Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stealing Content Gets Weirder

So, I'm searching the blog cited as the "source" for the item posted on the blog mentioned in my post below. She cited Outer Space Guests as the source. Not my name or link, but some other blog. I haven't found my article there yet, but I did find this: Proof For Bakterial Alien Life In Outta Space | Outer Space Guests, which is a small item about life on mars. I didn't write it. I have nothing to do with it. But apparently the blog master at Outer Space Guests thinks so, since he posted this photo of me, holding the mug with UFO cartoonist Dennis Rano's image of me as the Orange Orb. (thank you Dennis!)

Stolen Yet Again: Revisiting The Tempest In A Teapot Mcminnville Ufo Photos Faked Again | Greys Area

Came across this, a post I wrote a few years back, posted in its entirety, without any mention of the author of such piece, which would be me. As I commented on Greys Area:

Revisiting The Tempest In A Teapot Mcminnville Ufo Photos Faked Again | Greys Area: Huh, you neglected to mention the writer of this piece. Which happens to be me. Regan Lee
I don't mind being mentioned, linked, or even having my entire articles reposted, but I DO expect correct citations. Otherwise, it's just stealing. (Regan Lee)
Really now.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Living in UFO Land: Call Me a Hippy, But . . .

So many researchers, investigators, organizations, pundits, witnesses, UFO television programs, books, theories, speculations, …

So many categories of experience. Genres of aliens and contact.

And an equal amount of disagreement about all of the above. "Disagreement" ranging from mild difference of opinion to out and out attacks of the most vile nature, verging on the illegal.

Then there is the Drawing Of Lines In The Sand. UFO groups (Gatekeepers, UFO Police, Scientific Organizations) get together and make damn sure they keep out any person or theory they don't like. They insist their take is the right take. They insist that "we'll never get anywhere" unless… unless their theory is accepted, unless the rest of us agree that such and such -- take your pick; contactees, abductions, ET, disclosure, -- is ridiculous. But more to the point, not just ridiculous but not to be entertained. Not to be included.

I'd like to see, not a "rigid scientific" UFO organization, or one that keeps all but one or two ideas within, but one that includes a diverse bunch. Call me a hippy, (which wouldn't be wrong) but the only way to begin to maybe get at It All is to look at the UFO phenomena/phenomenon with compassion, respect, and patience. That does not mean agreement. 

Regan Lee with friend, Venice Beach CA 1971, photo by John Lee

Instead, the majority of UFO people are running around fighting, attacking, sneering at others within. In other words, as had been said many times by others, the inhabitants of UFO Land are eating our young. With friends like that who needs enemies?

I think part of the problem is the crazy need to be accepted by mainstream society, by the institutions considered respectable (Big Science, academia, politics even) and main stream media. If only, think many UFO Land residents, we stick to …. pick your favorite: rigid scientific methods, and so on. Then we'd be accepted and taken seriously and everything will be cool and oh yeah, we'll also find out what it's all about.

Not one bit likely. All that will happen if we stay on that road is the continual fighting amongst ourselves, as well as the hoaxes, attention seekers and cheesy carny-like creeps that infest our fringes. Which is a part of the whole thing anyway, so not much use in bemoaning that reality.

This is what happens in UFO Land. An individual, or often enough, a few individuals who get together, find a little plot of land that has a sign on it: "ET", "Disclosure," "Abductions", "MILABS," "Fairies", "Mind Control", "Nazis" -- you know. Then a barbed wire fence is erected around this little bit of land. Often, rocks are thrown at the neighboring plots of land. No one shares, everyone fights, and the Big Answer is still a long ways off. Which brings us to . . .

The Big Answer. Expecting there is a Big Answer is equally futile. There might be one, I'm optimistic, but that's not my priority. It's the process, the quest, the journey, the effect of these still unexplained encounters upon not just the individual but the culture surrounding the individual, that is the issue. For now.

Of course, there is much more beyond that, but baby steps, baby steps. Such as agreeing to disagree while working together, not apart.

Monday, May 18, 2015

UFO Land's Persistent Need for Validity

Science. Big Science. Infrastructure, institutions, the status quo. Methods. Scientific methods. Methodology. Scientific methodology. All this, so many within the UFO realm, insist is necessary if one wants to be a 'serious" UFO researcher/investigator/pundit.

Oh bosh and bother and says who.

Of course I know that right off, many will gasp, affronted, and sputter on about the need for rigid scientific inquiry. Tests. Data systems.

Just don't include tales of hybrid babies, reptilians, astral journeys inside spaceships, dreams-as-vivid-memories-were-they-really-just-dreams? and good looking tall human types sharing nectar while discussing philosophy on the way to Venus. And please don't even breathe a hint of Bigfoot and UFOs.

Those are so embarrassing. Silly and stupid and lame and immature. Sophomoric. The neurotic interpretations by a pop culture saturated society. The mangled and abused grasping for spiritual meaning within the corruption of religious paradigms. Sexual frustrations and suppressions grown out of the juxtaposition of SEX SEX SEX and woeful ignorance of human sexuality.

No harm in bringing in "science" and using its tools to gather soil samples and such, compare weather forecasts, measurements, apply knowledge of astronomy and propulsion capabilities. . . we need that. But don't stop there. And do not place this use of nuts and bolts, these literalist approaches, on a higher plane than other ways. Certainly stop expecting that it is the only way -- the only respectable and legitimate way. 

(My ice filled glass just popped and cracked as I was writing this -- a Trickster like message, an alien sent omen?)

(How much of this is tongue in cheek?)

UFOs are real, duh. That's not the question, as I've said so many times through the years. The answer, now, that's what is needed. Not are they, but what are they? Another "duh."

But how can we possibly get close to an answer if we continue to exclude the bits some find crazy and embarrassing, or more to the point, low class? For classism is a huge elephant in the room here that is rarely addressed. Class isn't just relegated to the obvious cliche images of hooch swilling rural folk or high strung, attention seeking urbanites. We make assumptions on others based on a hundred things: education, profession, gender, politics, religion, tastes. Whether or not a woman has children. Marriage status and history. Sexual history. Political views.

All this: science, an individuals background, is not without some use of course. But here's the thing, when it comes to UFOs -- as well as the long list of the unexplained, weird, anomalous and esoteric -- this stuff has been with us forever.

Encounters with "the other" have been a part of humanity for many thousands of years. When did we forget that?

In all this time, we've attempted to put that fact into categories. Religion, for example: it's God, or the Devil.  Or, psychological structures: you're insane, mentally ill. Some have tried -- are still trying, mightily -- to impose the Big Science Explanation of It All onto these experiences. But we haven't reached any conclusions.

We certainly aren't going to get anywhere if we continue to exclude half, if not most, of the elements within UFO encounters. (Same goes for Bigfoot research.)

Mistakes are made. Enthusiasm, trust in fellow saucer heads, the personal quest to find out what happened -- to us, to others, in history, -- sometimes gives us a serious lack of discernment. So what? Really, so what?! We're human. We're looking for answers to strange and overwhelming questions. It's amazing we haven't completely lost our minds in the process. (And no, recounting one's encounter with a reptilian does not mean someone has lost their mind.)

It should be obvious by now that whatever "this" is, all this UFO high strangeness stuff, has not only been around forever, but manages on a consistent basis to really mess with our heads. We have to go beyond the literal, the nuts and bolts, the somber lights-in-the-sky reports, and stretch out.

Until we do that, the UFO police and gatekeepers and the protectors of the scientific method and all else be damned zealots will never find answers.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gatekeepers: On Whose Authority?

UFO Gatekeepers. They come from all sides; uber-skeptics, debunkers, as well as those who believe, but insist on scientific approaches to exploring all that is UFO. The Gatekeepers wrangle one tentacle of the UFO Kraken, ignoring the rest -- even while it strangles them -- rejecting the elements that annoy them.

They decide who gets to, what methods, which cases.

On what authority?!

There is none.

James Mcgaha, uber-debunker, asks UFO witness if "she's qualified to look at the sky"

There is no UFO Authority, no matter how desperately some want there to be. There is no Official Method, case, researcher, witness, spokesperson.

No one is more, or less, qualified than anyone one else in this realm.

As soon as someone starts spouting off a need for standards: academic, scientific, "legitimate" cases, etc. I do not take them seriously.

Honesty is expected, at all times. That's about all we should expect. Sincere desire to explore, to share, to research, while holding the ball of integrity.

Other than that, the rest is a form of bullying. Self-righteous and arrogant demands to join, if you don't, then you're not honest, sincere and legitimate.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Roswell" Slide Aftermath: The Death of UFOlogy

So some say. I say, oh don't be so ridiculous.

The study of, the search for, the yearning and the exploring, will never go away or "die." It's all so much bigger than that. To suggest otherwise is naive. It is also illustrative of much overeating of sour grapes.

The UFO Police as well as the uber-skeptics, the debunkers, indulge in the nonsense that "UFOlogy" is dead because there was no there there regarding the slides of a purported crashed ET in Roswell, New Mexico. It's just another hoax.

Goddess knows the paranormal (or anomalous, or Fortean, or weird, or supernatural, whatever term you like) field is full of such episodes. Nothing new. Not only that, nothing to be surprised at at all, since the hoaxing-Trickster-Cosmic Joker-inverse behavior of "it" does just that: mess with us. It always has and always will.

There are so many sides to "this" that it's overwhelming at times and we can feel like Sisyphus trying to get up that hill of weird. But within this enlightening, illuminating, scary, confusing, contradictory world, resides the nonsensical and tawdry, the carnival and the seedy clowns. While the existence of those things can be a bummer and leave a sour taste, it's not the end of anything. It just is. To allow it to get you down for longer than a few days is disappointing and discouraging, and to indulge in it with glee and pronounce the whole rich, complicated thing "dead" is ignorant.

Sure, calling those who intentionally screwed with us on their crap is justified. But then move on already. Not off -- just on. Beyond. And get back to the mysteries and the unanswered questions. Both of which have not gone away. Or, died. They're still alive, and they need our attention.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Suited Up Aliens

UFO lore is full of accounts of aliens in jumpers, coveralls, uniforms. Seems the bulk of those accounts go back to the "Golden Age" of UFO contacts. Aliens have been described by some witnesses wearing these uniforms or jumpsuits; other accounts have aliens wearing hooded cloaks, and of course, there are more variations on clothed aliens.

While I've never seen an alien "in person"  (wait a minute, there was that patio alien I saw.  And the "puppet aliens" as well as the dancing transparent greys . . . ) So never mind. Anyway, in my life long experience with the realm of UFOs, I have encountered a few aliens in suits. Not MIB type black suits, with ties and hats, but the coverall variety.

Patio Alien, Corning St. L.A., CA 1958? oil pastel and crayon by Regan Lee

The Silver Suited Patio Alien
The first one is what I call the "patio alien." This sighting happened when I was about four years old. I awoke late at night to find myself alone in the den, which was odd. What was I doing out there? The den had French doors which opened onto a patio. Through the French doors, I could see a small (about my size) "alien" in a silver one piece suit. He was doing something with our hose, and I was angry at him for messing with our stuff. He turned his face towards me. Hostility, as well as a sense of imminent danger, was coming off of him in waves. . I then realized he wasn't holding our hose, but had in his hand some kind of wand/ray gun type thing. His face was completely black (a mask or face plate kind of thing?) with red glowing eyes. He pointed this wand type thing at me. I remember screaming then passing out, then, nothing.

Blue Suited Aliens in the Garage
I had a dream of blue suited aliens in a garage. Now this dream was interesting, since Jim and I had a missing time experience while walking home one evening after feeling compelled to investigate a strange glowing light in a garage. We don't remember what happened after we walked toward the garage. Next thing we knew, it was a few hours later and we were in his apartment. We commented on how very strange it was, then went right to bed as if nothing odd had happened. And of course we were very surprised to find we woke up the next day at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. While the dream occurred years later and in Oregon, the garage/missing time episode happened in California much earlier.

Angry Little Silver Suited Alien
While I have had UFO experiences (I use the term "UFO experiences" loosely to cover non-human creatures, entities, craft in the skies, missing time, etc.) all my life, I wasn't immersed in the UFO realm as I am now. I accepted such things as "normal" but, aside from a general sense that UFOs were real, wasn't familiar with UFO narratives. UFO events seemed to have heated up when I met my future husband. That's when I had my "Geisha Alien" dream, as well as the missing time and light in the garage experience. When we moved from California to Oregon, we continued to have odd experiences.

I saw the Orange Orb when we were living on Friendly street in Oregon. To this day, my husband and I argue over this. He insists we saw this orb a year or so earlier when we were living downtown, near the U of O. And he doesn't remember anything about the rest of that night; me going to the phone, wondering who to call about the sighting (police, airport, who?), wanting to go outside to see if the object was still there, etc. (We also had missing time with this sighting.)

I don't remember any specific UFO events while we were living in the apartment by the University before the Friendly street house, but one experience is interesting. One night I had the most vivid and upsetting dream. I dreamt that a small, silver suited alien appeared in our living room. And it was causing havoc; more like a poltergeist than an alien. The aliens suit was a one piece jumpsuit, silver. It was wearing a wide belt with all kinds of buttons and controls that lit up; red, green, orange. I remember being scared by this dream and I couldn't get the whole thing out of my mind for days. (Fortean side bar: reports of Bigfoot wearing uniforms and outer space type tool belts can be found in Peter Guittilla's Bigfoot Files.)

With the exception of the dream about the blue suited aliens in the garage, all these events happened before Whitely Streiber's Communion,or Budd Hopkins Intruders, etc. I was familiar with stories like the Barney and Betty Hill case, but not in great detail.

Many Realms vs. Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and bolts might be an outdated term, but that kind of thinking is still too present in UFO research. It is possible to have physical craft as well as more ephemeral aspects all at once. (This is also true of Bigfoot.)

I'm not suggesting these dreams and encounters were literal meetings with extra terrestrials. Probably a combination of many factors, including entering that realm that is as real as our mundane one. And no doubt, some actual -- literal --  UFO interactions.

When you have UFO experiences that include sightings of physical craft, witnessed by others, as well as telepathy, "dreams," missing time, and so many other anomalous episodes, it seems ridiculously short sighted to stick to a rigid view of "nuts and bolts" and delegate the rest to the fringes of the fringe.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Roswell Slide Show

Notice I haven't commented on the whole thing. Why is that, you may ask? (Though more likely, I realize, no one's asked, let alone notice.Still, that doesn't stop me.)

I haven't commented because, how good, how true, how real, could it be? So many decades of coming so close (and this is true in Bigfoot World as well) only to be doused with a freezing cold bucketful of reality.

I haven't commented because, maybe, just maybe, it is possible that some type of solid, ultimate, non-debatable proof (not evidence, proof) could be found. So, remain silent until …

Then again, the murmurings of all this seemed to have started with those pedantic and rude -- let alone verbose -- pundits at a blog that shall not be named. I'll just say that this blog is followed by many who I respect, and it continues to astound me these conflicted UFO Dada Theater performers are taken seriously.

Also, while the stench of the seedy side show has been so very present throughout, others, like the esteemed Richard Dolan, who I have great respect for, were sincere in their participation. So, I held back.

I'm still holding back, because there's no there there and it's really just business as usual. No point. The UFO Trickster loves this; not the first time, and not the last.

Of course, none of this disproves that a genuine UFO full of aliens crashed in Roswell so long ago. It's still very possible. Something happened there for sure, and it wasn't weather balloons or crash test dummies. One can even go so far as to consider this whole thing was a disinfo episode presented by "them" to continue the confusion, debates and in-fighting concerning Roswell.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Little Skinwalker Synchronicity

A co-worker told me this morning that he was talking about me to his family. He had a senior moment, and couldn't remember my name. He went through the long list of staff; but just couldn't call up my name. He is reading Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah, by George Knapp and Colm A. Kelleher, which I had recommended to him. He picked up the book, showed it to his family, saying that I was the one who recommended the book to him. He was getting a little frustrated that he couldn't remember my name. Just then, the receipt from the book fell out; the cashier's name was "Regan." 

That's the way to start off your morning at work!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Orb in Parking Garage Vid

Searching for orange-orbs-garage, I found the following clip from 2007 of an orb in a garage on YouTube. Comments include "fake" and "spider." Seems to be one or the other. Still, the Cosmic Joker is at play.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pre-Orb: The Light in the Garage

The name of this blog is The Orange Orb, referencing the orange orb I saw decades ago in Eugene. That episode included missing time. I’ve written many times that I’ve always considered this sighting as the “main” one in my life, the one that was the inspiration for my since then quest to find out what I could about UFOs. Along the way of course, I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole, where I am still tumbling and bumping into all manner of realms mysterious and evocative that have grabbed me, insisting I follow.

Of course, I’ve had a life long experience with paranormal and supernatural events, including UFOs. But before the Orb sighting, there was the garage episode. In both events, my husband was present and witness (fellow experiencer?)  I think this is not a coincidence; that we were together for both events, both of which included missing time.

When Jim and I (Jim being my then boyfriend, now my spouse) were living in L.A., we hung out at Barney’s Beanery a few times a week. We’d walk from his apartment to Barney’s and back home.  Usually a twenty-five minute walk if we walked fast, but usually about thirty, forty minutes at the most.

One night, we walked home to his apartment on Curson as usual. When we entered the apartment, we saw that the clock on the desk read 4:00 a.m. Which was a good two hours and more after we left Barney’s.  The other clocks read the same; it wasn’t a matter of a broken clock. We both felt strangely energized, giddy. We looked at each other, said “That’s really weird! Oh well, let’s go to bed.” And that was that.

We woke up the next day, and went out into the living room. I thought it odd that everyone in the family was also up and dressed and sitting around, including some friends who were visiting.  Jim’s mother said “There you are! I didn’t
think you two were home, you’ve been so quiet in there!” Turns out it was four o’clock in the afternoon. Jim and I had slept for twelve hours. Neither one of us remembers waking up during the night -- or any time --  not to use the bathroom, nothing. 

The Garage
The night before, when we experienced missing time, we noticed a light from an open parking structure at an apartment house down a street we didn’t usually walk on to get to his apartment. Nothing unusual in that sight at all. Dozens of similar, covered parking places in apartment buildings all over the place. But for some reason, this one caught our attention. It looked very odd to us; Jim asked me “What is that?” and we walked towards it. I remember the typical parking structure, lighted, and a ramp type walkway leading down to the left. There was another light coming from the end of this ramp. A little brighter and more yellow than the lighting in the garage. I remember we began to walk towards the light . . . 

That’s all we remember. Next thing we know, it’s four a.m. and we’re standing in his apartment wondering how it could possibly have gotten so late so fast. 

Context is important in cases of the weird. While I’d always been interested in  all things Fortean, anomalous and strange, I hadn’t done any in depth reading on those topics at the time of this event.  As to UFOs, this was before Communion, before movies like Close Encounters or ET, before TV shows of aliens, abductions and flying saucers. I knew of the Barney and Betty HIll case, and that was about it. I accepted that UFOs existed, but hadn’t gone much further in thinking about the subject. 

(A related post on this blog: The Blue Suited Aliens in
the Garage.)

The Geisha Alien
During those months living on Curson, where Jim and I had our strange missing time and light-in-the-garage experience, I had several dreams involving UFOs and aliens. One dream in particular, that I’ve written about on-line in the past,  is what I call the Geisha Woman dream. This dream stands out as a startling cousin to the missing time light in the garage experience.

I’m inside a glass domed shaped flying craft. We are out in outer space. I see the black sky and white stars through the glass. It’s cold here. I’m sitting cross-legged on the white tiled floor. Across a small low table is a large white woman with a big black wig on her head, styled like a Geisha would wear her hair. She is so tall! She looks human, but also, not. Very thin and strange dark, large eyes. 

I am so angry!! So very damn angry! She is so cold, lacking any empathy or emotion. We communicate telepathically. She is in control. In charge. I demand that she let me see Jim, who I know is somewhere on this ship. But she tells me I cannot see him. There is nothing I can do or say. Nothing. She is absolutely cold, detached. Part of my intense frustration is that, as desperately as I want to see Jim, to know that he is all right, and that we can get the hell out of here, I can’t move. This strange, chalky, tall being with the huge black wig is somehow keeping me stuck to my seat.

I remember waking up and just being very rattled. To this day I remember this dream in vivid detail. 

While this event differs in many ways from the orange orb sighting a couple of years later, there are similarities. Jim and I were together both times. Missing time was experienced in both events. And intense gut pulling dreams of being paralyzed, stuck, and demanding to be let go, to see if Jim was all right were present in both. The  *"aliens"
 were also disguised, as in the garage/Geisha Alien dream, and invisible, as with the orange orb sighting/dream. (In the latter, I was paralyzed in a beam of light, aware of a huge saucer type thing above me, and “alien” presences inside -- unseen but felt, without a doubt.

* I call them "aliens" but whether or not they are aliens from outer space, or something else, I have no idea. Elementals, Djinn, earth bound spirits or entities, angels, fairies…there is an abundance of non-human energies to choose from. One thing is sure; they are real, non-human, intelligent.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Venezuela: Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery

From Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology (an excellent UFO blog that everyone interested in this realm should be reading) comes this report of luminous UFOs.

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Venezuela: Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery: On March 12 2015, six people witnessed the transit of a large luminous object over the vicinity of Cementerio del Este, located in the municipality of El Hatillo in northeastern Miranda State, in the Venezuelan capital region. (Héctor Escalante)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The UFO Trail: David Jacobs and Insult to Intelligence

Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail on David Jacobs and his UFO research. Specifically, regarding Emma Woods.

For those still clinging to the legitimacy of Jacobs, here are two reminders out of many from Brewer on Jacobs' techniques:

The UFO Trail: - While claiming to believe Emma Woods was being assaulted on an ongoing basis by sexually deviant ET-human hybrids, David Jacobs suggested as a partial solution that he could send her a chastity belt. He became familiar with the device, he explained to her, at a sex shop specializing in bondage dominance that he frequented quite often. Suffice it to say that is not standard protocol for providing functional support to the sexually abused. Neither is it indicative of sincere concerns for the woman or suggestive of authentic belief in dangerous hybrids.   
Jacobs claimed to believe electronic messages originating from the computer of "Elizabeth," an alleged alien abductee, were composed and sent by a menacing ET-human hybrid, not Elizabeth. When pressed to explain why forensic evidence of the circumstances could not be obtained, Jacobs stated, among other dubious excuses that actually did not make sense, Elizabeth had curtains over her windows and one could not see inside. (Brewer, The UFO Trail)

Brewer points to Jacobs contradictory explanations of his research and his justifications. He wasn't doing research, merely collecting oral histories. Yeah.

But even collecting oral histories from human subjects contains within that method not only ethics, but protocols. Permission from said witness, certain behaviors on the part of the collector, etc. If I, as a student in folklore, behaved in such loathsome ways while collecting UFO tales, well, that would not have gone over well.

But Jacobs is well aware that his university would not publicly approve of any studies done regarding UFOs. (Possibly in the hard sciences and then to ultimately debunk) but a history professor? Nah.

Anyway, good piece, once again, from Brewer. Points taken from such individuals as Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, who gives good reasons why he will not collaborate with Jacobs.

Synchronicity: "Them" and Listening In

I've commented before on the following experiences:

Three separate times, in three different locations, I've had the experience of knowing, completely sensing and utterly knowing, without any doubt, that "they" were present, and actively listening. Each of these episodes occurred during intense discussions about UFOs and entities.

The first time it happened was over twenty years ago, in a home where we had seen UFOs. We were discussing our orange orb sighting (and this was the first time I had heard my spouse mention anything about our missing time) and among other things, we argued (as we still do today) over some details concerning location, etc. Suddenly, the distinct awareness that "they" were here was vividly apparent. Others confirmed this feeling, making all of us, to varying degrees, uncomfortable. All of us acknowledged how weird it was.

The second time was in a friends home, who has had a life long experience with aliens, UFOs, missing time, abductions, etc. The third time was in our current home. Both times the person I was talking to mentioned their presence first. In one, the person said to me, looking at me with a grin "You know they're here and listing, don't you?" the second time, in our home, the person said "I know this sounds crazy but I get the feeling we're being listened to, and watched."

So who is this "they?" I have no idea. Alien, MIB, earth entity, Djinn, government spook stuff, who knows. I can tell you that the feeling in all three events was the same. Invisible entities, more than one (I had the sense at least three, no more than seven or eight), most definitely intelligent --highly intelligent -- not human in any way, and very amused if not outright mocking at our discussion. Not a threat, at the moment, but not something to mess around with. Somewhat human looking like, and tall, but not human. No, not human at all.

The other day I realized, for the first time, that in each episode, the direction that "they" came from was always the same. To my left, and in the upper corner of the room. So I wondered if this had any meaning, this specific nature of their location. Coincidence, or meaningful? I asked my husband (who was present in two of these events) what he thought. He didn't think it really meant anything but he did say that, a few minutes before I had asked him about this, he had just written (working on his novel) the following:

A sense of uneasiness prevailed. They were not alone. They felt eyes, eyes everywhere, watching, with a cold alien intelligence. You saw them out of the corner of your eye, shapes through  the trees like the shadows of dreams. The forest was a dangerous place.  It was more than that; there was conscious intent, an agenda, an open hostility   ~ James Rich, excerpt from The Obscure Way (unpublished)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Alfred Lehmberg on David Jacobs, Again. And It's a Good Thing Too.

Alfred Lehmberg, at his blog alien views, has a new piece on David Jacobs:    Fluffing The Abduction Rubes:

 ... Noory welcoming Jacobs back onto the show, and remarking that everywhere he goes, people bring Jacobs up, and that it’s always a positive note...

How can this be remotely true? It certainly appears to this writer that Dr. Jacobs is clearly heard on audio tape coveting soiled undergarments he has otherwise once admitted shall not be scientifically processed in any way due to lack of funds. Then, injury on top of insult Jacobs suggests the use of medieval devises of sexual torture he would have supplied! Thirdly, for the third egregious strike and sans all training or efficacious/professional best practice, he has the withering audacity to suggest to a fellow human being in his "care" and in a "suggestible state" that she is dangerously psychotic and requiring heavy sedation with numbing psychotropic drugs? No one has a "negative" note!? Well, here's are three right in this paragraph. (Lehmberg)

Alfred is one of the few in UFO Land who continue to expose Jacobs for what he is, and yet, Jacobs is still considered to be legit.