Saturday, January 21, 2017

Political Values and UFO Research

With the orange one now our nation's president, social media is full of commentary from many citizens. Including me. Since I'm involved in UFO and related high strangeness research, many of those comments come from other UFO researchers and witnesses that I follow on social media.  Unfortunately, many of them are conservatives -- and worse. They voted for Trump; their comments are ones that defend and support Trump's policies and behavior. This, of course, fucking astounds me.

It takes a brave soul to put oneself out there as a UFO researcher, or witness, or even an interested bystander. Culture still scoffs, despite para-tainment successes such as Ancient Aliens.

That's a bit beside the point -- my point here is that, given one's conservative, ultra patriotic nationalistic fervor that goes along with supporting Trump, doesn't support UFO research. (This is also true of the other side, though to a lesser degree. Politics in general is a nasty, untrustworthy realm.)

As much as I "believe" in aliens from outer space, I am also aware that many of the UFOs we see are ours, not "theirs." They are classified, top secret. They are covert. Clandestine. Up to no good, most often, for they're weapons and tools used to spy on citizens. Mind control, disinformation, misinformation, crass debunkery, all government created, and inflicted on us hoi polloi. Conspiracies are not fantasies of paranoid minds; they're real, and the facts are hiding in plain sight. RFID chips, tracking devices, implants, staged abductions (MILABS), disclosure/Disclosure, are all government -- and industry -- manipulated events that control the situation. A sloppy control, maybe, but that doesn't stop them.

So why support those politicians whose priority is to keep the global-military-industrial-complex going at all costs, including the illegal and immoral mind fuck games concerning UFOs?

Some time ago, conservative Alex Jones was in the middle of the road okay, speaking out against government's heavy hand in context of UFOs. Nowadays, he's a screaming fruitcake -- he's the Rush Limbaugh of Forteana.

Are the ETs space brothers, benevolent and caring, compassionate and only trying to teach us love? If so, those in UFO Land who fall into the Trump camp are in for a big surprise. What would ET think about that? Instead of WWJD (what would Jesus do?) ask WWAD? (What would aliens do?)

Or are the aliens, whether from outer space or elsewhere, either indifferent or worse, intent on evil? They win, and the nationalistic fascist orange one and his supporters win too.

I can't put it together; the political mindset of prayer, patriotism, and money with the UFO journey. The very government one supports is the one hiding and controlling and manipulating the phenomena.

It goes way beyond disclosure. There's all the stuff happening now in front of us that no one talks about, let alone cares about (i.e., the general culture) that is scary.

One well known UFO researcher accused me, years ago, of not being "patriotic" when I told him I hadn't reported my sighting to local police, or.. I'm not sure where he thought I should have reported it to. I reported it to him, didn't I? What the hell did "patriotism" have to do with reporting a UFO sighting?

We're human, and so of course we have varied beliefs in all areas; religion, childrearing, music, you name it. Oh, and, politics. Usually it's the left who tend to mock "belief" in things like Sasquatch, ghosts, and UFOs. I like Stephen Colbert, but give a loud sigh when he makes fun of "Bigfoot believers" as do many a liberal pundit. The right either stays away completely from such silliness, or comes out with it. Which only continues the divide: one side mocks, the other gets defensive, attacking the snobs on the left, who attack the uneducated rubes on the right . . . neither are correct.

Meanwhile, "they" -- and I don't mean the aliens -- are in control. They could not give a damn about us.

So instead of supporting people and policies that divide and harm, making it easier for aliens to come and eat us for lunch, why not err on the side of compassion?


Terry the Censor said...

I stay away from forums and Facebook so I miss out on this kind of thing (though politics has intruded on the UFO Twitter accounts, but that is necessarily and mercifully brief).

Do you think the support for Trump you describe is because:

1) these Trump/UFO proponents see themselves as against the "elite" concensus (against science/political/military establishments), and so identify with Trump, who seems to rubbish everything "elite" or "mainstream"?

2) these Trump/UFO proponents are by nature bitter, angry A-holes, and that informs their political views?

3) these Trump/UFO proponents are middle-aged (mostly divorced) men who have an unopened bottle of blue pills on their nightstand ... so anger and pain are the only feelings left that can charge their batteries?

4) Other?

purrlgurrl said...

If you’ve just noticed the heavy right-wing political bias of the UFO community, you must have been asleep or in denial for the past couple of decades.

The central tenet of UFO belief is that aliens are visiting Earth and the U.S. government is fully aware of this and is hiding it from us for some nefarious reasons (hence the rise of the “Disclosure” movement). A corollary to this tenet accepted by many in the UFO community states our government has a secret alliance with the aliens and has allowed them to perform human experiments (hybridization through abductions).

The belief our government is an enemy conspiring against us when it comes to UFOS is but a hair’s breadth away from the right-wing world view that our government is an enemy conspiring against us in ALL things. Hell, David Paulides (admittedly not a Ufologist, but clearly a member of the paranormal community) draws followers from UFO and Bigfoot believers alike with his claims that an agency as benign as the National Park Service is conspiring to hide information about an unknown danger lurking in our national parks.

Ufology and the far right-wing conspiracy community have become natural bedfellows, and people who are members of one community are often members of the other.

A couple of years ago I commented at several well-known UFO blogs about a dangerous right wing bias creeping into Ufology. My comments were ignored. I expected I would get some rebuttal or at least name calling in reaction, but all I got was silence. Maybe I struck too close to the bone.