Sunday, February 7, 2016

From alienviews: "Odd Observation #7"

Writing about how we tell ourselves we shouldn't be seeing what we clearly are seeing, even if we don't know what it is we are seeing, Alfred Lehmberg shares a memory, and much more:

alienviews: Odd Observation #7: Back at the barbecue, I would suggest, now, that my two fellow aviators and I followed the programming hypnosis of "polite" society and ignored a sighting that should have been VERY interesting to two professional military instructor pilots and one candidate astronaut, one would have thought!We reflexively and very neatly self-hypnotized ourselves with the calming mantra: "It's got to be something... It's got to be something..." Meaning, of course, It's got to be something prosaic. I remember doing it.  At the time it made perfect sense... there were "bigger" (hah!) fish to fry. (Alfred Lehmberg)
So many times this has happened to me as well. One memory -- and, like Alfred's experience at the barbecue party where the sighting took place -- I too was at a barbecue party. Summer, outdoors, near the evening but still light out. Standing around in a little circle, talking, and I'm looking up into the sky. Waaay up there, a cigar shaped object, brilliant turquoise blue, slowly traveling through the air. The blue color appeared to be more light than the color of the material of the object. Meaning, it appeared to be lit from within. It was moving slowly and seemingly randomly. Turning a little. Could have been a blimp, but I have never seen a blimp blue like that, and so high up!

We all looked up, agreed it was "weird," and went back to more mundane matters. No one offered an explanation, no one said "It's a blimp," or "That's a jet" or some such. No one said anything after that. I was the one considered an annoyance, by the fact I would still look up and comment on the object. My continuing to acknowledge its existence seemed to anger others. I've had this experience many times, as have others. Once you look up, and point out what you observe, well, how dare you upset the paradigm.

So accusations of you being a "UFO nut" or "believing in little green men" are made, jokes about anal probes and tunes from X-Files and Twilight Zone whistled all to denigrate and trivialize. When in fact, the weird-thing-in-the-sky could very well be man made, a drone, weather monitoring, spy technology, who knows. Or as yet unknown natural event. Or, indeed, a UFO from outer space. Anything, but something decidedly strange, different, unique and so far unexplained. Something that demands our attention and curiosity, regardless if it's alien or other. And yet, many reject the further investigation and dismiss the weird thing seen as unimportant.


Many ways to get at What Happened. One method: place all the events in a linear pattern, step back, and see if there is a pattern. Once placed, do the individual events appear less singular, and more of a cohesive picture? Using art as an analogy - - is the painting abstract, representative, surreal? Any of those genres, as different and specific as they are, would work. It's subjective. 

But of all the UFO encounters I've had, I'm focusing on the orange orb sighting for now. Even so, this supposed one time sighting spills over and drags with it from the past other events. Impossible to be strictly linear. 


1. Why is it that, to this day and decades later, my husband and I still argue over where we were living when the sighting took place. Barely beginning to discuss the sighting, we get extremely annoyed with each other about the fact of where we were living. We don't disagree about the sighting -- that most certainly occurred. Color, shape, agreed. Where we were living, argument is sure to happen. 

Context is important. This sighting was something unique; yet periphery facts are confused. Not the sighting itself, but the stuff around it. Why? Why this difference in memory that remains to this day?

2. Apathy and Confusion
Apathy is something many witnesses report during sightings. An acknowledgement something weird occurred, then a shrug and off to bed. With the orange orb sighting, I recall being very excited, almost manic, running to the phone and picking up the receiver before putting it back down without calling anyone. I didn't know who to call. Didn't know about MUFON then; the only places I could think of were the police, the airport, or the media. After that, I went over to our front door, thinking I would go outside to look for the orb, which had dropped down into a neighbor's backyard. Hand on the doorknob, then realizing how ridiculous that was. What was I going to do, go outside, in the dark, and walk around someone's property? I could at least go outside, walk up the little hill and across the road, and peer into their backyard from the street. But something stopped me. Fear, apathy, I don't know.

Jim remembers none of this. He also insists (the argument phase) that we weren't even living there at that time. The sighting, according to him, took place in our previous residence, an apartment approximately two miles away.

Another sighting
We both remember another sighting around the same time. It was late afternoon, still light but close to dusk.We were driving on Lorane highway (the same road we saw the orange orb)  and saw a round, spinning silver sphere  above a small pasture. The sphere was rotating slowly in the air, a beam of light emanating from underneath the craft onto the ground. We were both disturbed by this. Agreed it was very strange and creepy and had a strong sense of "let's get out of here." We didn't talk about it -- not like we did, and continue to do, with the orb.

Are these two sightings connected in some way? What are the chances of us seeing see UFO events on the same road -- seeing two events at all? Some  UFO researchers suggest that there is no coincidence in these things. A history of sightings, complete with odd memories and time distortions, as well as dream related phenomena, does indicate something more than random weirdness. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Orange Orb Paranormal

I have a Facebook page: Orange Orb Paranormal. For awhile it was called "Ufos are Paranormal and this is Why" which, clearly, was a bad title. This is what I posted when I changed the name to Orange Orb Paranormal:

Original title of the group was UFOs are Paranormal and this is Why. Pretty clunky. But it's an interesting angle and no one can deny there are often "paranormal" aspects to UFO encounters. (The "Oz Factor" as researcher Jenny Randles calls it.) The title has changed to Orange Orb Paranormal to include both UFOs - especially orange orbs, based on my own sighting years ago -- and any paranormal, supernatural,Fortean and anomalous topics.
I also wanted the tie-in and recognition of the Orange Orb blog with the title. So, if you "do" Facebook and are interested, drop by.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Orange Fireballs and Little People in England—the Incredible 1994 UFO-Humanoid Case at Silbury Hill - Paranormal News

From 1994, which is early for orange orb type sightings, this one from England. This sighting involves crop circles -- the witnesses were camping out hoping to see something in terms of crop circles appearing. Lots of high strangeness, including orange orbs and other light forms:

Orange Fireballs and Little People in England—the Incredible 1994 UFO-Humanoid Case at Silbury Hill - Paranormal News: Looking over the side of the steep mound they thought they could see small dark forms moving around, forms resembling children, but their attention was immediately grabbed by the sight of an orange fireball appearing about a mile away—slowly floating above the ground. When all three people looked at the orange, fiery orb another fireball immediately appeared beside the first. At that distance the witnesses described them as looking like flaming, orange torches. (Paranormal

Sunday, January 24, 2016

alienviews: The Denial Guy

At Alfred Lehmberg's blog: alienviews: The Denial Guy:

Stand silent on Frank Feschino, "Emma Woods," and John Ford? When I know better? Not easily or at all, and not at this station. (Alfred Lehmberg)

I like Alfred's inventive phrase describing us UFO explorers -- who are NOT debunkers and "skeptics" -- what he calls the "curious rational."

And going after Bill Nye, the, uh, "science" guy, as we know.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nothing new under–or around–the Sun? | Mottimorphic Musings

From Wm. Michael Mott's blog, Mottimorphic Musings, about Big Star Science announcing the presence of a "new" planet:

Nothing new under–or around–the Sun? | Mottimorphic Musings: I’m on the record as saying that I believe they know have known where and what Planet X is … and that it’s going to return, sooner or later, on a periodic swath of destruction or turbulence through the solar system. The official silence has probably been due to a policy of containment. Such information could cause social and religious chaos and disintegration, or so the governmental and authoritarian types would think. Lesser secrets have been kept before, for similar reasons. (Wm. Michael Mott)

Monday, January 18, 2016

UFO Believers in SE Asia

 "But we can’t contact them, only they can contact us.” (Ek Tha)
That's a perspective I find interesting. The above from an article in the Southeast Asia Globe, (thanks to The Anomalist for link) that discusses UFO witnesses and believers in Cambodia.

I'm also intrigued by Tha's confidence in the following:

“There are 82 species. Some have four fingers, some three; some are big, some small. And some are good guys; some are bad guys. The good aliens will help us live sustainably, and the bad aliens will come to kill us. You have to watch out for that.”
On the last point: indeed.

I'm not making fun; I always am glad to find out about UFO studies in other countries. The USA is not --  despite many who still believe this -- the only country where UFO interest lives. Of course I wonder how Tha, or anyone, knows for any kind of fact, that there is a specific number of aliens. We don't know if there are two species, fifty-two, or eleventy million.

Another interesting UFO fact from the article: UFO sightings in Cambodia go back to 1810. According to UFO researcher Ahmad Jamaludin, who self-published a book on UFOs in 1997: UFO Reports in Southeast Asia (1800-1996). I'd like to get a copy of that book.

Other witnesses talk about aliens visiting them in childhood and curing cancer, an alien named Nemo (the name of my new cat, hmmm…) alien contact during meditation, and much more. (On that latter; many have reported this type of contact, including me.)

Again, I am not mocking the witnesses in this article. In fact, it is too bad the writer felt obligated to insert the opinions of debunkers. In this case, Michael Shermer is the go to anti-UFO guy. He is so sure aliens are not among us. 

“Are extraterrestrials out there? And have extraterrestrials come here? My answers are: Probably yes, and definitely no.” (Michael Shermer)
You can't prove a negative. Anyway… Shermer goes on to give the very stale and old hat explanations of mis-identifying natural phenomena for UFOs, as well as the mildly insulting opinion that "the brain" of UFO believers (I do so hate that term) "abhor a vacuum of explanation" so, of course, aliens and UFOs fill that void within. Oy.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Alien Hybrids, Regressions and Encounters with ET on C2C

Tonight's Coast to Coast:

Alien Hybrids - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: Filling in for George, Dave Schrader (email) will be joined by Barbara Lamb, a psychotherapist specializing in regression therapy with people who claim encounters with extraterrestrial beings. She'll discuss cases of individuals who believe they are part-human and part-alien.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Little Coincidences of the Day

There is the imp of the perverse within me that twirls around and says things I know I probably shouldn't let it say, but what the hell. Like today, at work, a co-worker mentioned a friend of hers who is very much into conspiracies. He's always sending links to her about all kinds of "dark" things, including chemtrails, which, she told me, she never heard of before he shared his paranoid thoughts on the subject. Then I come across this link at Bigfoot Evidence: Bigfoot Evidence: Are Chemtrails Connected To Bigfoot? By the way, no editorial comment here from me on that.

So, that imp within jumped up and I told her I'm all about conspiracies, just Google me. I joked (sort of) she might decide, after looking through a few of my blogs and postings, that she doesn't want to have anything to do with me -- keep a healthy distance between us at work.

Checking out who's on Coast to Coast tonight. Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, discussing conspiracies with host Jimmy Church.

And of course, following the owls. Mike Clleland's book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Experience.  Owls are still showing up; just this morning a beautiful white owl appeared, first thing, on my Facebook page.

Gray alien faces on a young student's (3rd grade, I think it was) tee shirt today at work. Not so odd, maybe, but the ubiquitous inverted chalky alien face didn't seem like something she'd wear.

There's more; tiny moments of random connections that I mean to remember. I think "It's such a neat little synchronicity I'll remember it" but of course, I don't remember. But there they are.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Eve 20016 and no UFO

The past two NYE's I've posted about UFO sightings. One was a UFO (later I decided it probably was a drone of some kind.) (Maybe.) The next year, Chinese lanterns. This year, nothing. No UFO, no man made top secret flying device, nothing. There were some very loud and colorful -- and illegal, scared the heck out of our cat -- fireworks right by our house, but, nothing unusual to report.

Of course, this doesn't mean I've stopped looking up, whether it be day or night.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Mislabeling at Hybrids Rising

The Hybrids Rising: Webliography Links page has an extensive list of links to UFO sites, blogs and books. Very useful. Nice site, good job with a lot of info and links. However, there is one link I'd like them to fix. I doubt they will, for a couple of reasons. One, try as I might, I could not find a contact for the site. No email address or other contact info. Two, they have this disclaimer:
Disclaimer: The following links were sourced from various individuals and websites. The HR Team is not responsible for their content, implied or otherwise. (
I understand not being responsible for the actual sites they link to, but they are responsible for the way they describe the sites and blogs they link to. They have a link to this blog -- Orange Orb -- described like this:

Regan Lee Alien Abductee 

Not The Orange Orb, or Regan Lee, UFO blogger/writer/researcher/witness, but alien abductee.  I have made it very clear through the years that I am not an alien abductee. Might be, could be, but as far as I know, not definitively. I have no consciousness memory of your classic alien abductee scenario, and so, cannot say that I am. Contactee, maybe, since I have conscious recall of communications and synchronicities, but even with that, it's . . . a complex mystery to be sure.

My wanting this cleared up might seem petty to some, but it's this very example of assumptions and labeling within UFOlogy that gets things muddled. Confused. Inaccurate. And not respecting the witness. A UFO witness, yes, I am that. An abductee? No. I do not describe myself as such, and never have.

Hopefully someone associated with Hybrids Rising will see this and relabel their link in the spirit of being accurate, clear and truthful in our mutual search for an answer within the UFO phenomena.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


From UFO Theater (a great name) we get: THE UFO BLACK LIST. A list of YouTube videos, blogs and sites that promote UFO silliness and hoaxes, delete comments willy-nilly, etc. You may or may not agree with what's there, but it's a good list. As the banner reads at UFO Theater: "The truth is complicated." It is that for sure, especially in UFO Land.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The UFO Trail's Jack Brewer on C2C!

Jack Brewer, author of The Greys Have Been Framed and blog master at  The UFO Trail, is tonight's guest on Coast to Coast!

Monday, December 28, 2015

"Regan Lee, Someone I've Never Heard Of…"

That modifier implies that, since he's never heard of me, my opinions do not matter. Who is "he?" Sean Meers, who has a lengthy tome on censorship, attacks, who said what when how and why, defenses of Jacbos, Hopkins and more -- much more. You can read it all here: Case Related Hate Mail - The Linda Cortile UFO Abduction Case Website.

As I often comment, it's not only the mystery of UFOs themselves that I find so damn intriguing, it's also the drama that constantly swirls around such mystery that I find equally intriguing. For example, this, under the heading "Name Calling and Harassment from Regan Lee":
Regan Lee, someone who I’ve never heard of, wrote an article reiterating the claims of the individuals who labelled me an internet censor for reporting unsubstantiated and abusive personal attacks on others to internet service providers.  As with the individual’s she’s supporting her comments are ignorant, personally abusive, and predicated on the lies of others. (Sean Meers)
We all have our opinions. This is what I wrote in March of 2014 and what he reposted at his site:

Internet UFO Police Officer Sean Meers 
     This is from Jeremy Vaeni (who, as I've said before, is one of the few writing really good stuff on what goes in UFO World, as well as what's going on within us in relation to UFOs) on a highly offended individual named Sean Meers. [see Vaeni: Sean Meers, Internet Censorship, and YOU] We do not know if Sean Meers is his real name or not, but regardless, Meers has gone after Emma Woods -- remember, she is the victim -- for writing about her experiences with David Jacobs. He has also gone after Carol Rainey, who has written about what she observed concerning Budd Hopkins.Now this is from Feb. 20, and in the world of news, be it everyday items or the anomalous realm, often isn't considered relevant unless it happened ten minutes ago. And while I've been following Emma's story (and Rainey's) since the beginning, this one escaped my attention at the time.     This issue is very much alive; internet trolls, deluded individuals, sexist morons, and the gullible who will defend the indefensible when their beliefs are seemingly attacked.     UFOs are real. Non-human entities are real. Government black ops fucking with our heads is real. So much high strangeness, unexplained, bizarre, spiritually uplifting, soul sucking degrading, wondrous, creepy, stuff, is real. I do not apologize or defend such opinions. If you don't believe in ghosts or UFOs or angels or Bigfoot or entities from afar, that's your issue, not mine.      People who somewhere along their path of exploration of these mysteries suddenly psychotically lose it do not negate my experiences or opinions, and it shouldn't yours, either. The fact that some have abused their positions and knowledge (Jacobs, to some extent Hopkins, etc.) doesn't mean a damn thing in terms of experience of the "other." But it sure as hell does mean a lot concerning ethics and morals and behavior and the nature of research.      And yet, it seems, some such as Meers cannot tolerate hearing that their gods have been exposed for what they really are. They go after the victims and the witnesses (Woods, Rainey) and demand that their stories be scrubbed from the internet.     Then again, we have people like Jeremy Vaeni, Jack Brewer, and Alfred Lehmberg among others, who have been continuing this good fight against the self-elected UFO Police who want to not only silence others, but make sure their experiences disappear, as if none of this ever happened, and only the perpetrators words remain. (Regan Lee)
Now really, I don't see what is "personally abusive" nor "harassment."  I call Meers on his need for censorship. His opinions I disagree with, but that's another matter. I am allowed to state that I do not find censorship a valid tack to take. I am also allowed to state my opinions. How this is "abusive" or "harassment" is anyone's guess.

Oops, I did call him a "little thug" in this post, which he also reposted in full on his site:
Emma Woods Files | Information about the Research of Dr. David M. Jacobs of Temple UniversitySean Meers may have been successful in his vendetta against Emma Woods and the reason for her previous site to be removed, but she has a new one at WordPress. WordPress isn't so concerned with silly smug miffed individuals who want to rid the world of things they find messes with their belief systems. Good for WordPress, and good for Emma Woods who has not allowed little thugs like Meers get their way:

Dr. Jacobs conducted ninety-one hypnotic regressions with me during thirty-seven hypnosis sessions, from December 2004 through February 2007. He conducted all the hypnosis sessions over the telephone, thousands of miles from my location. I was alone in my apartment, with no supervision.
While I was Dr. Jacobs’ research subject, his behavior became, in my considered personal opinion, increasingly bizarre and psychologically abusive.
I have provided information about Dr. Jacobs’ research practices here, as I believe that it is matter of public interest. I hope that this can help to prevent similar distressing situations occurring to other research subjects in the future.
Emma Woods Files | Information about the Research of Dr. David M. Jacobs of Temple University: For several years, I was a research subject of “alien abduction” researcher, Dr. David M. Jacobs, of Temple University.

Kevin Randle: The Roswell Nuns - Again

One of the interesting and elusive aspects of the Roswell case; the nun's diaries. (Or were there?) Roswell expert Kevin Randle shares his thoughts at his blog A Different Perspective:

A Different Perspective: The Roswell Nuns - Again: Given all this, I’m not sure that another posting is necessary. However, to make it clear for everyone, there were nuns in Roswell in July 1947. They kept diaries that were eventually sent on to Oklahoma and later to Wisconsin. However, as near as I can tell, no one ever saw an entry that related to something falling out of the sky on July 4, 1947, and if the diaries existed, I do not believe they will be found now. I suspect they do not exist, or rather that specific entry does not exist, and the source of the information is a man who claimed to be a Special Forces captain but who was not. He pointed us, meaning Don Schmitt and me, to a nun in Roswell who said that she had seen the entry, and while she may be telling the truth, there is no way we can prove it now. (Kevin Randle)