Saturday, March 26, 2022

A Spectacular OBE

 The other night, Dr. Bruce Goldberg was on Coast to Coast. I only listened to the first five minutes and then decided to just go to sleep. Before the interview, as I was getting into bed, I set the intention to access bona fide information regarding my missing time and orange orb sighting. I also threw in prayers to Arch Angel Michale and spirit guides for protection.  (I had given up on hypnosis -- the one time I tried it was interesting in terms of imagery and imagination and dream type symbolism, but as to truth, or at least, a meaty memory -- nah.) So, intention set, radio off, and to dream land I went.

And then I had the most wonderful and fruitful OOBE's I've ever had. I felt myself leaving my body! With that, I heard the faint sounds, but also, felt the bed shaking beneath me. That was a new one. And, I sensed, and almost saw, entities surrounding me. They were not negative. Not necessarily new agey groovy vibe loving either, but not malevolent. 

I was telling myself to not stop, not fear, not snap back into my body. Which I didn't. Instead, for the first time, I felt myself rotating after I left my body. I was only about two feet above my body, spinning around, and then... upside down! I was looking at my body in the bed. I was above my body.

And, sadly, that's all I remember. But, for me, the shaking of the bed, the energies surrounding me, and the rotating of my astral body, were all new things for me. Progress. And not negative.

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