Saturday, October 22, 2022

The Temporary Psychic Episodes of the Post Orb Encounter

The Orange Orb

We saw the large orange orb. I had the ridiculous yet unshakeable sense that the orb was waiting for me. When I saw it off in the distance, stationary, and thought “What the hell is that?!” it zoomed from the top of the hill (which, I judged, was roughly a mile away since we walked to that hill many a time) to across the road from us. And, followed us. And then I had, the simlarlar riduculous feeling again (but nonetheless accurate) that it was playing with me. Us. Me. Plus, missing time. Watching the orb from the back of my husband’s motorcyle (who only saw the orb briefly, he did not pull over to look) it followed us until we turned the corner to park in front of our rented house. The orb then dropped down into the back yard of a nieghobor’s house catty-corner from ours.

It was night. Dark. Around 8 pm ish. I did not know the nieghbors in that house. What was I going to do? Knock on their door and say ‘Hi, I live just right over there and was wondering, have you noticed a UFO or giant orange orb in your backyard? Anything?”


So, there was that. But also, more after that sighting. Aside from my determintion to find out what it was I saw, and why (which, forty years later, I have yet to discover) was the aftermath.

For some time, I had intense psychic eprisodes. I’ve always had those, but nothing like what i experienced for a few years immediately following the Orange Orb Encounter:

The Purple Car

Before cell phones. Waiting outiside the community center’s pool for my husband to pick me up. The center’s office was closed. No phone nearby. A pay phone in the strip mall across the road -- maybe. So I’m waiting, and suddenly, I “see” as vividly as anything, my husband pulling into the center’s parking lot. Except he is in the passenger seat, and his cousin is driving the car. And the car is purple. I don’t remember the make of the car, but it was something like a Ford Torino, or a Chevy Nova. Crazy big boat car, purple. Well, sure enough, a purple boat like car pulls into the lot, cousin driving, my husband in the passenger seat. They were very surpised I wasn’t at all hyper anxious (as is often my state in those situations) because I had seen the situation. Turns out our car had broken down (again) and so my husband called his cousin, who had to borrow a car from his friend (the purple car) since his own car was also out of service.

Community College Instructor

I was taking a typing course  at the community college annex. (I told. you this was decades ago!) Abruptly, a “mind postcard” slotted into my mind’s eye, where I saw the instructor in the classroom. Except the instructor wasn’t our regular one, the one I saw was a sub. I saw her hair style and color -- red -- and her dress, a green print. Yes. When I arrived at the class, the sub was there, in a green print dress. And she had red hair.

Pre-Kindergarten Student

I was lead teacher in a preschool class at the community center. We had a student who moved to Washington state. I and the staff, and all the kids, were sorry to see her go! A few weeks later, after she had moved, I had a dream where  the little girl came running down a golden tunnel of light to me. She was wearing a tie-dyed dress. “Ms. Regan, I’m coming to see. you tomorrow! I’m so happy!”

The next moring, her mother and the little girl -- dressed in the same tie-dyed dress - arrived at our classroom. They had come for a visit. 

There are more, which I'll post about soon.

These episodes did not seem scary to me, or even unusual. I simply accepted them. And was always mildly surprised when others were surprised at my calmness in these events. How did I know, they wondered. How come I'm not so surprised? they would ask. I dunno. I took, and still take, these things for granted. Although now, I am much more aware and grateful for these episodes. It may be, for me, and others who experience these things, a "given," but I am still respectful of them.

As far as these specific episodes go, in context of my orange orb sighting, they seem to be directly connected to the sighting in some way. Even though I have always experienced such things, and continue to do so (although less so) it seems there's a connection between the sighting and these specific events.

As I said, there are more connected to the sighting, which I'll post about soon.

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