Tuesday, July 12, 2016

White Balloon Headed Alien

Not too long ago, I posted a sketch that I sort of channeled, of tall white beings  (though I just noticed that one of the beings is small, child-sized) surrounding my bed. This was a memory -- sort of -- of what I call my "invisible aliens."

Image by Regan Lee

Last night, I was meditating/going through a remote viewing type exercise (amidst this I was attempting to communicate with someone else) and my mind kept going back to when I was a child, surrounded by "aliens." Why can't I see them?! I asked. To my surprise, I got not quite the grey triangle headed being (whether real or not, the image has definitely become its own reality -- a type of collective alien tulpa) but an almost comical round headed white alien. Still with the big eyes and small in height --  maybe about three to five inched taller than me.

White Balloon -Headed Alien, Regan Lee

What's interesting about this is that, as a child, these beings were never negative. They were friendly. So, another thing I was asking about: why the fear now? (And do not give me any new age crap about being on the right vibration in order to access the positive Space Brother Love Vibe.) Maybe the other UFO experiences -- mainly the orange orb -- are different entities entirely.

My mind kept going to those childhood beings, this time in their new representation of bleached white round-headed aliens, and the person I was attempting to "send" to -- her story of a UFO sighting and missing time. I asked this too: "Why am I going back to her event?"

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alien Get Togethers -- Are They Trying to Stop Us?

I have this friend -- friends, her and her spouse -- known each other for decades. I'll call her "Diane." Diane, as well as others in her family, have had life long experiences with "aliens," strange energies, hauntings, UFOs. Diane's spouse -- I'll call him Harold -- has published on the subject of UFOs. They are both very into the topic, know a lot, and are not messing around. They are serious about what's happened to them as well as what's happening in general in regards to UFOs.

Diane and I are about the same age, give or take a couple of years. (Both in our early sixties.) We keep trying to meet, to get together, and, even though we don't live far from each other at all (I could walk to her house, on a good day) we never seem to quite get there. We end up meeting just a few times a year. You'd think that, given both our life long experiences with UFOs and related weirdness, and the closeness of our homes, it'd be easy to get together.

Diane's theory is that "they" (aliens, Djinn, what have you) are vibing us and keeping us apart. Her health isn't good on the day we planned, or mine isn't. I mean to call, say I'll call, but forget. Today, we had planned for two weeks to get together today. (We had also invited another couple who said they'd come, but then cancelled yesterday.)  Yesterday I bought all the organic makings for a killer salad. Yet my husband, who has also had his own life long experiences of UFO high strangeness, was having a bad day health wise. (Ah, the joys of being in your sixties.) So we had to cancel.

Diane called me today and we set up to meet -- just her and I -- Sunday. So now I have a note in case the aliens decide to put an amnesia hex on my brain.

The thing is, Diane told me today on the phone that she was having dreams the past few nights that "they" were keeping us away, and that, while disappointed we weren't coming, wasn't too surprised we weren't.

By the way, it was at Diane and Harold's home that I had one of my "they're listing" experiences. A group of us at their home, years ago, talking about UFOs and our encounters. I feel a very strong sense of an unseen, yet very much present, energy in the room. Not energy, exactly, but people. No, not people, exactly, but .. . while highly intelligent, and somewhat "people" like, not human. Alien? Djinn? Sure. Anyway, I was sitting there, feeling stranger and stranger, thinking that if I say anything, everyone will think I'm making it up, or being impressionable. Diane turns to me, grinning, and says "You know they're here, don't you?"

There is much more to her experiences, as well as the rest of us, which I'll write about here soon.

Friday, July 1, 2016

From The Superplex: "Rh Negative Folkore"

Sue Entity at The Superplex isn't shy about sharing her opinions on the UFO lore regarding Rh Negative blood. She begins:

The Superplex: Rh Negative Folkore: We all know the UFO field is intellectually crippled (present company excepted of course), and the rain of inanities that continues to fall from the lips of UFO pundits about the Rh negative blood factor as being somehow linked to manifestations of the phenomena is just more proof of this. I admit to getting exercised about this issue; the whole Rh neg thing gets my panties so twisted that I doubt even Dr. Jacobs could straighten them out into one of his books. It’s a sad statement about the intellectual desert that UFO/phenomena studies finds itself in that even the people I hold to be the most informed and interesting thinkers in the area make themselves sound like idiots when talking about the Rh blood factor. (Sue Entity; The Superplex)
It is true UFO Land is full of the Rh factor motif: that those with Rh negative blood are in someway tied even more so to aliens than the rest of humanity. Sue Entity thinks not. I'm not arguing for or against that but I would have liked to have known more on why she thinks the lore is bunk.

She makes interesting points about culture and racism and how, in putting ourselves into categories of specialness, we also put ourselves above others. Better. More deserving of whatever gifts the gods/aliens have to share. (Personally, I don't think they're sharing much of what I want; the world seems worse off than ever.) I see her point but it is one that annoys me in context of the UFO (and other paranormal realms) -- that those of us with these experiences want to set ourselves up as special, different, separate.  Hell no, I don't put myself in those categories.  But I'm not going to keep quiet either. It is what it is -- I put it out there. I am what I yam.

So if the Rh negative factor has anything to do with the phenomena, well, there you go. If it doesn't, fine. For whatever reason it's become a part of the lore, and needs to truly explored.

By the way, folklore as a term doesn't mean, (just as with the word myth) true, or, not true. Another one of my Sisyphean activities: trying to change the perceptions of the words lore, folklore, and myth, just as I am with UFO. Which should really be U.F.O. as in the vintage years. Unidentified Flying Object.

Sisyphus, (Titian 1548-1549) oil on canvas

I am, myself, Rh negative. Also Cherokee, an educator, red hair (okay, that part comes from a box) and an artist. I fit into many of the UFO lore indicators for big time alien contact. Not to mention the life long sightings and encounters.

The question is, do these bits of data have anything solid to do with the phenomena, or not?

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Angry UFOlogist:"Positive Proof That Dr. Steven Greer Is A Fraud, Liar and Psychopath"

The Angry UFOlogist really doesn't like Steven Greer:

Positive Proof That Dr. Steven Greer Is A Fraud, Liar and Psychopath - The Angry Ufologist: Funny now he now charges thousands of dollars for his minions to follow him into the woods with flash lights and lasers to “vector” one in on his midnight UFO vectoring sessions. Whatever that means. He makes ALL of his minions sign super strict non-disclosure agreements so they can not talk about any aspect of their experiences with Greer and his jolly band of fraudsters. This threat of legal action against his paying followers is why you have not heard wide spread screams of “This guy is full of crap”.
I attended a UFO presentation by Greer years ago in Eugene. Standing room only, surprised yet glad to see so many in the area interested in the subject. He lost me though when he said, with such certainty, that there are over 500 alien types.

The point is, even while Greer interviews and documents those who have had UFO encounters, he also seems slick and full of it.

This kind of thing: the Jacobs, the Greers, the Imbrognos, are the embarrassments to UFOlogy, not the high strangeness narratives of UFO witnesses that some find too fantastic to explore.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

READ THIS! "The Magical Swimming Pool of Ufology's Future "|

I want to sing and dance from the rooftops about this article by Joshua Cutchin. (See post below where I've posted the quote he opens his piece with.) I would quote from the article, but then I'd have to quote some more, then comment, then some more, and say more and …

So just go over there and read it:

The Magical Swimming Pool of Ufology's Future | Joshua Cutchin: Weird Words & Brass Beats

I will say that Cutchin writes about the materialist view, and much of UFOlogy's need to, still, cling to a materialism/Big Science frame work around the Big Answer to What UFOs Are. Which is silly.

Plus, he quotes from chaos magician Gordon White. So there.

Favorite Quote of the Day

From Joshua Cuthin's  The Magical Swimming Pool of Ufology's Future  at Weird Words & Brass Beats, this great quote from Gordon White:
To abandon interpretation to scientism is to shirk natural philosophy’s most sacred duty. Your tribe deserves better. And if you feel some residual squeamishness over who has legitimacy of interpretation in our culture, consider this. We are wholly justified in turning the question on its head and asking the scientists what it is they think they are doing swimming in our pool in the first place.– Gordon White, Star.Ships 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Exploring the Orb: Missing Time, Memories and MILABS

Last night's Coast to Coast was excellent (what Coast to Coast is all about, to my mind) with guests Robert Davis, Rey Hernadez, Mary Rodwell, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley from the FREE Project. Such a simple idea! Gathering data from witnesses from around the world, and not dismissing any of it. Just letting the information speak for itself. Of course, as the guests acknowledged, whatever "they" are -- reptilians, aliens, ETs, others, Djinn, inter-dimensional, MILABS, or combinations of some -- we don't know. Maybe we'll never know.

Some of the thoughts gained from this research were very interesting. For example, the evidence points to positive experiences of "abductions" and interactions with these aliens. Host George Knapp asked about those witnesses who have had unpleasant and frightening encounters. Those experiences involved MILABS, or humans involved in the abduction event. If that is the case, then the case for human manipulated "alien abductions" is strong, as well as insidious. One idea: humans manipulating known and actual alien technology for their own severely negative purposes.

As regards to missing time, still a mystery of course. But I was inspired to revisit my own reactions concerning missing time. I remain angry at the fact missing time happened at all and more than once. Something, or someone, messed with my memory. Who, and why? And, how dare they? But what if the missing time was due to my own physiological responses to trauma, and not "their" fault at all? Or what if missing time is an unintentional side effect of whatever "they" do? Aliens don't intentionally cause missing time; it's just something that happens and can't be helped. Or, were those missing time events not alien at all, but human engineered? (MILABS.) The problem is, I have no conscious memory of either...

I have memories of something very not-quite-right going on, seeing craft, strange and frightening dreams and events in the after-math, and, missing time. No memory of "aliens" or being aboard ships (though in one case I had dreams of being paralyzed under a beam coming down from a craft) --- yet UFO connected nonetheless. Does this mean these later events (for I've had interactions with beings since childhood) were artificially induced? MILAB type events?  No memories of humans in these cases either.

Adding to my own UFO mystery, is the fact that I've had interactions with UFOs and "aliens" since early childhood. So it seems to be possible that there are absolutely "others" out there --- no doubt many types of "others" -- and sometimes, some humans manipulate these things. Watchers watching Watchers.

It's truly weird out there and there is a carnival aspect to all of this but we have to not only acknowledge this fact but find a way to positively incorporate the weird with the rest. We'll never get anywhere if we don't.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chupacabra Found in Eugene, Oregon!

A Chupacabra has been found in Eugene, Oregon; my home town.  All right, not really. What was found roaming the streets of Eugene recently was a Patagonian mara, a large rodent native to Argentina. Obviously the animal was an "exotic pet" of someone's. How it got loose, I don't know, though the Register Guard article does say the owner was found. Whoever found the animal brought it to the local animal shelter.

Image: Public Domain

The rodent is now at the Oregon Zoo, where it is now an ambassador for the zoo. It's new name: Chupacabra.

The Patagonian mara looks like a cross between a capybara and a giant jackrabbit, Paul said. It is a rodent, and while it’s an herbivore, the quarantine period at the zoo’s veterinary medical center will require Chupacabra to be housed in the carnivore ward to prevent him from chewing through the enclosure. 
The enclosure has natural light and a retractable roof, so he can have some fresh air and sun when the weather is good, Paul said. After 30 days, he is expected to become one of the zoo’s ambassadors, meaning he will not be in an exhibit but will be used in the zoo’s educational demonstrations, most likely because of his familiarity with human contact. (Register Guard, June 18, 2016)
The article noted that maras are easy to get in Oregon -- it is not illegal to own one in this state. Personally I don't think anyone should own "exotic" animals as pets. Glad to know "Chupacabra" will have a good home.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sharon Day:" My Take on Ghosts, Aliens and Bigfoot"

Sharon Day, at her Ghost Hunting Theories blog, posts on her take on what ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot are. In her section on aliens, one comment she wrote really leaped out at me, for obvious reasons:

I have watched them leave in a red-orange light that is most unusual …(Sharon Day;Ghost Hunting Theories: My Take on Ghosts, Aliens and Bigfoot )


Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Worries, It's Just Mind Control

Guest host Jimmy Church  (Darkness Radio) made an excellent point last night on Coast to Coast. A caller made the point that he thought much of the UFO/abductee events were the experiences felt by individuals were victims of mind control. This, the caller said, was the explanation for the UFO phenomenon. Mystery solved.

I was glad to hear Church point out, very clearly, that while the mind control angle might very well be so, that doesn't explain a thing, really. And, more importantly, it is equally heinous if it is mind control. Our own government (or other human factions) glibly involved with messing with our minds for their own ends. Doesn't this bother anyone?

The same argument goes for those unidentified machines in the air. "Top secret   classified human technology." Mystery solved. Some of those black triangles might be human made machinery but if so, what the hell are they doing up there? The behavior of many of these craft/UFOs has been harmful and even fatal to individuals. If the origin of these craft are human, not alien, then that is  horrific. Not many are paying attention to this point, instead offering this as an "explanation" and end of the discussion. Really, if it is the case that humans are behind such things as mysterious craft, cattle mutilations, abductions, etc. that is extremely disturbing and absolutely worthy of follow-up and serious research.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Holy Moley. The Paracast's Steinberg posts yet another comment on my post. And yet another!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Disney UFO Documentary

UFO lore has it this was shown on TV in 1995 without notice, and only once. Disney produced this pro-UFO program to promote new "alien encounter" rides at Disneyland.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Update: 5 Years Later, And Still

Update: Yet again… today (May 25th) GS has posted yet another comment . . .

The typical and unfortunate madness within UFOlogy continues In this case, it's Gene Steinberg (Paracast) who just today posted a comment -- his second-- on my five year old post concerning Emma Woods. Oh, and he cites Sean Meers as a reasonable and valid source.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Not That I'm Jaded . . .

Because I'm not. Some have given it up altogether, others are close to walking away from UFO and all that relates, but not me. I've shifted.

UFOs, Sasquatch, ghosts and other paranormal, anomalous topics are related in many ways. Keeping with the contradictory nature of weird stuff, they're also separate from each other. Connected or not, I've long ago accepted the fact that they are. 

The "hunt" for Sasquatch -- not a literal hunt, not that, ever! -- well, what's the point? If you've seen a Sasquatch, you know they exist. If you haven't, well, maybe one day you will. And it seems to me the surest way to see one is to just be, sans guns, cameras, Paris of plaster, and just meet, (if you're lucky) in mind and spirit, the being in its own realm. I haven't personally seen a Sasquatch, but I know they exist. Some may argue that I prefer to have faith it exists -- philosophical quibbles. I know too many people who have seen one, and I believe them. Either I believe them, or I don't, in which case I am calling them liars. I am pretty sure they aren't lying. I know them -- why would they --in fact, some have only reluctantly told me upon promise of not repeating their encounters. So I accept along with the other evidence that's out there that Sasquatch exists.

Ghosts. I have seen, heard, and felt their presence.  It's difficult to explain to some who haven't experienced this for themselves. For example, the energy, the type of movement and motion involved in objects that do things they shouldn't. Or the voices that debunkers will say are just sounds from the radio, television or kids  other parts of the house. Nope. None of those satisfy, nor do the "explanations" that it's migraine or vision going wonky when seeming white mists forming before your eyes.

Not to mention the very location. A home that is over a hundred years old, once an old folks home, prison, hospital, orphanage, sanitarium, buried on top of an old cemetery, once a plantation -- haunted? You can be absolutely certain that place is haunted!

But while cameras do capture interesting images, and EVPS are always intriguing and evidence adding to the proof pile, there is something to be said for the sensitive, the medium, the psychic, that goes into these places. Respect, for one. Like searching for Sasquatch, a quiet and intentional respect for the situation goes a long way to an authentic experience.

So I no longer feel the compulsion to go out and take casts, photos and the like. I'm not out to prove anything to anyone, and certainly not to any infrastructure, so the only thing left is my personal experience in relation to the energy I'm curious about.

In many ways, the same goes for UFOs, USOs, UAPs.   Many have given up, as they have the search for Nessie or Sasquatch, because no Big Answer has appeared to us, revealing its reality or its purpose. I know its real, so I don't need to discover that aspect. I have no idea -- though I play around with tons of theories -- as to their purpose or intent. I'll probably never find out. But I've always been more of a process oriented type than a result type.

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Skeptic's Take on Ghosts/ Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Why, C2C, why??!! "Professional skeptic" (oy) Joe Nickell on tonight's episode.

A Skeptic's Take on Ghosts/ Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: Professional paranormal investigator and feature columnist for Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, Joe Nickell, will discuss his latest work on ghosts and Bigfoot. Using the best science and technology available, he has researched many prominent ghost sightings and experiences, and will explain the anomalies he found, and if they are really the result of disembodied souls. (Coast to Coast.com)
How much would you like to wager that Nickell will find that those anomalies are surely not the "…result of disembodied souls." ?