Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Fairy Survey

Image Public Domain

A fairy survey. Three, actually, based on experience. Thanks to Anomalist for link. Yes, I took one of the surveys; of course I did!

Survey - Fairyist: The Fairy Census is an attempt to gather, scientifically, the details of as many fairy sightings from the last century as possible and to measure, in an associated survey, contemporary attitudes to fairies. The census was inspired by an earlier fairy census carried out by Marjorie Johnson and Alasdair Alpin MacGregor in 1955/1956, a census that was published in 2014.

LogDriver: Emma Woods, Creepy Professors and My Little Wooden Box

LogDriver — Emma Woods, Creepy Professors and My Little Wooden Box: Suffice it to say that listening to the recording of Creepy Professor threatening Emma Woods over the phone when she refused to go along with his delusional script for her life brought back an explicit (by which I mean detailed, not X-rated) memory of being threatened by my former dissertation advisor when I called him up to explain why I wanted another one of my committee members to serve as chair instead of him. I remembered the trepidation I felt as I got ready to make a call I really did not want to have to make; I remembered his lengthy silence after I said my piece; I recalled the venomous tone in which he finally spoke. He had a low, rumbling voice and did venomous quite well.
An excellent piece, well written and very personal.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Climate Change / UFO Abduction - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Odd juxtaposition, or, not. Travis Walton tonight on C2C discussing his abudction experiences, and in the first hour, climate change. Climate Change / UFO Abduction - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jeremy Vaeni is back!

Jeremy Vaeni, along with Jeff Ritzmann, had one of the best UFO podcasts ever with their Paratopia program. In this article from Jeremy he explains why he stopped his podcast, and why he's back. I'm looking forward to this! October Surprise: Whitley Strieber Resurrects Me From The Podcasting Dead | JayVay:

 Premiering exclusively at, The Experience is a weekly half-hour program wherein I interview experiencers of all high strangeness phenomena. Anything and everything is on the table. Let’s explore it all: what it means to be an experiencer; what the experience itself may mean beneath its obvious surface. And what is an “experience of high strangeness?” Does it hold at its core a singular intelligence using numerous facades like tools to interact with us, or are we embedded in a much larger ecosystem filled with multiple intelligences and energies that live on the periphery of our senses? Or is something else entirely going on? (Jeremy Vaeni)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Anti-Anti-Tricksters @ The Nightshirt

Excellent points from Eric Wargo at The Nightshirt regarding the Trickster within UFO study. He cites Hansen's most excellent The Trickster and the Paranormal,   which should be read by anyone at all interested in exploring UFOs. I've been writing about trickster like manifestations and UFOs, as well as related aspects of the enigma, for a long time now. (See my: Trickster, UFOs, Paranormal, Supernatural…Seeing the Virgin: Tricksters Take it to the People, Speculation on Mary as Trickster, among others.)

Anti-Anti-Tricksters @ The Nightshirt: Reynolds is right that the Trickster concept can’t serve as an explanation. But at least in my reading of the topic, including George Hansen’s massive study The Trickster and the Paranormal or books tangentially invoking the concept, like Colm Kelleher and George Knapp’s Hunt for the Skinwalker, the term isn’t being used in a literalistic way to denote a “real being.” Rather it is being used, quite appropriately I think, as a shorthand term for a type of sentience or intention that seems to underlie a wide range of paranormal phenomena (ranging from UFOs to psychic experiences to hauntings) and that has a distinctly ironic, thwarting character. There’s no other term that quite fits the bill as well as “Trickster.” (Eric Wargo) [italics are mine, not Wargo's.]

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Synchronicites: Smile!, and White Wolf. Oh, and Owls.

I wrote this on my Facebook page last night:
We need to be aware of what we say to children, and to students. Telling a child to "smile!" is usually a well meaning thing to say, but think about it. We have no idea what a child has been through the night before, or that morning on his or her way to school. Maybe they slept in a homeless shelter. Or outside. Maybe their home life is chaotic, maybe they didn't have enough to eat, and so on. Insisting they "smile" is just one more lame thing another adult who is clueless tells them. Instead of expecting children to "smile" let's give them our support in other ways. I won't insist a child "smile" but I will smile at them. I will let them know I am glad to see them, glad they are here and let them know I will do my best to keep them safe while they are in my care. I don't care if they smile or not, but I will let them know I appreciate them. I will let them know I listen to them. But I will not tell them to "smile." 

Ubiquitous yellow faces of enforced gaiety 

Later that evening, I was watching Forever. Not a great show but something about it keeps me watching, since I'm easy when it comes to supernatural content. Last night's episode had a Jack the Ripper theme --always worth following -- as well as a comic book theme. The name of the comic book in the show was Soul Slasher. Big camera zoom in on a page; lots of gore and horror and Soul Slasher and the words "Smile!" I thought that was an interesting juxtaposition to what I wrote about concerning adults demanding that children smile. Well meaning, usually, but behind that is a "soul slasher" effect.

Forever, mild mannered TV mystery starring Dr. Cute

I'm always receptive to white wolf, that image living within my dream head for many years. A picture of a white wolf was on the wall in the doctor's office today, and later, a friend of mine posted on FB her "animal totem" which was a white wolf. Nothing better to do on a rainy day, home with an ear infection, I took the "What is Your Animal Totem" quiz, expecting to get White Wolf as well. Nope. I got… yes, OWL. Uh oh. We know what that means!

The owls. The owls! . . . 

Lehmberg on C2C and Jacobs

From September, this excellent post from the Orange Orb evil twin sister blog, the U.F.O. Proletariat, contributor Alfred Lehmberg wrote on Noory, C2C, and David Jacobs. Definitely worth reading. Let's not forget Jacobs -- and let's stop treating him like he's a UFO god worthy of respect.

The UFO Proletariat: David Jacobs On Coast To Coast AM...: David Jacobs has risen once again from his moldy crypt of deleterious ufological retrograde to appear on the increasingly irrelevant George Noory version of Coast To Coast AM, a program so insipid and cognitively bereft that Art Bell has ordered the program to stop mentioning his name as a historical taproot or fellow... and to which I'd long cancelled this writer's subscription. Among the highlights of the, in my opinion entirely disingenuous, appearance: (Alfred Lehmberg)

Spam and Hacking Comment

If you find a comment on your blog using the name of John Ambrose and "welcoming" you to the Illuminati -- all its riches, secrets and powers, you know, the usual stuff -- do not click on it, do not put it through, do not click and follow the link. It will screw up your blogs, log-in info and email.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Orb Glitch

A weird thing just happened as I was typing my story about the orange orb. Earlier this evening, I had the idea about "There are Orange Orbs, and Then There are Orange Orbs." A working title in fact. What I mean by that, is that there are orange orbs (and, apparently, of late, square orange orbs) that are odd lights, ranging in size from airplane size to quite large, appearing in groups or connected to each other, or, singly. All manner of orbs. Ours, or ET? Always the question.

Then there are orbs, as in spirit orbs, or at least, something more nebulous, more ethereal, than a craft, an object, a UFO, a solid thing. These are spirits, or ghosts, or energies or . . .

And of course we can't forget about the Chinese lanterns.

So earlier this evening, I'm writing about our sighting from years ago, factually, which of course, is anything but, since to this day Jim and I questions about what happened, disagreements about memory, confusion as to our, at times, apathetic reaction and wonderment at our missing time.

It at that point -- that trickster or Oz effect, that tangled messed up confused aspect of the sighting --that my computer just went crazy.

Something happened, and my computer began erasing all of my text. I scrambled to stop it, to save it, to …. something, but it kept happening. Fortunately, it finally stopped, and I hadn't gotten too far and managed to rewrite what was eaten by the aliens living inside my laptop. (I don't really think there are aliens living in my laptop -- I'm not David Jacobs after all.)

This has never happened before when I was typing. Very well a logical explanation, but you know what they say about UFOs, synchronicites, and all the rest.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Richard Dolan on the "Tall Whites and Break Away Civilzation"

Great interview. Dolan is one of the few UFO researchers who directly addresses here and now issues concerning governments and its manipulations and affects upon world citizenry. "Globalization is here…" he says, and of course he's correct. Which brings us to black budgets and covert ops, and the connection between those and much of the UFO mystery.

Air Force & UFOs/ American Sea Monster - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

My kind of show; George Knapp is host, sea monsters and UFOs the topics. Air Force & UFOs/ American Sea Monster - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Orange Orb Tarot (and oracle): Name Change:Integration

Orange Orb Tarot (and oracle): Name Change:Integration

Future Theater with Bill and Nancy Birnes

I was the guest on Future Theater recently for the second time. The interview took some odd turns; areas I wasn't expecting. Serial killers for example. Very interesting, but not a realm where I'm an expert. Other than my personal opinions on the subject, didn't feel I had much to contribute.

Interesting discussion on horror imagery.

Had a good time, always love Nancy and Bill.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interviewed on Future Theater

I was the guest the other night on Future Theater, hosts Bill (UFO Hunters) Birnes, and Nancy Birnes (editor/publisher, UFO Magazine.)

Take a listen! I had a good time, as always with Bill and Nancy.

"Tonight we are going to delve a bit into the more spacey or weird or supernatural or the-what? of paranormal events with our good pal Regan Lee. Regan has been writing and reporting on UFO and paranormal topics for several years now, including her Orange Orb column on the web and in the now-defunct UFO Magazine. She also writes regularly for Binnall of America with her column Trickster’s Realm." ~ Future Theater

Monday, September 29, 2014

Guerrilla Skeptic-Bees Attack Chip Coffey

Really ugly article on the debunking of psychic Chip Coffey posted at the James Randi site: Operation Bumblebee stings psychic medium Chip Coffey - JREF, Sheldon Helms.

Using the very ad hominem slurs skeptics love to accuse the rest of us for using, the article starts off with plenty of cheap comments about Coffey's fashion choice, among other things, including a not so subtle homophobic slur.

Describing a sting by skeptics, the article exposes Coffey for a charlatan. A group of skeptics have created for themselves a covert operations team: Guerrilla Skepticism. Specifically, according to the article, this was the:

"...brainchild of Susan Gerbic, co-founder of the Monterey County Skeptics, and creator of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project. She and several others had been working for months on the project, gathering the funds necessary to purchase tickets, arranging various strategies to control for “hot reading” (online and other research tactics that some psychics use to increase their hit rate), as well as attempting to find people willing to participate. "
This was too mouth watering for Helms to ignore, he had to join in the fun and take part in the Coffey debunking sting. Oh the fun they had, dressing up, posing as true believers and using fake names.

Okay, so I wasn't there, and it's quite possible Coffey is a fraud. It's also possible the "Bumble bee crew" (oy) is lying. No doubt a combination of both. On the skeptic side: misunderstanding and willful ignorance of psychics in general, their tactics, and the whole damn point of it all. I abhor Republicans, religious fanatics and, oh yes, skeptics, but I don't go around posing as one of the enemy, giving myself and my "team" a silly name, and infiltrating those groups. To what end? For one thing, I'd feel too damn sullied by associating with those I keep in contempt.

It just seems that there are so many issues in our world that would benefit from the energy spent debunking psychics. Sure, people are financially duped and emotionally assaulted by frauds, but compared to animal abusers, child abusers, globalist fascism to name a mere three out of hundreds, the debunk squad needs to get a clue about the real world. Playing Jr. G Man to the paranormal realm isn't really that important a job. Despite Helms' urging to fellow skeptics that:

"ACTIVISM IS THE KEY to creating the change we skeptics want to see!
So get out there, join up with your fellow skeptics – not just online, but in “meat space” – and DO SOMETHING!" - Helms
Oh, and one more thing. Scary to know Helms is an associate professor of psychology.