Monday, September 13, 2021

"Jay-Sus" Save Me

The other day, I posted this bit about my night mare beyond - a - nightmare, where I ended up calling upon Jesus Christ for help. Arrive he did, much to my conflicted feelings of both joy and despair. The latter because I am not a Christian, nor do I believe in the reglious thy of an actual, literal Christ.

I'd forgotten I had posted this not long ago:  also involving calling out to JC.

Well, maybe I'm just a superstitious ex-Catholic (not that I ever was, not really. How could one be if, as a child, you were forced into a system. Then again, I did buy into a lot it. As a kid. Who could get into the theater of it all.)

But I haven't thought of myself as a Catholic, let alone a Christian, since fourth grade. 

Someone once told me this was because of the power of imagery, emotion and intent. JC may not have been "real" in a literal, fundie Christian sense, but it's possible the energy of the symbol of a JC has the power. Hmm...

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