Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spam and Hacking Comment

If you find a comment on your blog using the name of John Ambrose and "welcoming" you to the Illuminati -- all its riches, secrets and powers, you know, the usual stuff -- do not click on it, do not put it through, do not click and follow the link. It will screw up your blogs, log-in info and email.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Orb Glitch

A weird thing just happened as I was typing my story about the orange orb. Earlier this evening, I had the idea about "There are Orange Orbs, and Then There are Orange Orbs." A working title in fact. What I mean by that, is that there are orange orbs (and, apparently, of late, square orange orbs) that are odd lights, ranging in size from airplane size to quite large, appearing in groups or connected to each other, or, singly. All manner of orbs. Ours, or ET? Always the question.

Then there are orbs, as in spirit orbs, or at least, something more nebulous, more ethereal, than a craft, an object, a UFO, a solid thing. These are spirits, or ghosts, or energies or . . .

And of course we can't forget about the Chinese lanterns.

So earlier this evening, I'm writing about our sighting from years ago, factually, which of course, is anything but, since to this day Jim and I questions about what happened, disagreements about memory, confusion as to our, at times, apathetic reaction and wonderment at our missing time.

It at that point -- that trickster or Oz effect, that tangled messed up confused aspect of the sighting --that my computer just went crazy.

Something happened, and my computer began erasing all of my text. I scrambled to stop it, to save it, to …. something, but it kept happening. Fortunately, it finally stopped, and I hadn't gotten too far and managed to rewrite what was eaten by the aliens living inside my laptop. (I don't really think there are aliens living in my laptop -- I'm not David Jacobs after all.)

This has never happened before when I was typing. Very well a logical explanation, but you know what they say about UFOs, synchronicites, and all the rest.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Richard Dolan on the "Tall Whites and Break Away Civilzation"

Great interview. Dolan is one of the few UFO researchers who directly addresses here and now issues concerning governments and its manipulations and affects upon world citizenry. "Globalization is here…" he says, and of course he's correct. Which brings us to black budgets and covert ops, and the connection between those and much of the UFO mystery.

Air Force & UFOs/ American Sea Monster - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

My kind of show; George Knapp is host, sea monsters and UFOs the topics. Air Force & UFOs/ American Sea Monster - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Orange Orb Tarot (and oracle): Name Change:Integration

Orange Orb Tarot (and oracle): Name Change:Integration

Future Theater with Bill and Nancy Birnes

I was the guest on Future Theater recently for the second time. The interview took some odd turns; areas I wasn't expecting. Serial killers for example. Very interesting, but not a realm where I'm an expert. Other than my personal opinions on the subject, didn't feel I had much to contribute.

Interesting discussion on horror imagery.

Had a good time, always love Nancy and Bill.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interviewed on Future Theater

I was the guest the other night on Future Theater, hosts Bill (UFO Hunters) Birnes, and Nancy Birnes (editor/publisher, UFO Magazine.)

Take a listen! I had a good time, as always with Bill and Nancy.

"Tonight we are going to delve a bit into the more spacey or weird or supernatural or the-what? of paranormal events with our good pal Regan Lee. Regan has been writing and reporting on UFO and paranormal topics for several years now, including her Orange Orb column on the web and in the now-defunct UFO Magazine. She also writes regularly for Binnall of America with her column Trickster’s Realm." ~ Future Theater

Monday, September 29, 2014

Guerrilla Skeptic-Bees Attack Chip Coffey

Really ugly article on the debunking of psychic Chip Coffey posted at the James Randi site: Operation Bumblebee stings psychic medium Chip Coffey - JREF, Sheldon Helms.

Using the very ad hominem slurs skeptics love to accuse the rest of us for using, the article starts off with plenty of cheap comments about Coffey's fashion choice, among other things, including a not so subtle homophobic slur.

Describing a sting by skeptics, the article exposes Coffey for a charlatan. A group of skeptics have created for themselves a covert operations team: Guerrilla Skepticism. Specifically, according to the article, this was the:

"...brainchild of Susan Gerbic, co-founder of the Monterey County Skeptics, and creator of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia project. She and several others had been working for months on the project, gathering the funds necessary to purchase tickets, arranging various strategies to control for “hot reading” (online and other research tactics that some psychics use to increase their hit rate), as well as attempting to find people willing to participate. "
This was too mouth watering for Helms to ignore, he had to join in the fun and take part in the Coffey debunking sting. Oh the fun they had, dressing up, posing as true believers and using fake names.

Okay, so I wasn't there, and it's quite possible Coffey is a fraud. It's also possible the "Bumble bee crew" (oy) is lying. No doubt a combination of both. On the skeptic side: misunderstanding and willful ignorance of psychics in general, their tactics, and the whole damn point of it all. I abhor Republicans, religious fanatics and, oh yes, skeptics, but I don't go around posing as one of the enemy, giving myself and my "team" a silly name, and infiltrating those groups. To what end? For one thing, I'd feel too damn sullied by associating with those I keep in contempt.

It just seems that there are so many issues in our world that would benefit from the energy spent debunking psychics. Sure, people are financially duped and emotionally assaulted by frauds, but compared to animal abusers, child abusers, globalist fascism to name a mere three out of hundreds, the debunk squad needs to get a clue about the real world. Playing Jr. G Man to the paranormal realm isn't really that important a job. Despite Helms' urging to fellow skeptics that:

"ACTIVISM IS THE KEY to creating the change we skeptics want to see!
So get out there, join up with your fellow skeptics – not just online, but in “meat space” – and DO SOMETHING!" - Helms
Oh, and one more thing. Scary to know Helms is an associate professor of psychology.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

UFO mystery as Greece to Cardiff plane passenger is baffled by lights hovering outside window | Metro News

"UFO mystery as Greece to Cardiff plane passenger is baffled by lights hovering outside window | Metro News: A man returning from holiday has claimed to have captured real footage of a UFO on camera after spotting dancing lights next to his plane.

The unidentified passenger, 29, said he and his girlfriend were twenty minutes from landing when he looked out of his window and and saw the flashing lights hovering in the shape of a flying saucer next to the aircraft." 
Not sure what a "real UFO" is -- a UFO is a UFO. But interesting brightly lit object.

Earthfiles Reports - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Linda Moulton Howe on tonight's Coast to Coast: Earthfiles Reports - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bright and Sparkly in Night Time Contrail

The other night, watching the night sky as usual. Idly watching a plane fly over head; it was leaving a trail. Chem, con, whatever. I did think it a bit unusual and called Jim to come and look. We watched it for awhile, including looking through the binoculars. Suddenly, two brilliant, sparkling "stars" shimmered through the con/chem trail. They were side by side, very bright and glittering. Jim said he couldn't see them, I could with and without the binoculars. But it only lasted for a few moments. As groovy as the sight was, I assumed it was stars, combined with the optical illusion of the trail contents that gave them that spectacular glow. But then, the two stars (of course, assuming they were stars) were no longer there. I could no longer see them at all, not with the binoculars, nor without.

Another one of those brief and enigmatic night sky moments. . .

The UFO Proletariat: "Flatwoods Monster" Movie?

I'm grateful to the ever prolific and poetic Alfred Lehmberg for keeping content going at The UFO Proletariat, a blog I created some time ago. I long ago invited Alfred to be a contributor and he graciously accepted. He posts there far more than I do (too many blogs!) and here's the beginning of his recent piece on the Flatwoods Monster movie -- visit the blog for the the rest.

The UFO Proletariat: "Flatwoods Monster" Movie?: "Flatwoods Monster" Movie? 62 Year Anniversary of the “Flatwoods Monster” Incident
by Alfred Lehmberg

Author Frank Feschino, Jr. has worked continuously for more than two decades on various aspects of his ongoing and seemingly bottomless “Flatwoods Monster” research project. For ten of those years he's traveled the length and breadth of the whole nation presenting lectures on and exhibits regarding that research. In the past three years—and recovering splendidly from the publisher botched first edition in 2004—he's released two revised “Braxton County Monster” books, appeared on numerous radio shows/live pod-casts, completed countless newspaper interviews, was feted at many book signings or meets and greets, and then put together a compelling film documentary which can be viewed free of charge on titled The Braxton County Monster/Flatwoods Monster: book by Feschino… tr's bien, eh?

Hugely significant, Frank was flown to California just last fall to contribute an interview about his “Flatwoods Monster” investigation for James Fox's UFO docudrama 701-The Movie. Such has been so. (Alfred Lehmberg, UFO Proletariat.)

NSA says it has lost its non-redacted UFO files -

 We're all so very damn surprised, eh?

Alejandro Rojas writes about John Greenwald's request for UFO info, and what the NSA responded. Or, not:

NSA says it has lost its non-redacted UFO files - Home / Featured / NSA says it has lost its non-redacted UFO files

NSA says it has lost its non-redacted UFO files
Posted by: Alejandro Rojas September 12, 2014 0 3,514 Views

UFO and government secrecy researcher John Greenewald has been petitioning to get the National Security Agency (NSA) UFO files that were released in the 90s further declassified. When they were released, after a legal battle, much of the information was redacted. There are large swaths of information that have been blacked out or covered with white out. However, the NSA recently told Greenewald they could not find even one original of the hundreds of pages UFO files. (Open

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Synchronicity Surge

Like most things metaphysical in my life, occurrences are random, or at least they seem so. For example, flurries of synchronities; not only random, but trivial, have been bombarding me the past couple of days. Why do they come in bunches, and why are they shallow? Have I been doing something special in terms of invoking the synchronicity gods, and have they answered with typical trickster like 'tude, giving me coincidences all right, but with no meaning?

My own laziness (I should start another blog: The Lazy Witch or some such) no doubt contributes. I haven't been writing these down but here goes:

1. Out of the blue, thinking of Cowboy Junkies and how great they were. What happened to them, I wondered, etc. Turn on the car radio, and there they were, singing Sweet Jane.

2. Another musical synchronicity: thinking of the wondrous Leonard Cohen -- is there anything new out, and so on, when I visit my FB page a few moments later see the ad for his new CD Popular Problems, to be released in September.

3. Actress Valerie Harper (Rhoda, etc.) pops into my head. No idea why. Idly wondered if she was still alive. Little bit later checking the TV listing for the day and see that The Haunting Of . . .  (with medium Kim Russo) season premier that night stars Valerie Harper (very much alive) and her long ago experience with a ghost.

4. (paraphrasing, but close) "If you still think this is all just coincidence then you haven't  been paying attention." This on the television show Under the Dome, which I never watch. But being tired after a day spent in the ER I was allowing myself to be a TV watching vegetable for the evening. (I'm fine by the way, but yeah, that was fun!)

I notice the trivial synchronicity moments all have to do with entertainment. Many more to list but that's the idea.