrors my own energy of inconsistency. If I were more consistent, these things would happen more often. And maybe more vividly; more serious instead of everyday stuff. Maybe. Then again, maybe not, and it's just business as usual in the realm of the weird.

Either way, thank you for the nudge.

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