Monday, October 17, 2016

Eugene, Oregon Cloaking Triangle Sighting

A report of a triangle UFO with orange lights that cloaked itself in Eugene, Oregon. I don't recognize the street from the photos shown with the article. After the UFO disappeared, two helicopters hung around for awhile. Just when I was thinking there isn't much going on around here.

Oregon witness says UFO ‘cloaked’ itself | An Oregon witness at Eugene reported watching a triangle-shaped UFO with three orange lights that eventually cloaked itself and disappeared, according to testimony in Case 79421 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Skinwalker Ranch activity shifts from paranormal to prosecutable | News |

New item on the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. I've been fascinated by this story ever since the book came out. Was fortune enough to see George Knapp give a presentation on his experiences at the ranch at the McMinnville UFO conference a few years ago.

Among the many, many weird things -- highly weird things -- concerning this story is the involvement of Robert Bigelow. Who is a strange bedfellow indeed with MUFON and the FAA.

Anyway, illegal activity is also afoot, not just the paranormal or supernatural:

Skinwalker Ranch activity shifts from paranormal to prosecutable | News | The road is currently gated illegally since it is a public class-D county road, but the owners seek to legitimize the gates by having the road abandoned by the county. The ranch's previous owner, hotel magnate and aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, gated the public road to deter trespassers. (

Can't blame them I suppose, it must be very discouraging, not to mention highly annoying, to hassle with yahoo trespassers all the time.

"We just have so many problems with trespassers and people down here and vandalism, and it’s very, very scary," said the elderly woman who, with her husband, is a caretaker for the ranch. "It’s really bad and we really hate it, and we don’t want to be bothered. We’re bothered constantly, day and night." (

It's a good article, noting that high strangeness in the area goes way back, long before the book came out. Part II will appear next week, according to the website.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Those Very Creepy Clowns . . .

Clowns seem to have a category all their own in the Fortean World of High Strangeness. The latest: clowns freaking people out in Greenville. Understandably, the authorities are not amused. And as much as I detest clowns, and understand the communities' ire, since when is it against the law to dress like a clown? Isn't that unconstitutional or something? The response of the police is as Fortean as the rest of this weirdness.

Addressing the incidents at a media conference Thursday, Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller said officers will arrest and charge anyone dressed up as a clown.
"It's illegal. It's dangerous. It's inappropriate, and it's creating community concern so it needs to stop," Miller said. Source: Greenville Online.
It's unknown why people are dressing like clowns, standing silently while staring at people. Fears about child napping clowns abound.

It may seem odd that that the police are threatening arrest of those in clown costume, it's a law on their books:

According to South Carolina state law, no one over the age of 16 can appear in public wearing a mask "or other device which concealed his identity." The statute makes exceptions for people whose trade or employment involves wearing a mask. There's also a city of Greenville ordinance that prohibits "molesting, disturbing or following persons." (Greenville Online.)
The anti-mask wearing law still seems unconstitutional, and the part about "…following persons" seems subjective.

Laws aside, it is unnerving -- I wouldn't want to come across some creepy clown standing around, wordlessly  staring at me -- but far more disturbing is the affect on children. The following is from Cleveland's Fox 8 news:
Deputies confirmed Monday they were called to the apartment complex on Aug. 21 to investigate after residents reported seeing “a suspicious character, dressed in circus clown attire and white face paint, enticing kids to follow him/her into the woods.” 
Investigative reports state police met with a mother, whose name was redacted, who witnessed the clowns in the woods after her son notified her of their presence. The woman told deputies the clowns were shining green laser lights in the woods.
Another resident also reported seeing a “large-figured clown with a blinking nose” standing under a streetlight near the trash dumpsters.
Deputies spoke with children who told them clowns tried “to persuade them into the woods further by displaying large amounts of money.” 

The Greenville clown scare is only the latest in a wealth of historical clown strangeness. All you have to do is Google something like "clowns Fortean" and all kinds of items come up. The first one being a 2007  blog entry about a Fortean Times article on clown appearances by, of all people, debunker Benjamin Radford. Which only adds to the high strangeness factor.

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Fellow Tarot Card Reader and "Maybe" Person

I recently vendored at the Eugene, Oregon Pagan Pride Day. A first for this city. Hopefully it will be an annual event. This was the first time I've read tarot cards in that setting. Amazing experience! I met many interesting individuals, and  had some profound experiences during readings. (Energy light balls, for example.)  From a practical perspective, it was a learning experience; I realized what an intense energy drain reading for the public in that setting can be. It was a good thing; I learned I can do it, want to do it, am good at it, and how to go about things in the future, in terms of price, offerings, etc.

What does this have to do with UFOs? Not so much, as far as tarot cards go -- there are a few UFO themed decks out there, but that's another post for another time.  But, the reader who had his table next to mine - we were stuck out in the boonies, away from the booths -- well. Synchronicities abound. I had never met this person before. The only thing I knew was that we had a friend in common, who was also there with his wife, selling magickal items and jewelry in their booth. Aside from that, I didn't know anything about him. I have no idea what made me say to him, after knowing him for about three minutes:  "I've had some pretty interesting encounters, including missing time…" and we were off. Turns out this person has had his own history of missing time and UFO sightings. Not only here in Oregon, but back east as well.  Strange dreams involving UFOs and aliens, seeing an alien, unexplained marks on the body following sightings and missing time …
UFO Tarot, designed by Bebie Vigna,Arturo Picca

"Chris", as I'll call him, does not think of himself as an abductee. Something I share with him, since I don't consider myself an abductee.  I found this distinction interesting as well -- usually when I meet others with UFO experiences they are either very sure they have been abducted, having clear memories of such, or, don't think of themselves as abductees.

I told Chris of Mike Clelland's book The Messengers, and what he calls the "maybe" people. The "maybe" people are those of us with all kinds of weird UFO experiences, including in many cases missing time, but having no clear memory of an alien abduction scenario.

After a few hours, Chris went his way, I went mine. I don't know if we'll meet again. What were the odds of finding myself next to someone with so many similar experiences? What made me just blurt out that I've had missing time and have encountered many UFO events, going back to childhood?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

the Guardian: "Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern"

"Prank" "occult" ritual at CERN. As Tim Binnall commented on Facebook when he posted this: "Holy fuck, this smells like Jack Parsons type shit."  It surely does.

A "permanent" statue of the Hindu deity Shiva sits outside at the facility. Shiva is the god of destruction, but that's simplistic. He is also the destroyer of ego. A bringer of change. Positive and "negative" aspects of things destroyed. (Think of the Death card in the tarot.) 

As a spokesperson for CERN said:

 “Cern does not condone this type of spoof, which can give rise to misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work.”

The “investigation” under way was an “internal matter”, she said.
[Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern, with pranking scientists suspected | Science | The Guardian]


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jim's Popcorn Machine UFO

In June of last year, I wrote about an experience Jim had when he was around ten or so. One of those dreams-that-aren't-dreams-but-we-tell-ourselves-they-were-dreams-encounters. 

When we were first together, Jim painted this watercolor the UFO he dreamt saw.

James Rich, "Popcorn Machine Alien/UFO" watercolor
He gave the painting to a friend of his many years ago, and I recently was able to take a picture of it with my phone. 

I love this painting, not only for its personal and parallel connection with childhood and encounters, but the painting is reminiscent of all that great science fiction cover art from the 1950s and '60s.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Thomas Sheridan: Author, Scholar of Psychopaths, Mythologist, Artist

 "I bring satire and comedy into my work to off-set the dark forces which are behind most of the misery we are subjected to. I am not interested in being in anguish all the time or doing fear porn. I have a special pair of glasses I observe the world with: One lens is set to Carl Jung and the other lens is set to Spike Milligan. I want to inform people, but also make them feck em, if they can't take a joke" (Thomas Sheridan, Thomas Sheridan Arts )
Thomas Sheridan was last night's guest and Coast to Coast. A great interview! The mind reels. I am off to order a book or two ...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Owls, Dreams, Orbs, Brodhrans, and Spirit Photos

Working with Diane and others on psychic play, activating energy and accessing "them" -- and so, after meditation and protective prayers I had a dream that was pretty incredible:

Jim at the Eugene Masonic Cemetery, in front of grave where I took the two spirit photos shown below
My husband and I were about to leave the Masonic (!) cemetery. It's night. The feeling here is very negative, scary, creepy. Unusual because we enjoy going to this cemetery and have had only pleasant experiences. But at night now, and it's very cold, frost and some snow here. We look for the grave site where we had a previous encounter with spirit -- caught on camera -- but no matter how hard we try to remember the name and location, we just keep getting turned around. I get the distinct feeling, almost hear a voice, scolding me for being greedy. "You were blessed once with this experience and now you're taking advantage. Go away."

Sudden surge of energy felt when we were discussing the married couple buried here; we were talking about the positive loving emotions we were picking up, when this happened on my camera as I was taking a photo of the grave site. This has never happened before, or, since.

I hear a woman's voice singing/chanting out on the sidewalk. As negative as the cemetery is I tell Jim that I don't want to meet up with a "crazy person." So we go back to the cemetery. Still creepy but it's between this or the "crazy" woman who is singing and chanting and playing a brodhran. (hand held Celtic drum.)

Second spirit photo

Jim and I look up in the sky -- the night sky is so beautiful!!!! We see all kinds of moving, zipping lights, mainly orbs, in the sky that are clearly UFOs. They are not stars or anything that can be explained naturally -- UFOs for sure. We are so excited. Then we start to see orbs -- of a different kind, these are spirit orbs -- right here with us, in the cemetery. Fairy, spirit, energy, -- all orbs dancing around us. It is wonderful.
Suddenly it's daylight. We have no idea how it got to be daylight so fast -- missing time? Anyway, I decide it's safe to go out now; the crazy woman is gone.
But I still hear her, and she's ahead of us a bit. She's aware of us but doesn't acknowledge us. She is not crazy. She has some people following her, mostly men. It's clear she is a shaman. About five foot three, long thick dark hair, squat or plump, a pleasant expression and vibe. She continues to sing and drum as we go along.

I had the feeling this woman was Celtic and/or Lapp or Sami as well. So I was looking up Celtic goddesses/shamans, etc. and went to images. One of the first images that popped up was this:

Owl Mother Winter Snow Triple Goddess Hands Shaman
Artwork by SigiDawn on ETSY
This is significant because five minutes earlier I was reading Mike Clelland's fantastic book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee 
In that book, Mike writes about the often mystical and spiritual synchronicities between witnesses, UFOs, and owls. Usually the encounters he writes about are in "real time" -- waking time. In my case, this all takes place in the dream realm. Still, I find the relationships in my dream of UFOs, spirit, shaman/guide and the finding of the image very interesting. (By the way, Mike Clelland cites me as a brief mention in his book referring to me a a "maybe" person. Meaning, someone who may have been abducted, but for many reasons, do not give myself that label.)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Menopause and the Abductors

Is it just a meme, a false bit of UFO lore, that women in or past menopause are of no interest to aliens? (As always, I'm using the word "alien" to mean "other." Non-human, ET, spirit, earth elemental, fairy, ghost, demon…)

I've been having this conversation with "Diane," a friend of mine who has had on-going contact with the grays since childhood. Now in her sixties, "they" are still visiting her, leaving her with temporary scars, among other things. What do they want from her? Are other women of this age, and stage in their lives, still of interest to aliens? Or is it truly true -- that aliens find no use for women who are past child bearing age?

Just how statistically true is this in UFO lore?

One theory we have, Diane and I, is that maybe, aliens are still interested in women in or past menopause if those women have strong psychic skills. Which, both Diane and I have, and have had, since childhood.

Is it some sort of unconscious sexism that has us believe the grays are no longer interested in women once they've outlived their childbearing usefulness? Or is it a true thing?

Could there be other reasons for their interest, such as the afore mentioned psychic strengths? Maybe there is something to be said about the "crone stage" of life: women's wisdom, magick and power. Does this scare or piss off the little spindly things? Intrigue them?

Diane and I both had a similar experience years ago. Mine:

I was in a semi-trance meditative state. Awake, but very much in a light trance. I like to work with crystals and stones -- on this night, I was using a copper wand with a purple fluorite crystal at one end. Suddenly, I was aware of three grays that had come through the bedroom window. They were there, all right, but, like much of this weird realm of aliens and UFOs, if someone had walked into the room, they would not have seen the grays. I had an immediate negative reaction against them -- I did not want them here! I focused my energy and intent into the wand, and they were kept from going further into the room. They were "stuck" and very, very angry. They did not like this at all. Finally, the left, extremely pissed.

Diane told me a similar story:
 She had her altar in the middle of her room; it was laden with crystals and stones. She tried to enter her bedroom but there were three (three, again!) grays, standing around her altar. She said they seemed upset about the altar, and the stones. They tried to keep her from entering but she focused her intent and concentration on the altar. The energy she "beamed" at them forced them to leave, and, as she told me, they were very upset at her use of this energy.

Speculation, but something to wonder about and explore further.

From Jack Brewer's The UFO Trail: Ufology Indicted (Stan Romanek)

Jack Brewer: "The UFO Trail: Ufology Indicted"

This time, the indictment is for Stan Romanek :The UFO Trail: Ufology Indicted.

Off the rails, did Mr. Romanek, with the whole aliens-are-here scenario, and, sadly, the child pornography charges against him. What is it that makes some UFO participants* so goddamn unethical and sad in the highly inappropriate/illegal/immoral/abusive context? (Yes, think David Jacobs.)

Jack Brewer, at his UFO Trail blog, has a piece on this very thing.

Not to mention paranoia. As with Jacobs, who believed aliens were interfering with email communications, Brewer describes Romanek's paranoia about aliens. (Italics mine.):

In one of his more infamous episodes, Stan clearly attempted to discreetly throw objects around a room while implying something paranormal was taking place during a 2014 video interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery. He would later tell Slattery that he intentionally discredited himself because he was instructed to do so during an anonymous phone call else face consequences to himself and loved ones. Basically, he went with the "I made a fool out of myself on purpose or they'd kill me" strategy. Did I mention leading with the chin where angels fear to tread? (Jack Brewer, UFO Trail)

Monday, August 1, 2016

MORE Missing 411 High Strangeness: "Predator Saran-Wrap" Synchronicity

I had a strange dream the other night, which I posted here and on my Frame 352 Sasquatch blog. That dream had to do with David Paulides Missing 411 books and what I called a "predator" type being:

Out of nowhere, I am grabbed by invisible hands. I sense their presence, I know that they are here, but I can’t see who -- or what -- they are. I get a glimpse of these things. They shimmer in and out, sort of like the Predator. These things look human like in some ways. They have two arms and legs like humans, etc. But they are about seven feet tall and muscle bound, like The Hulk. They grab me by the arms and feet and drag me up the hill. My friends are completely unaware of what’s going on. I scream with everything I have but they can’t hear me. (Regan Lee, Orange Orb)

A few odd coincidences followed that post, which I also wrote about here.

Last night, David Paulides was the guest on Coast to Coast. George Knapp was the host. Great interview. Paulides was on to discuss his new book Missing 411: Hunters. During that interview, Knapp and Paulides discussed the strange experience of Jan Maccabee. She is married to UFO researcher Dr. Bruce Macabee. In that interview, Paulides describes a shimmering, predator like being Ms. Macabee saw -- and photographed -- while out in the woods in his article, complete with images, “Predator in the Forest” or Jan's Weird Experience. The following is from Maccabee's article:

Suddenly the woods went quiet.  Noise stopped. The silence was “weird.”  It so surprised and unnerved her that she wrote a text message to her friend (thereby documenting this event): Something is wrong.  The woods just went to a dead silence. No squirrels, no birds, no crickets.  Is odd!  (6:23 PM EDT) She thought a coyote or maybe a black panther or some predator animal caused the quiet as she knows (as hunters know) that when a predator such as a bear, for example, enters an area the other animals tend to become quiet.  Then she became aware that a weird visual “effect” was moving rightward across her field of view at an apparent distance of maybe fifteen to twenty feet.  She described it as if looking through "saran wrap."  Perhaps a more apt comparison would be like looking at a mirage above a hot road.  She compared this distortion of the scene as being somewhat like the effect of the invisible creature in the PREDATOR movie!  This distortion was at a higher altitude than her 15 ft above the ground, perhaps about 25 ft above the ground..  She took her glasses off and rubbed her right eye thinking at first she had a floater (a mote in the eye).  But after rubbing it was still there and not a floater. (Bruce Maccabee) 
When I heard Paulides describe the predator, sara-wrap type image, I almost fell out of the chair! While there are differences between the dream and the shimmering, predator like effect Jan Macabee saw, (desert/woods, dream/reality) the specific similarity of the predator image is certainly startling.

Friday, July 29, 2016

More Strangeness...

Regarding the post below --  which is cross-posted at my Orange Orb blog -- more strangeness.

My friend "Diane" told me the other day that whenever "they" come, she finds that her tablet is turned on in the morning. She insists she has turned it off. Her husband verifies this. (Wakes up with strange marks, etc.)

After she read my blog post, she called me to tell me her computer was on again this morning. Also, she had entered my phone number into the tablet, but this morning, it was gone. She couldn't find my name or number anywhere.

I also notice that this Sunday, Coast to Coast has the  "The Dark Side of Bigfoot" with guests Tim Baker, Jim King and Brenda Harvey. And the next night, the guest will be David Paulides, author of the Missing 411 books, to talk about his new book Missing Hunters.

Missing 411: Dream, See -Through Rock People, Psychic Play, and Sasquatch

I’m deeply intrigued with David Paulides work in his Missing 411 series. While I’ve read one of his books (so far, plan on reading them all) and follow his work on-line, I haven’t recently been giving any particular attention to any of the missing 411 cases, or the phenomena. So I am curious about this very vivid and slightly disturbing dream I had last night:

I live in a semi-rural area, on the edges of the suburbs. The location has a southern California feel to it, or southwest. Desert like, but not completely. Surrounding the dozen or so houses out here are soft, rolling hills, probably sandstone. Layers and layers among the hills, and large gray boulders.

manipulated sepia version

My friends and I go out for a small hike. We can see our house from where we are. We aren’t far, less than a half mile from the house.  I’m climbing up the side of a hill, my friends are maybe fifty feet away. 
Out of nowhere, I am grabbed by invisible hands. I sense their presence, I know that they are here, but I can’t see who -- or what -- they are. I get a glimpse of these things. They shimmer in and out, sort of like the Predator. These things look human like in some ways. They have two arms and legs like humans, etc. But they are about seven feet tall and muscle bound, like The Hulk. They grab me by the arms and feet and drag me up the hill. My friends are completely unaware of what’s going on. I scream with everything I have but they can’t hear me. 
I know, without a doubt, that this has something to do with what Paulides researches. I beg these beings, plead, cry, to let me go. I tell them I don’t want to end up dead and found in the middle of a lake or the top of a mountain.  I get the feeling that the more I beg and talk to them instead of giving up they might agree to keep me alive.  They tell me that they’ll me go when they’re ready.
A few days later, I find myself near the same spot where I was taken. Two men have brought me down here. They are also very tall, around seven or eight feet, but stocky. The men have long shiny black hair, like a Native person, but their features are not Native Amercian at all. They have flattened, pushed in faces. They are human, but more than that -- or, less than that. They are not quite all human, in other words. At the same time, I don’t get the sense they are ETs. I do get the sense some of this is related to Sasquatch, but how, I don’t know. It’s all very confusing and muddled. While I feel there is a Sasquatch aspect to this, the Sasquatch have nothing to do with any of this, not directly anyway, if at all. 

Another Southwest, Regan Lee
manipulated sepia version

 They communicate with me telepathically; that I am never to tell anyone anything about any of this. While I have no memory of what happened while I was missing, I do remember being taken by the weird near invisible beings, and these guys. They tell me over and over that they are now in my head, at all times, and will know if I’m even thinking of telling someone. If I say anything, they tell me, not only will I be killed, but many in my family.
I go back to the house, naturally everyone is happy to see me and are full of questions. I just keep saying over and over that I don’t remember anything. I tell everyone I must have fallen and that caused amnesia of some kind. 

I wake up, feeling very strange. Then I hear a loud clattering, scrambling sound that goes on for about five seconds. Things falling, like dishes or pots, among other things. My first thought is the cat tried to climb on the bookshelves beneath the window where I have some plants. The cats start meowing and running around, wanting to go out. At five-thirty in the morning! Unusual for them.  I get up to check, I don’t see anything out of place. I check the whole house -- nothing. I look out the window in our bedroom, thinking maybe an animal knocked over plants and rocks by the little garden pond, but nothing is out of place. All very strange.

As I’m in bed, thinking about all this strangeness, I get a sense this dream, the clattering, the cat’s odd behavior, has something to with my visit yesterday with friends who have had several UFO experiences, as well as paranormal experiences in general. Lately we’ve been involved in doing exercises to activate psychic skills. Energy play, “sending and receiving” imagery, oracle and tarot work, etc. And, of course, intense discussions about our experiences, including questions about those experiences. One more thing: I mention large gray rocks in the dream. A week or so ago, I was "receiving" from one of the people in our discussion group. One of the images that came to me was a gray boulder, about twelve feet tall, in a desert like spot. The rest of the area was semi-rural with green and trees, but the rock was off by itself in barren land.

I think it's one thing to talk about these experiences, but the questioning, as well as the agreement to participate in actively finding out, seems to have triggered something.

Note: Here the originals of the images shown above:

Another Southwest, Regan Lee

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

White Balloon Headed Alien

Not too long ago, I posted a sketch that I sort of channeled, of tall white beings  (though I just noticed that one of the beings is small, child-sized) surrounding my bed. This was a memory -- sort of -- of what I call my "invisible aliens."

Image by Regan Lee

Last night, I was meditating/going through a remote viewing type exercise (amidst this I was attempting to communicate with someone else) and my mind kept going back to when I was a child, surrounded by "aliens." Why can't I see them?! I asked. To my surprise, I got not quite the grey triangle headed being (whether real or not, the image has definitely become its own reality -- a type of collective alien tulpa) but an almost comical round headed white alien. Still with the big eyes and small in height --  maybe about three to five inched taller than me.

White Balloon -Headed Alien, Regan Lee

What's interesting about this is that, as a child, these beings were never negative. They were friendly. So, another thing I was asking about: why the fear now? (And do not give me any new age crap about being on the right vibration in order to access the positive Space Brother Love Vibe.) Maybe the other UFO experiences -- mainly the orange orb -- are different entities entirely.

My mind kept going to those childhood beings, this time in their new representation of bleached white round-headed aliens, and the person I was attempting to "send" to -- her story of a UFO sighting and missing time. I asked this too: "Why am I going back to her event?"

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alien Get Togethers -- Are They Trying to Stop Us?

I have this friend -- friends, her and her spouse -- known each other for decades. I'll call her "Diane." Diane, as well as others in her family, have had life long experiences with "aliens," strange energies, hauntings, UFOs. Diane's spouse -- I'll call him Harold -- has published on the subject of UFOs. They are both very into the topic, know a lot, and are not messing around. They are serious about what's happened to them as well as what's happening in general in regards to UFOs.

Diane and I are about the same age, give or take a couple of years. (Both in our early sixties.) We keep trying to meet, to get together, and, even though we don't live far from each other at all (I could walk to her house, on a good day) we never seem to quite get there. We end up meeting just a few times a year. You'd think that, given both our life long experiences with UFOs and related weirdness, and the closeness of our homes, it'd be easy to get together.

Diane's theory is that "they" (aliens, Djinn, what have you) are vibing us and keeping us apart. Her health isn't good on the day we planned, or mine isn't. I mean to call, say I'll call, but forget. Today, we had planned for two weeks to get together today. (We had also invited another couple who said they'd come, but then cancelled yesterday.)  Yesterday I bought all the organic makings for a killer salad. Yet my husband, who has also had his own life long experiences of UFO high strangeness, was having a bad day health wise. (Ah, the joys of being in your sixties.) So we had to cancel.

Diane called me today and we set up to meet -- just her and I -- Sunday. So now I have a note in case the aliens decide to put an amnesia hex on my brain.

The thing is, Diane told me today on the phone that she was having dreams the past few nights that "they" were keeping us away, and that, while disappointed we weren't coming, wasn't too surprised we weren't.

By the way, it was at Diane and Harold's home that I had one of my "they're listing" experiences. A group of us at their home, years ago, talking about UFOs and our encounters. I feel a very strong sense of an unseen, yet very much present, energy in the room. Not energy, exactly, but people. No, not people, exactly, but .. . while highly intelligent, and somewhat "people" like, not human. Alien? Djinn? Sure. Anyway, I was sitting there, feeling stranger and stranger, thinking that if I say anything, everyone will think I'm making it up, or being impressionable. Diane turns to me, grinning, and says "You know they're here, don't you?"

There is much more to her experiences, as well as the rest of us, which I'll write about here soon.