Sunday, April 10, 2022

Is Facebook in Our Heads?

 Another weird, "coincidental" FB robotic I'm in your head episode: this morning, read a recipe in the paper for a pasta-veggie-cheese casserole dish. I was saying to Jim how I liked the idea of the recipe, but I would change it. For example, I'd use spinach, add mushrooms, and a different pasta, maybe fettuccini. Just now, on my page, I see a post about a pasta-veggie-cheese recipe, with mushrooms, except it used spinach and a wide noodle. I need to start keeping track of these things. It's too spooky. And once again, I don't have Siri, Alexa, or a smart phone and the mic is off on the laptop.

I've had several of these kinds of coincidental episodes. I'm going to take my own advice and start keeping track.

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