Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oregon Drones: Approved!

Oregon is one of the nine states recently approved/selected by the FAA to be a test site for drones:

Unmanned aerial vehicles, from high-altitude balloons to hand-launched aircraft, apparently will ply the skies above Warm Springs, Tillamook and Pendleton followingthe Federal Aviation Administration's approval Monday of a regional application that includes at least three test ranges in Oregon. [FAA decision means more unmanned aerial vehicles -- drones -- are coming to Oregon skies]
I find this interesting for your basic government Big Brother We're Everywhere spying conspiracy realm, but also in relation to my UFO sighting last night. (See post below.) Was the object I saw last night a drone of some kind? What better time to test a thing like that, during New Year's, when people are setting off fireworks and making all kinds of noise? How many people are looking up? Enough, those watching the fireworks, but combine that with the celebratory feeling of those out and about and a lighted orange object like the one I saw last night would both go unnoticed as well as assumed to be a part of everything else going on. And for those, like myself, who wonder at such a weird sight - -not a plane, not a flare, not a Chinese lantern -- well, so what? Added bonus for them; confusion amongst the citizenry. UFO reports come in, maybe, to further muddle things. Well, technically, it was a UFO: Unidentified Flying Object.

I have no idea what it was I saw last night (my husband also saw it) but as the saying goes in UFO Land, I know what it wasn't.

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