Monday, March 21, 2022

Just Thinking Out Loud: Abductees


Almost finished with the reorganization of my bookshelves, and realized I have a lot of books about abductions. (rough count: over fifty books, on abductions along.) Not just collected narratives (David Jacobs, gasp!) but individuals about their personal encounters, from Whitley Strieber to the recent Forbidden Knowledge, by Kathleen Marden. (I've just started reading her book today.) Oh, and Marden happens to be Betty and Barney Hills niece.

So I wonder. For every book published by a single individual about his or her experience, (and the others in those narratives, if any) how many more are out there who haven't published a book?

Who haven't blogged, or used other social media outlets to tell their stories?

How many have never shared their experiences with anyone other than their closet family members, or friends?

How many have never shared their experiences with anyone?

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