Sunday, August 30, 2015

Missing Time, Missing Memory

Listened to Mark McCandlish last night on Coast to Coast, who at one point explained the mechanism behind missing time. My head started to explode while listening to his theory -- something about moments of time being compressed during regular or normal time, an effect of the physical emmanations of craft. I think. I'm not sure of any of that, but what stood out for me during his swirling hypothesis was the lack of mention concerning memory. What we witnesses to missing time have experienced is not just "missing time" but "missing moments." Missing memory. Maybe this is too subtle a distinction. But it's not just that chunks of time are missing from our experience, but the memory of what happened during this "compressed" time is missing as well.

If time can be manipulated, stuffed, squeezed, elongated -- if time is malleable, we would feel woozy, maybe, but we'd still remember. And yet, we have no memory of what happened during hours sliced out of our lives. Why is that? Does the time mangling theatrics of UFO manipulators include the addition of screwing with memory -- of inducing amnesia into the human brain? Again, if so, why? Is the aftermath of missing time -- amnesia -- intentionally created, or is it simply an aftereffect of the manipulation process?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

'Water Monster' Spotted in Oregon - Cryptozoology News

Oregon witness reports seeing strange creature in the waters of Oregon:

'Water Monster' Spotted in Oregon - Cryptozoology News: “Nothing really would have freaked me out more to have me guessing and reporting this. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Like in a tandem, one by one, just boop-boop-boop, so close right in the water… I was scared,” Bagnell said. “It looked out of this world.” (Cryptozoology News)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

1966 Willamette Pass, Oregon Sighting

Came across this, a report on a UFO sighting here in Oregon from 1966. Blurry photo of . . . something.

The Willamette Pass Oregon UFO Photo Revisited:
An Explanation


459 PanchiraWay,Los Altos, CA.94022

Abstract- In November of 1966, a Ph.D. scientist, returning to his California
home from a business trip in Washington, was driving through Oregon and
paused at a lookout point to photograph Diamond Peak. Of the three pho-
tographs taken at this location the last one included a strange object. This
photo ultimately became the focus of a controversy among UFO investigators
and has been the subject of numerous articles as well as a book. In this paper
we present a chronicle of the author's investigation of this intriguing photo as
well as an explanation of the true nature of the object in the photo.  (Wieder,

Friday, August 7, 2015

The UFO Trail: Jeremy Vaeni on David Jacobs and Supporters: 'Time for Some Answers'

On Jack Brewer's excellent UFO Trail, Jeremy Vaeni discusses why he invited Jacobs, Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins to appear on his show to talk about Jacobs treatment abuse of witness Emma Woods:

The UFO Trail: Jeremy Vaeni on David Jacobs and Supporters: 'Time for Some Answers': "Jacobs and his apologists persist in evading discussion of the relevant issues, while chronically implying there are extenuating circumstances that justify the conduct of Jacobs. Now, some five years later, they continue to fail to disclose details of any such circumstances, causing some to ask why the evidence should not be interpreted as it appears. The weekend of July 24, Jeremy Vaeni extended invitations to David Jacobs, Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins to guest on 'The Experience', account for their positions on the Emma Woods case and explain their related previous statements."
And this bullet from the blog:

"If you're sick of ufology being treated as a fringe, crazy subject then stop reacting in fringe crazy ways to things that in any normal sense are immediately recognizable as abuse." (Jeremy Vaeni)
I have tons of respect for Richard Dolan, respect Peter Robbins but in this, sigh… it seems to me a stubborn and unconscious shying away from what they, and so many others in UFO Land, secretly if not outright think of as "hysterical women troubles."

But that aside, Jacobs himself has a lot to answer for, and very few are asking. Thankfully, Vaeni and Brewer are among the scant few who are.

From Nick Redfern: Ten Books That Need To Be Written (Part 1) | Mysterious Universe

Here's a twist from Nick Redfern on "the best books on . . . " idea:

Ten Books That Need To Be Written (Part 1) | Mysterious Universe: Further to my two previous posts (on my top 5 UFO books and my top 5 cryptozoology books), I thought I would round this theme off with my suggestions for the top 10 Fortean books that haven’t been written but which need to be. (Redfern)
All of Redfern's suggestions are good ones -- I'd read those books! My favorite would-be-book-idea is the one on Roswell. If you think the Roswell realm is dead and that there's no there there for the UFO inclined, Nick proposes something very different.

Friday, July 31, 2015

They Live's Roddy Piper: RIP

Rest in Peace Mr. Piper.
Wrestler and actor Roddy Piper, who starred in John Carpenter's classic They Live, has passed.

Great movie. If you haven't seen it, see it! Scary because, while "just a movie" well…
Great soundtrack as well.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seth Shostak:The Great UFO Debate

By way of Alfred Lehmberg (where I followed this link) who offers his own excellent commentary on the musings of Seth Shostak, we have the . . .
  The Great UFO Debate: "The good news is that polls continue to show that between one and two-thirds of the public thinks that extraterrestrial life exists. The weird news is that a similar fraction thinks that some of it is visiting Earth."(Seth Shostak)
The "weird news?" Why so? Shostak's thing has always been that the reality of ET is quite reasonable, just out there, not anywhere near here.

Shostak writes that "…recent television shows" depict aliens landing and doing all kinds of things to our planet and its inhabitants:
". . . alien craft are violating our air space, occasionally touching down long enough to allow their crews to conduct bizarre (and, in most states, illegal) experiments on hapless citizens."  (Shostak)
Mr. Shostak dahling, do you really think aliens give a hoot about the legalities concerning abductions and what not?! (Now, an interesting angle here -- one whose entertaining of thought eludes practically all skeptics and some, even, UFO researchers, is that many of the alien/UFO episodes are conducted staged by our own.)

And then there's paragraphs about lights, sightings, atmospheric conditions…all mistaken for UFOs and not proof of ET. Which, I will concede, is sometimes true. But that is not the issue here and I suspect that Seth Shostak knows this. The following -- in which Shostak refers to aliens who "melon-ball" human flesh, illustrates my point:
"What about those folks who have experienced alien beings first-hand? Abduction stories are an entirely separate field of study and one which I won't address here . . . "
Why won't you deal with abductions Mr. Shostak? What skeptics and debunkers consistently ignore, or, just don't get, is that you can't have one without the other. I don't mean to say that all encounters with strange beings are aliens-from-outer-space encounters, or that all UFO encounters include abductions. But many UFO encounters do include abductions, as well as missing time and a long list of weirdness. You can't look at one piece of this puzzle and decide on its solution while ignoring the rest of the scene.

The fact that we don't know where UFOs originate -- as if all UFOs should or do originate from the same source -- doesn't make this fact "goofy" as Shostak says. Again, he ignores the vastly intriguing array of possibilities. To Shostak, the ET question is a simple one with a simple answer. Black, white, either, or, this not that, and that's all there is.

Finally, we have the predictable and highly disingenuous comments from Shokstak. The first is his regurgitation of the skeptic cliche that the witnesses need to provide proof, not the other way around:
"The burden of proof is on those making the claims, not those who find the data dubious."
And here:
"If there are investigators who are convinced that craft from other worlds are buzzing ours, then they should present the absolute best evidence they have, and not resort to explanations that appeal to conspiratorial cover-ups or the failure of others to be open to the idea."
Well, many a researcher and witness do provide what they have, what they know, what they've seen. I can only report on what I saw, no matter how odd, and what I've experienced. Missing time? Sorry, I don't have any proof, which is not the same as evidence, which I also do not have; not even much on theories about what or why. Just that it did. (At least twice.) Sure, someone could have slipped me a mickey, or something was glitchy in my brain… then again, if the latter, that would have to be true for the other witness who was with me -- both times. And who also has had his own life long experiences of the UFO kind. Shostak doesn't consider these contexts, these connections of experience.

So all I can do, all any witness can do, is report what happened. And the honest researcher or collector of lore has to include it all and look at it all. Shostak does not. He is  stuck on his belief that ET is possible, and alive in space, while concurrently holding the opinion that no such thing is possible here on earth.

Instead of deciding before the fact what will be considered and what won't, participants in this quest need to work together. Don't tell me missing time was imaginary, or that someone slipped me a mickey. Look at the history of my experience in context of the phenomena. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seeing Animals In Hopes Of . . .

It's a UFO debunker cliche, that when witnesses report seeing strange craft or creatures, that "we see what we want to see." Implying that we want to see Bigfoot, flying saucers, or ghosts, so of course, we convince ourselves that we did indeed see such things.

Sure, Venus has been mistaken for a craft from outer space, and there are those who insist all weird flying objects are operated by ET from another planet.

I was reminded of this silly way of thinking about "seeing what we want to see" today. Years ago, I was walking down a hilly street. At the end of the block, I could have sworn I saw a cow standing there. Right in the middle of town, a brown and white cow. Just standing there. But that though lasted for about six seconds. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I knew it very probably wasn't a cow. Then I realized it was a car. A brown car that was parked at an odd angle, dappled by the sunlight. True, I didn't "want" to see a cow -- though that would have been pretty neat to see a cow in the road -- but I realized the chances of it being a cow were slim. Even while I didn't know what it was, I didn't convince myself it was a cow.

Today, driving on Lorane highway (about a mile from my orange orb sighting decades ago) we saw what at first were "tiny fawns." We knew of course they couldn't have been fawns, since they are never that small. And the chances of seeing many of them together were low as well. We both had the same thought: "teeny fawns" but quickly realized they weren't, because they couldn't have been. Even though we wanted to see fawn, or deer, as we often do see on that road, we knew these things we were seeing weren't. They were turkeys. We slowed down and watched as the flock crossed the road. There were at least fifteen of them.

The point is, we often expect to see something but realize quickly we're not seeing what we think we're seeing. Sometimes we don't know what we're seeing, but know what it isn't. So when we do see strange craft, or ghosts, or a Bigfoot, for example, the witness is more often correct in describing something out of the ordinary, and not mistaking something mundane for something anomalous.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Roswell Ghost! (Just Had To)

Lanterns and Orbs

Discussion going on over at UFO Updates, started by Chris Rutkowski. Question posed concerns Chinese lanterns and orange orbs; how often are lanterns interpreted by witness as UFOs and not merely something everyday, like a man made object?

I posted my two cents. Once you've seen Chinese lanterns in the sky, there's no doubt that that's exactly what they are. For a brief moment, there's an "Oh, what IS that?!" and then, you realize, oh, just lanterns. Not a UFO or something truly mysterious.

I've seen these sky lanterns, and while at first look for about four seconds it's hard to say what they are, it soon becomes obvious they're just lanterns. Nothing close to the orange orb I saw years ago. Not similar in shape, certainly not in behavior, or effects. (missing time, dreams of ships and aliens.) Or size.

There seem to be several varieties of orange orbs:

  • Small points of light in the sky that are orange. These may move about but seem to stay relatively the same size and in the same area of the sky. Sometimes more than one orange orb appears.
  • Ball lighting, and or plasma. These two explanations don't really explain much -- basically a label given to a phenomena we don't fully understand yet. These orbs, which can be orange at times, can appear very close to the witness, indoors as well as out. Related post: UFOs, Orbs, and Luminosities.
  • Orange Orbs -- like the one I saw -- that are very large. From a distance of approximately one mile, as I took a guess-estimate at -- the size of a beach ball. Seems to move as if controlled by something intelligent, either within the orb itself or outside. Lit from within. An object (as compared to plasma) that seems aware of the witness. Psychic communication between witness and orb. Follows witness. Missing time sometimes associated with sighting. (as with myself.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cool Tee-Shirts from Wm. Michael Mott; Hurry!

They are neat, if you can -- and I think they're very affordable -- get one!

Get your CCCC Cave Creature tee! | Teespring: Here's a long-sleeve tee-shirt for fans of the cult classic book of fortean, folklore and paranormal research--Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures--which is now in its 3rd Expanded Edition!

Featuring artwork and design by the book's author Wm. Michael Mott, this long-sleeve tee, which features dark blue on gold, will let people know that you are a kindred spirit when it comes to studying the unknown mysteries of our world.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Layers - Binnall of America

My latest column at Binnall of America:

Layers - Binnall of America: I’m thinking of layers. Layers of experience. Layers of theories. Layers of intent. Of ilks and types and kinds.

MILABS. Globalists. Shadow governments, shadow industries. Participating in staging UFO/alien scenarios for the witness, who believes with literally every nerve in their body that aliens visited them, toyed with them, implanted them (and here’s the proof, say x-rays and the likes of Dr. Leir’s) and drugged them to repress memories of what really happened.

Some are satisfied with the above as the answer. Sure it’s an answer, but not the answer. I have no doubt some of this is truly happening. But that’s not all that is happening. (Regan Lee, Binnall of America)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hangar 1 and Witness Harry Joe Turner

The recent episode of Hangar 1, which features MUFON case files, included the unnerving encounters of Harry Joe Turner. You can read about Turner's UFO experiences in the following article on UFO Digest by Sean Casteel:

Latest UFO News | UFO News Today | Recent UFO News | UFOs: One such incident from Beckley’s huge collection of clippings took place in Virginia and was reported by “The Richmond Virginia Times-Dispatch” in September of 1979. A truck driver named Harry Joe Turner claimed to have had a UFO encounter that left him unable to work and seeking psychiatric and neurological help. He had only partial use of the left side of his body after the incident.

“Ever since it all began,” Turner said, “I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been.” (Sean Casteel, UFO Digest)
My post here is not about Turner's case, but about the treatment of witnesses from researchers. In general, MUFON's Hangar 1 annoys me because one rarely, if ever (I don't recall one episode) has the witness talk about her or his sighting. Specifically, this particular episode bothered me for what the MUFON talking heads concluded regarding this case.

Turner's encounters have haunted him. Like many who've experienced missing time and other confusing and strange events in context of UFOs, the aftermath of such encounters are often intense and negative.

And yet, MUFON ends with inane Space Brother stuff about the wonders of alien technology, aliens,  and "alien superpowers." Superpowers? Postively glowing at the wonder of it all, the MUFON representatives on the show talked about the alien's technological supremacy which equals, to MUFON, a good thing for us.

It's obvious aliens have advanced technology -- including inter-dimensional, astral realm consciousness abilities  -- but that doesn't make them nice guys, nor spiritually superior. Meanwhile, Turner suffers, yet what he's going through is treated in a blithe manner in this episode. MUFON chooses to focus on the "superpowers" of UFOs and aliens instead.

I have no doubt aliens exist. Where they come from, who knows. Assuming there are more than one race of alien, they probably come from all over the place: inner earth, parallel dimensions, other planets… all of it could be true. But the more I explore the realm of UFOs, the less I buy into loving space entities here to gently guide us into higher levels of good vibrations. They're simply using us for their own ends.

Another aspect of this episode was the lack of mention of government involvement. Turner's experiences could have been staged by shadow government ops -- MILABS -- either in partnership with actual aliens, or simply on their own using the UFO/alien theme to make us think aliens are afoot. If that is true -- government creating some of these encounters -- that doesn't negate literal aliens.

What's important here isn't whether or not government was responsible for Turner's experience, but that MUFON's attitude, via their program Hangar 1, seemed to use Turner's experience to bolster their own agenda of super powered aliens.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rest in Peace Dirk Vander Ploeg, UFO Digest Publisher

Very sad news. I just learned that Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher of UFO Digest, has passed away. Dirk was always very kind to me. His contributions to the realm of UFOs via his UFO Digest made for a lot of very good -- and diverse -- articles on not just UFOs but a variety of anomalous topics.

Rest in Peace Dirk. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Schools and Creative Thinking Exercises: Another Fake UFO Crash

From England, where they really love to stage these fake UFO crashes, complete with injured or missing aliens, the most recent:
UFO crash lands at Semley School | Blackmore Vale Magazine: Pupils at Semley CEVA Primary School, Wiltshire, returned after their half-term break to find there was a flurry of excitement in the playground on Monday morning. Staff dressed in florescent jackets ushered children into the hall and declared a state of emergency… a space rocket had crash-landed on the school playing field! 
The reason given for these scenarios is to encourage creative writing and thinking in children. Well, at least it wasn't the fake WWIII scenario, or the murdered-in-front-of-students scenario.

These staged events are not specific to England however. There have been fake drills involving not just UFOs and aliens as well as the above mentioned WWIII and murder scenarios but staged shooter invasions, fatal accidents and other violent and frightening scenes. There have been aimless hours long bus rides without explanation to students. In Scotland, there was a fake "the state is coming to take you away, deciding you're not worthy." (At least in that one, one student refused to follow these orders.) In many of these cases parents are not notified that these lock downs, drills and staged scenes would take place. Sometimes much of the staff didn't know either; they were as surprised as anyone.

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