Sunday, April 10, 2022

More Facebook Mind Reading . . .

UPDATE: I DVR John Oliver Last Week Tonight, which airs on Sunday and watch it later. Yesterday's episode (Sunday) I watched tonight, Monday night. The main story was all about cookies, data sharing, algorithms, apps that follow your searches,  etc. How ads will show up on someone's phone or FB, etc. specifically aimed for that individual. Another disconcerting synchronicity.

A few more examples of Facebook's In Your Head algorithm, from my FB page. See the post below for more.

 march 21, 2022

Another FB AI mind invasion synchronicity: I made falafels last night. They were pretty bad. Frozen ones from TJ's. In the past, I made my own but that was long ago. So I got lazy and used the frozen kind. Yuck. Jim and I agreed it would be fun to go back and try to make our own from scratch next time. So today, sure enough, an ad pops up on FB about Falafel recipes. I don't have a smart phone, I don't have Siri or Alexa, etc. Just another red pill blue pill eat me drink me day.

feb. 28, 2022

Another weird spooky FB ad: Lately, I've been noticing I've been losing hair. I've been letting my hair grow out. Don't know what the cause is for this: age, post-menopause, type of shampoo, who knows. So today, after my shower, I freaked once again at the amount of lost hair. Sure enough, I go on FB, and see ads for shampoos for women with thinning hair. I have not done any searches on Google or elsewhere for such. FB, get out of my head!

jan 4 2022

FB just recommended a horse tack site for me. I love animals, but am not a horse person. I don't ride, I don't own one, and I don't know anything about horses. I both fear them and think they're cool. But still. FB and its Russian bot global cabal Illuminati reptilian implant algorithms.

I wasn’t talking about horses or even animals, and so this doesn’t really fit into this structure, but it is interesting. Did this horse track recommendation appear because I am, in general, an animal lover? 

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xterios said...

I believe it's not mind reading, it's just the law of attraction.
When you think of something, the universe brings it to you...