Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Case of the Curious Dollhouse

 Which remains unsolved.

I found this photograph as I was working the book room we're clearing out. It was near an envelope from the U of O, Folklore Department. I majored in folklore there; and yard art, outsider art was an interest of mine, still is. So I know I spent a lot of time taking pictures of yard art, things I found along the way, colorful mailboxes and folk art, especially religious or spiritual inspired folk, or outsider art. (The two; folk and outsider, are not necessarily the same thing.) In fact, the photo was near an envelope full of photos I took at the Saturday Market, where a woman who went by the name of Sister Bear decorated holy cards and night lights of Jesus and Mary.

I have no memory of taking this photo though. None. What an odd thing to find; a dollhouse in the middle of a pasture. Just sitting there. The area looks to be in the Lorane area, a rural area right outside of town, an area I drove through all the time and still do.

This will make a very neat mixed media, collage piece! 

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