Friday, January 15, 2021

Seth Still Speaks, and It's Dumber Than Hell

 Back in the 1970s, I and many of my friends and some family members were into Seth. Jane Roberts channeled this spiritual entity. We were all agog -- reading, discussing, sharing. Spiritual! We were on it. I was in my late teens, early twenties. What did I know? Especially since the man I was with who was all about this stuff was also a liar, cheater, and abusive. Another contradiction in human behavior. 

Moving on. Roberts has passed on, but Seth is still in the ether. Now he's channeled by Mark Allen Frost. Frost was  on Coast to Coast last night, disccusing Seth's words of wisdom to us mortals. Noory, host of C2C, asked Frost about Seth's predictions into tRUMP. Suddenly the world turned itself inside out -- once again. According to Frost, Seth had only good things to say about tRUMP, his followers, and those that believed the election was rigged.  Defending the terrorists that invaded the Capital last week.

Frost has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Which proves having a Masters doesn't necessarily make one smart. Check out his Facebook page. Anti Antifa-Fa, etc. Scary. 

Jesus H. Fucking Christ. The right wing ignorant side of UFO-Paranormal World is as frightening as it is baffling. How can one both subscribe to "spiritual" concepts, acceptance of the Other, and be a right wing paranoid idiot at the same time?

Seth speaks. Seriously Seth. Shut the hell up.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Rest in Peace, Angelia Joiner

 I am very sad to hear that Angelia Joiner has passed away, due to Covid. Her husband, Randall, passed away from Covid yesterday. And today, the awful news that Angelia had passed from this really rotten virus. Rest in Peace Angelia, and thank you for all you've done in terms of UFO research. My condolences to your family. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

From The UFO Trail: Schrodinger's Disclosure

Sharing Jack Brewer's post on the Disclosure Game. Very good point!

The UFO Trail: Schrodinger's Disclosure: Another year over, and as John Lennon once asked, "And what have you done?" The question might particularly be submitted to UFO Di...

Sunday, December 27, 2020

"We're Coming In"

We're Coming In
, Neocrayons on paper, Regan Lee 12/2020


Speculating on Paulides "Missing 411" Series

 Re-reading David Paulides Missing 411 — Western United States & Canada, and found myself once again speculating on the force behind these highly mysterious disappearances

From what I understand, no Remote Viewers have tried to discover what is going on with any of these disappearances. I wonder why? Seems like doing so would be very interesting. 

Meanwhile, I'm having fun speculating on the hows of these missing people. Some have been found alive; but they either don't remember anything, or will not say. Except for one case where a little boy talked about being in a cave in the Mt. Shasta area (of course!) and his grandmother appeared. It wasn't his grandmother of course. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

On Elizondo: If the Government Wants to Know, It Will Know

 Murgia then Tweets that Knapp asked if this (UFO) mystery can be solved “by just looking at military encounters with UFOs or do we need to expand our horizons (like AAWSAP did) and look at other topics like poltergeists & Bigfoot that seem to be connected to close encounter cases.”

To which Elizondo said the government programs have limitations such as an inability to speak with commercial pilots about sightings. 


The government has "limitations?" Where have they been? If the government wants to know what it wants to know, it will know it.

I have found the whole Elizondo/de Longe/Academy to the Stars theater piece to be disingenous. As much as I like Knapp, I find his acceptance of this frustrating. I know, who am I? A retired educator artist lady who hasn't even published a book. (Written them, sure. Published? Another story.) Arm chair researcher. Experiencer, if you must. Witness many times over. That counts for something. And anyway, I'm a human being citizen who thinks and writes and thank the goddesses I can blog away and if some people read my words, wonderful. 

So, I remain mistrustful. I'm not impressed, I'm not awaiting discloure because it won't happen. Unless you define disclosure as coming from "them" then sure. Maybe. Yet one could also say that they have been disclosing, for centuries. We just haven't been paying attention. We've turned away and now want some official entity: science, the government, to be responsible.

Good luck with that.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

UFOs and Covid

Lately I've been finding myself combining images of UFOs with Covid fuckers.  No, I'm not suggesting the two are connected. Just my subconscious dealing with all this madness. 

"Deposit" mixed media on paper, Regan Lee winter 2020

"Not a Hat," ink, pastel on paper, Regan Lee winter 2020


Friday, December 18, 2020

Desert Night Ship


Desert Night Ship, oil pastel and ink on paper, Regan Lee winter 2020

No, never seen anything like this. Just my imagination. Seems I have UFOs as well as Covid on my mind. (Who doesn't these days?) 

Triangle UFO

Dexter, Oregon Triangle UFO, ink, oil pastel, computer enhanced, regan lee winter 2020

For awhile, I've been in a creative slump but have been getting some artistic mojo back. 
I've posted drawings of the triangle I saw years ago in Oregon before; this one I did the other day. I like it better than previous triangle drawings I've done.

The sighting: in Dexter/jPleasant Hill area of Oregon, rural area, two acres of land, about two hundred people at a end of summer party in August. This in the early nineties. About five us standing under a little tree, something made me look up at the sky. No sound, but...something. Of course, I'm always looking at the sky. I noticed something odd but couldn't make it out, then realized something huge was blocking out the stars. Then I made out a triangle shape --- no lights, as the drawing shows -- and the color of the triangle was almost the color of the surrounding sky. Just a shade off. 

We commented on how odd it was. We just stood there, looking at it. You'd think we say "Hey everyone!!! Come look at this!" but we didn't. I felt a little odd, like cotton balls were stuck in my ears. 

Then, suddenly, it just shot off. Took off -- zoom! Gone. No sound.


Monday, December 14, 2020

Night Desert

 My latest: oil pastel on paper, titled Night Desert. It has a UFO vibe to it, though no UFO can be seen. 

Just felt very UFO - ish. Giant Rock, etc. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Gray is the Color

 2020  a hell of a year, no one denies. Topsy turvy, surreal, WTF, horrific, tragic. Despairing. 

For awhile, it seems we were kind of getting close to some kind of closure. I don't know if that is just me thinking positively through rose colored glasses, or, a real bit of feeling a vibe. But then, people in the U.S. just had to continue to be stupid. Selfish, ignorant, arrogant, lazy, bullies, and bigoted. Supporting tRUMP. Refusing to wear masks. Traveling during Thanksgiving. And because of that, the number of people contracting Corvid and dying from Corvid have increased. 

So what color is the official color of 2021? Gray! 

So gray is the "official" color (along with a literally piss yellow color) for the next year. Not an uplifting message. And a terrible color combo.

Pantone color swatch 

Meanwhile, we have gray monoliths popping up all over the world. Like the virus. Gray structures mysteriously appearing, only to disappear after being discovered. Aliens? Who, by the way, are um, gray? Hmmm???? Nah. The monoliths are either a world wide guerrilla artist statement, or -- probably more likely, sadly -- a promotional campaign for a product, either technical or entertainment.

And notice how tRUMP'S hair has gone gray? From squirrel -ass orange to gray. He just can't do it anymore, poor man.  Maybe it was the news that aliens are real and about here on earth as recent news has informed us. Or that he lost the election. 

Why gray? Are the color police that insensitive? Clueless? My inner conspiracy elf whispers that it's intentional, ensuring on the meta psychic level that things will continue to be awful in 2021. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Israel's Ex-Space Boss: Trump Interacted With Aliens

If 2020 were a novel, it would be criticized for being over the top. Trying too hard to be edgy and weird in its surrealism. But as we are all experiencing, 2020 is not a novel, but a deranged reality. And the following simply adds to Very High Strangeness: Israel's Ex-Space Boss: Trump Interacted With Aliens.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Friday, October 30, 2020

Two Trains Runnin'

The other night, waiting for Coast to Coast (despite the horrible interviewing style of George Noory; other hosts aren't so bad, some are pretty damn good) I listened to the news when it came on. Something about the "Trump Train" with "rally participants." Oh the joy! One of the leaders of the Trump Train Rally participants -- a woman!!!! -- (what evil demonic force ate her soul?) said "The Trump Trained participants are ready to go." I thought: "Trump trained?" Well, I suppose they are trained. Trained on how and when to laugh, smile, shout out ya-hoos!, applaud, shake their heads in mock disgust, etc. 

I then realized I had misheard. She didn't say "Trump Trained..." she was talking about the Trump train, and its participants. But then I wondered about how, it doesn't make any difference, it is the same. And how language -- all that NLP stuff, etc. -- shapes our precipitation in any given reality.

Whether its politics, or UFO/Paranormal Land .

Saturday, October 17, 2020

House Elf Strikes Again

 The other day, came in from grocery shopping. Hands full, purse slipping down, jacket in a tangle, bags of groceries. I didn't want to put everything down to move the exercise bike out of the way so I could put my glasses in the basket where I keep them. Basket was on other side of the bike. So I set the glasses down somewhere -- and said to myself "Hmm, better not, you'll forget." Then I said to myself "Oh you won't forget. Just get this stuff put away."

Of course, later that day, I couldn't find my glasses. I looked everywhere. And of course, Jim said to me every few minutes "Where did you put them last?" Yes dear, that helps. 

Three days go by, can't find my glasses. Jim looked, I looked. Nowhere. We both even checked the basket where I keep them, not there. 

I finally had it. I said to my guides, the angels, the house fairy/elf: "Please! This is your job! Help me find my glasses! Give me a clue, send me a nudge, come on!"

I don't know why, but today I looked once again in the basket, and yes. There they were. Just right there, on top. I swear they were laughing at me.