Friday, August 7, 2020

Possible investigations task force in the works for Oregon after more cattle killings | Local News |

Cattle mutilations in my state of Oregon; this in the eastern par of Oregon.

Possible investigations task force in the works for Oregon after more cattle killings | Local News | FOSSIL — Two more cattle have been mysteriously killed in rural Eastern Oregon.

A black-coated cow was found dead in July outside of Fossi with her legs tucked under her body with her head off the ground. Pictures show her eyes bulging out with flies around the body. The cow’s tongue and genitals were removed.

“It was a clean cut, so it wasn’t wildlife,” Wheeler County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremiah Holmes said. “There were upwards of 80 cows milling around there … so signs of tire tracks, boot tracks were pretty much nonexistent.”

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

International Owl Awareness Day

It is International Owl Awareness Day!

Google International Owl Awareness Day and you'll find plenty of links to all kinds of sites with info on owls and the history  of the day. Like this one at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

A few quotes about the supernaturalness of owls:

“Perhaps he does not want to be friends with you until he knows what you are like. With owls, it is never easy-come-easy-go.” 

T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone

Oh, what a lovely owl!" Cried the Wart.

But when he went up to it and held out his hand, the owl grew half as tall again, stood up as stiff as a poker, closed its eyes so that there was only the smallest slit to peep through - as you are in the habit of doing when told to shut your eyes at hide-and-seek - and said in a doubtful voice

"There is no owl."

Then it shut its eyes entirely and looked the other way.

"It is only a boy," said Merlyn.

"There is no boy," said the owl hopefully, without turning round.” 

T.H. White, The Once and Future King

“People say the darkness is where secrets are best hidden. Night time brings clarity and focus to owls, even if the aperture of this vision comes with a stigma.” 

Kimberly Morgan, On Angels and Rabbit Holes

New Posts at The Stranger Side of Sasquatch

Some new posts at my blog The Stranger Side of Sasquatch. (You might notice I've changed the name from Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch; I got rid of the Frame 352.)

Remember to keep checking back here at the Orb and not WordPress!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Oregon Number Two in Reported Bigfoot Sightings

Tim Binnall has an item at Coast to Coast, citing Oregon as one of the top ten states for reported Bigfoot sightings:

Top States for Bigfoot Sightings Revealed | Coast to Coast AM: As one might expect, at the top of the chart was Sasquatch hotspot Washington state with a whopping 8.9 sightings for every 100,000 residents. Rounding out the top five for Bigfoot sightings by population were Oregon, West Virginia, Idaho, and Montana. (Tim Binnall, Coast to Coast)

Saturday, August 1, 2020

6 Reasons so Many Spiritual People Have Been Fooled by Qanon

Yes, I am all about my crystals and tarot and dream work and a whole bunch of other so-called new age stuff. But I do agree with much of the following, especially this:

6 Reasons so Many Spiritual People Have Been Fooled by Qanon

The new age scene has a serious psycho-spiritual problem: the suppression of unconscious shadow material.

Their often excessively one-sided focus on the pure, spiritual plane of light and love leads to an equally excessive negation of "negative emotions" like fear and anger. Many new agers have created a self image of their own personality, a "spiritual ego," by which they pretend to already embody the pure, luminous being they aspire to be and thereby suppress their “negativity” in a way that it isn't accessible to their conscious reflection. The shadow therefore takes on a life of its own, which will terrorize and subconsciously dominate them from the psychological substratum of the neglected, unloved parts of themselves. (source:
The new age scene has a serious psycho-spiritual problem: the suppression of unconscious shadow material. [ source: Martin Winiecki]

On the other hand, a lot on the Left consider anyone who delves into a non-traditional, or even traditional, spiritual path as flawed. Less intelligent. Dupes. Ditzy. Shallow. Etc.

So there you go.

Friday, July 31, 2020

It's Not Nice to Steal

Back here on the original Orange Orb at blogger.

A comment: Don't steal my stuff. Linking to my content is great, but if you do, please cite the source. You know, something like "Written by the ever insightful and charming Regan Lee at Orange Orb" or some such.

Don't just rip off the post. I've had a lot my words just copied onto other sites, without any links or citations at all. I know this has happened to just about everyone who publishes on-line. And it sucks.
It's wrong. Knock it off.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

I'm Back on Blogger

Well, decided to come back here to blogger and leave the Orange Orb on WordPress. I think I'll keep the WP blog up, at least for awhile, but will post here from now on.

Tell your friend, feel free to comment and share.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Mysterious Chinese Seeds and Teal Metallic Spheres

You've probably seen the reports of Americans receiving packets of seeds from China. Seeds citizens have not ordered. From CNN:

(CNN)All 50 states have now issued warnings about mysterious, unsolicited packages of seeds that people across the nation have received in the mail in recent weeks.

The packages appear to be coming from China, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Photos shared by state agriculture departments show packages marked with labeling from China Post, which operates the official postal service of China. Some of the labels also indicate that the packages contain jewelry, although inside is typically a packet of seeds in clear, plastic packaging. (CNN)
Weird to be sure. All kinds of conspiracy theories will come of this. 

Related, sort of: about a month ago, I soaked some lemon seeds from store bought lemons, thinking I was going to start a little lemon tree plant. Not to plant outside; we live in Western Oregon, not good for lemon trees. But maybe an indoor plant. Just curious to see what would happen.

After about three days of soaking the seeds, which looked perfectly normal when they came out of the lemon, the seeds were not your typical lemon seeds, but perfect little spheres.  Not only were they spheres, but a shiny, metallic teal color.  Very strange. I have never seen that before. 

More curious now, I waited to see what would happen after I planted the seeds, er, spheres. Lots of sprouts. I kept them going; after a couple of weeks, the sprouts died off, leaving three dark green shoots. They look promising. 

I wish I had the idea to take a picture of the spheres, but I didn't. But here is an image of the little lemon (?) starts. 

Right now they're on the railing of the porch, they seem to be doing fine. When it gets cooler and the shoots get bigger, I'll plant them in a bigger pot and we'll see what happens.

Monday, July 27, 2020

What to Do, What to Do? : Changing Platforms

Please comment. Do I come back here to blogger? Stay at WordPress? I am confused.

Things about both I like, things about both I do not.

I feel more comfortable here at blogger. But I think WordPress is spiffier, but it's also more finicky.

I dunno.

Feedback appreciated. I'll decide soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Orange Orb Moves

I'm posting the Orang Orb over  on WordPress now. So please, check it out! I'm not gone, or have been abducted (not recently) just over on another platform. Links and mentions welcome.

Orange Orb Blog, on Word Press. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Oddly Curious, But Not Enough To Be Truly Odd

I'm still here! Actually, over there, on Word Press. Orange Orb is now on Word Press, has been for awhile now. Many thanks to those who are curious enough to check out Orange Orb on Word Press. For example, this post, on a not very interesting but still kind of weird episode.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Podcast: Exploring the Bizarre with Tim Beckley and Tim R. Swartz

Fun conversation with Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz last night. Thanks guys! Time went by too quickly, didn't get around to Bigfoot! We discussed orbs, mainly, so much more to discover.

Beckley is one of the very few out there who just really knows all kinds of UFO and paranormal history. I mean the tidbits and out there stuff. All of it. Pretty keen.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

May 2019

Still here. Well, over there. On WordPress. Lots of posts over there. Check it out.