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Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Venezuela: Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery

From Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology (an excellent UFO blog that everyone interested in this realm should be reading) comes this report of luminous UFOs.

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Venezuela: Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery: On March 12 2015, six people witnessed the transit of a large luminous object over the vicinity of Cementerio del Este, located in the municipality of El Hatillo in northeastern Miranda State, in the Venezuelan capital region. (Héctor Escalante)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The UFO Trail: David Jacobs and Insult to Intelligence

Jack Brewer at The UFO Trail on David Jacobs and his UFO research. Specifically, regarding Emma Woods.

For those still clinging to the legitimacy of Jacobs, here are two reminders out of many from Brewer on Jacobs' techniques:

The UFO Trail: - While claiming to believe Emma Woods was being assaulted on an ongoing basis by sexually deviant ET-human hybrids, David Jacobs suggested as a partial solution that he could send her a chastity belt. He became familiar with the device, he explained to her, at a sex shop specializing in bondage dominance that he frequented quite often. Suffice it to say that is not standard protocol for providing functional support to the sexually abused. Neither is it indicative of sincere concerns for the woman or suggestive of authentic belief in dangerous hybrids.   
Jacobs claimed to believe electronic messages originating from the computer of "Elizabeth," an alleged alien abductee, were composed and sent by a menacing ET-human hybrid, not Elizabeth. When pressed to explain why forensic evidence of the circumstances could not be obtained, Jacobs stated, among other dubious excuses that actually did not make sense, Elizabeth had curtains over her windows and one could not see inside. (Brewer, The UFO Trail)

Brewer points to Jacobs contradictory explanations of his research and his justifications. He wasn't doing research, merely collecting oral histories. Yeah.

But even collecting oral histories from human subjects contains within that method not only ethics, but protocols. Permission from said witness, certain behaviors on the part of the collector, etc. If I, as a student in folklore, behaved in such loathsome ways while collecting UFO tales, well, that would not have gone over well.

But Jacobs is well aware that his university would not publicly approve of any studies done regarding UFOs. (Possibly in the hard sciences and then to ultimately debunk) but a history professor? Nah.

Anyway, good piece, once again, from Brewer. Points taken from such individuals as Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, who gives good reasons why he will not collaborate with Jacobs.

Synchronicity: "Them" and Listening In

I've commented before on the following experiences:

Three separate times, in three different locations, I've had the experience of knowing, completely sensing and utterly knowing, without any doubt, that "they" were present, and actively listening. Each of these episodes occurred during intense discussions about UFOs and entities.

The first time it happened was over twenty years ago, in a home where we had seen UFOs. We were discussing our orange orb sighting (and this was the first time I had heard my spouse mention anything about our missing time) and among other things, we argued (as we still do today) over some details concerning location, etc. Suddenly, the distinct awareness that "they" were here was vividly apparent. Others confirmed this feeling, making all of us, to varying degrees, uncomfortable. All of us acknowledged how weird it was.

The second time was in a friends home, who has had a life long experience with aliens, UFOs, missing time, abductions, etc. The third time was in our current home. Both times the person I was talking to mentioned their presence first. In one, the person said to me, looking at me with a grin "You know they're here and listing, don't you?" the second time, in our home, the person said "I know this sounds crazy but I get the feeling we're being listened to, and watched."

So who is this "they?" I have no idea. Alien, MIB, earth entity, Djinn, government spook stuff, who knows. I can tell you that the feeling in all three events was the same. Invisible entities, more than one (I had the sense at least three, no more than seven or eight), most definitely intelligent --highly intelligent -- not human in any way, and very amused if not outright mocking at our discussion. Not a threat, at the moment, but not something to mess around with. Somewhat human looking like, and tall, but not human. No, not human at all.

The other day I realized, for the first time, that in each episode, the direction that "they" came from was always the same. To my left, and in the upper corner of the room. So I wondered if this had any meaning, this specific nature of their location. Coincidence, or meaningful? I asked my husband (who was present in two of these events) what he thought. He didn't think it really meant anything but he did say that, a few minutes before I had asked him about this, he had just written (working on his novel) the following:

A sense of uneasiness prevailed. They were not alone. They felt eyes, eyes everywhere, watching, with a cold alien intelligence. You saw them out of the corner of your eye, shapes through  the trees like the shadows of dreams. The forest was a dangerous place.  It was more than that; there was conscious intent, an agenda, an open hostility   ~ James Rich, excerpt from The Obscure Way (unpublished)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Alfred Lehmberg on David Jacobs, Again. And It's a Good Thing Too.

Alfred Lehmberg, at his blog alien views, has a new piece on David Jacobs:    Fluffing The Abduction Rubes:

 ... Noory welcoming Jacobs back onto the show, and remarking that everywhere he goes, people bring Jacobs up, and that it’s always a positive note...

How can this be remotely true? It certainly appears to this writer that Dr. Jacobs is clearly heard on audio tape coveting soiled undergarments he has otherwise once admitted shall not be scientifically processed in any way due to lack of funds. Then, injury on top of insult Jacobs suggests the use of medieval devises of sexual torture he would have supplied! Thirdly, for the third egregious strike and sans all training or efficacious/professional best practice, he has the withering audacity to suggest to a fellow human being in his "care" and in a "suggestible state" that she is dangerously psychotic and requiring heavy sedation with numbing psychotropic drugs? No one has a "negative" note!? Well, here's are three right in this paragraph. (Lehmberg)

Alfred is one of the few in UFO Land who continue to expose Jacobs for what he is, and yet, Jacobs is still considered to be legit.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Filer's Files # 49 - 2014 - Mysterious Orange Orbs - National UFO Center

Filer's Files # 49 - 2014 - Mysterious Orange Orbs - National UFO Center

Interesting piece from 2014 on the history of orange orbs, except I couldn't find anything too specific as to dates in this article. There is a reference to Jacques Vallee, who found accounts of orange orbs dating back to the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Distinctions are made regarding types of orbs: spirit orbs, airplanes, chinese lanterns, etc.

I saw my orange orb -- which was most decidedly not a plane of any kind, nor lantern -- in was in the late 1970s. I say 1983. (Debate between myself and spouse concerning not only date, but location. Missing time, etc.)

So while mysterious and unanswered questions abound, it is clear my orange orb sighting occurred decades ago.

Systems, Dynamics, Effects: Witness and Investigator

Psychology and social realms talk about family systems. The dynamics of individual family members within a specific context -- abuse, depression, alcoholism, addictive behaviors -- and how all within the family, not just the one with the problem, are affected. A parent may be an alcoholic, and that is certainly the problem, but how that fact affects everyone else is also part of this family system. How everyone else may enable the alcoholic is part of the problem.

I have been involved in a few families who have had either UFO or ghostly events, sometimes both at the same time.

I was thinking of this recently as I was recalling a family I knew that had on-going haunting experiences. Many people in the family had experienced seeing and hearing ghosts. I myself had experienced seeing and hearing ghosts while in the house. Some family members had UFO experiences as well. Others, even living in the same house, denied such things happened -- interestingly, when pressed, they admitted to experiencing some odd things but didn't want to talk about them.

Some members of this family had asked me to help them, to come out and document some of what was occurring in that house. Paranormal activity followed some family members; I was at a family member's home, who had since moved out, who was experiencing ghostly activity in their new home.

Witnesses are to be treated with respect at all times. Call us researchers, investigators, whatever, those of us who study such things have a responsibility to the witness. To protect their privacy. To respect them, their property. To keep things confidential if they request. To not mock them or marginalize them.  To not judge based on class, race, gender, religion. And to include all of the data, being careful not to reject elements of their encounters because it might seem too weird for the paranormal community we've chosen to be members of.

The investigator is in a position of power in a sense. We take the witnesses stories, dissect them, compare and contrast, share, discuss them, toss them out into the realm of the weird for all to ponder.  The witness has to trust that we'll be decent.

But the witness also has responsibility. Naturally, to be honest. Aside from that, the witness has to confront their own part in their experience. The investigator isn't their shrink, or their shaman or priest or rabbi. Or a family mediator. If the family invites us in, and asks for our help -- and 99% of the time there is no fee involved, the investigator is doing this for free -- then the family needs
to respect that we are not there to intervene in family fights and drama. Or stop ourselves from saying what needs to be said in terms of the activity. The family needs to cooperate. They need to listen and consider and be honest about their part in whatever is going on around them. That doesn't' mean they're "wrong" if they disagree; but taking seriously what's being offered is only honest and authentic. If the family isn't' willing to do that then they aren't serious. On the other hand, not everyone is at that stage yet; after all, grappling with a spiritual or supernatural event can be overwhelming. Or downright disturbing. Not everyone is on the path to inner enlightenment.

It's a balancing act for sure. The family has every right to tell an investigator to buzz off; so does the investigator if things get uncomfortable.

It's interesting how family members can contribute to what is happening around them. Negativity and fear towards paranormal activity feed that energy. A dominant member of a family can affect other family members, and that in turn affects the activity, as well as the investigator.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lee Speigel: "If You're Looking For UFOs, This Map Might Drive You Crazy"

Lee Speigel, at The Huffington Post, with map of reported UFO sightings: If You're Looking For UFOs, This Map Might Drive You Crazy. Take a look at Oregon. The whole state is just about filled in with green -- the color for UFOs.

And that's reported cases. How many have I, and others I know of personally, who've seen but not reported? How many of us here in Oregon, or any other state, have seen something but not reported it? So we can assume that the number represented is conservative.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

New York witnesses describe spheres moving along power lines -

Roger Marsh shares a May, 2014 report of witnesses observing a "reddish-orange sphere" above power lines:

New York witnesses describe spheres moving along power lines - A New York couple at Massena reported watching two orange-red spheres near power lines as they drove eastbound along Route 131 directly behind the Alcoa Plant and parallel to the St. Lawrence Seaway Shipping Canal, according to testimony in Case 64114 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
 “I observed a solid looking reddish-orange sphere flying above and along power lines that lead directly into Alcoa,” the reporting witness stated. “They originate at the Robert Moses Power Dam that lies east-northeast of Alcoa by about five and-one-half miles.” (Roger Marsh)
Witness goes on to say another sphere showed up, following the first one.  No size estimation given.  The spheres stopped and then moved again; remaining stationary at one point.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Massive Lights Turn Russian Night Into Day (VIDEO)

Strange lights in the skies of Russia. Weapons, technology, UFOs, earth lights, who knows. Just more as yet unexplained aerial mysteries:

Massive Lights Turn Russian Night Into Day (VIDEO): The image above shows, at left, the most recent of these bizarre occurrences, which took place a little after midnight on March 17 in the sky above the southern Russian city of Stavropol. The blue-white flash of light lasted only a couple of seconds.

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Report From Vallee, and a Note About Bigelow

  • collecting, including a history of such and the various international agencies involved, from Jacque Vallee. And this tidbit concerning Robert Bigelow's UFO -- or, if one prefers, UAP -- data collecting. (Italics mine.)
     In the United States the National Institute for Discovery Science (“NIDS”) and the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation have initiated a series of special catalogues to safeguard their own reports from public sources and from their staff. The author was tasked with the development of a data warehouse consisting of 11 separate data bases to support this research. The project is known as “Capella”. (Vallee)

    Excellent questions presented in the report as to the nature of UFOs/UAPs. And a well taken point; that disclosure -- if such a thing were to happen, let's pretend for argument's sake that it would --  dozens of questions would remain unanswered. I'd add that any answers "they" might give us would still be suspect; why should we believe "them" at face value? Any answered questions in the presence of such an immense revelation would only create more questions.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

David Paulides: Mysterious Disappearances on C2C

Tonight on C2C, with host George Knapp, David Paulides. You know this will be good! Mysterious Disappearances - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

UFOs, Orange Orbs, and Luminosities

The UFO Box
A life long experience with UFOs and what I’ll call loosely paranormal events has found me endlessly curious about what I call my Orange Orb encounter. I have assumed all these years that what I saw that night was a UFO. To be technical, it was a UFO: unidentified, flying -- or at least, moving through -- the sky, and it was an object of some kind. But was this “UFO” from outer space? Another planet? Was the orb inhabited, or operated by, some sort of non-human entity? As in, aliens? I have no idea. Being mainly immersed in the UFO category of anomalous events, I have always put this sighting into the UFO box. This box included the aliens or ETs, as well as human manipulated episodes; MILABS, for example.

I’ve discussed my orange orb sighting many times via blog postings, articles and podcast interviews, but to very briefly recap:  Riding on the back of a motorcycle. at night on Lorane Highway in Lane County, Oregon. Saw a lit from within orange orb in the night sky, a large object. It was stationary, as soon as I looked at it and thought “What the hell is that?!” it “zoomed” from its position (I guessed it was about a mile away, above the KVAL TV station at the top of the hill) to right across the road. I had the distinct feeling it was laughing at me, or, with me. Playing with me. It followed us to the intersection where we turned the corner to our home. The orb stopped once again in the sky above a neighbor’s house, then dropped down into their backyard.  (There was also missing time involved with this sighting. My husband saw the object only briefly.)

While I’ve always referred to this as an orb, due to its shape (round, sphere, circular) I never meant orb as in something nebulous. Not a spirit orb. Again, still in the UFO box, and, a somewhat nuts and bolts UFO box. After all, it was an object, a craft, a lit from within round thing. A machine with a light inside.

Orange Orb Above Lorane Highway, pastel drawing, Regan Lee

Through the years I searched for similar sightings. Nothing on orange orbs for a long time. Now of course orange orb sightings, as well as red, green and blue, are plentiful. People have captured these colored lights in the skies on video. But they rarely seemed to match up with what I saw that night decades ago. Usually these orange and other colored “orbs” are much smaller, sometimes don’t exhibit any kind of intelligence, and don’t behave quite the same way. Due to their shape, we call them orbs, but that  often seems to be the only similarity.

There is the category of spirit orbs, ghosts, that are smaller than my orange orb sighting, and don’t fit the category. Or so I’ve always thought. I am no stranger to ghostly encounters and have captured an orb or two myself but have never put that into the UFO box. Completely unconnected. Again, size differs greatly: spirit orbs are small. They do appear in different colors, including orange. But their connection to UFOs? Apples and oranges. But now I’m wondering if, at times, there are cross overs between UFOs and the more ephemeral  types of orbs.

Orbs as Luminosities
In the book Beyond Photography: with Orbs, Angels and Mysterious Light Forms, by Katie Hall and John Pickering, they talk about “luminosiites” -- their word for lights and orbs that appear in the sky.

This photograph from their book is very similar to what I saw years ago. While what I saw appeared larger, it’s appearance as well as its behavior is close to my experience:

Photo source: Beyond Photography, Kati Hall and John Pickering

Missing Time
I mentioned that my orange orb sighting included missing time. This missing time is not at all unusual in UFO cases. Is the missing memory an amnesia implanted by aliens? If we stay in the UFO Box the answer would seem to be yes.

But if the UFO is also a luminosity in some cases maybe it’s a part of being in the “zone” -- that area in the Oz Factor that researcher Jenny Randles wrote about. Why is it that most spectacular of UFOs can appear, complete with alien beings and all kinds of phenomena (including missing time) and only one or two witnesses will experience those things? Others close by don’t see a thing. They remain unaware that anything strange happened at all. This zone of weirdness, this "Oz Factor" is present in so many UFO encounters. Randles Oz Factor can also be found in many other anomalous events, which seems to support a cross over effect, or, a single source manifesting as many things.

Randles theory makes sense in terms of many a UFO encounter, and it also makes sense in other types of encounters. I’ve had that same strange “cone of Oz-ness” in other supernatural situations, but not UFO related, in an episode where we were discussing Bigfoot. (Although, the discussion did include a Bigfoot-UFO witness...) If the source of all this is a single source, that could explain cross over cases. Again, this is not to say there aren’t literally aliens (I believe there are, in fact) and UFOs from space, but that, in many cases, what appears to be a UFO and or alien isn’t. Also, UFOs/aliens and luminosities or “spirit orbs”  interact with each other.

Sentient Orange Orbs
I had said that my orange orb seemed to be intelligent -- either controlled from within, or remotely by an intelligent, sentient being. The orb responded to me; I had the strong feeling it was waiting for me, could read my thoughts, and was playing with me. It was as aware of me as I was of it.

Hall and PIckering write of this same type of communication in their book. Relating the experiences of UFO researcher Tony Dodd and his orange orb encounter:
“...Dodd...affirms that many of his own encounters with mysterious balls of lights left him in little doubt that they were intelligent, or intelligently controlled. . . on the Yorkshire moors at night, ... a large orange coloured ball of light glided about 30m feet above his head. As it passed, he tried to send out his thoughts to it; asking it to acknowledge his presence.  Whereupon it immediately stopped in mid air, blinked out for about 3 seconds, and the reappeared. Taking this as a response, Tony then thought the question: “Who are you?” (Beyond Photography, Hall and Pickering, p 93.)
To which the orb replied, telepathically, “I am the father of fathers and you are the sons of sons.” Typical trickster type behavior! (This also mirrors Marian apparitions; there is a hint of the religious here --  the authors have a section on Fatima and orb consciousness.) We  also get this silly kind of response from many a UFO connected entity.

In writing about orbs, or “luminosiites” the authors of Beyond Photography mention the intelligence behind these orbs. Often, the orbs seemed to respond to human thought; mind reading orbs, one could say.  Another case reported by Hall and Pickering:

Friends of the authors had an encounter with orange orbs in 1997. Two orange orbs, one the size of “a grapefruit” flew at their car at night while they were traveling on an isolated highway. Shortly after the first orb, another orange orb appeared, flying alongside their car. Their friends told them that “ retrospect they both felt as thought the orange balls were checking them out for some unknown reason.” (Beyond Photography, p 94)

Plasmas, Ball Lighting and Consciousness
For decades “ball lighting” has been a throw away explanation for these balls of light.  As if giving them a label resolves the phenomena. Hall and Pickering have no argument about the fact these orbs are often plasmas, and or "ball lightening" but that is not all there is to these intelligent, interactive orbs.

While a physical reason may exist for the existence of these orbs, it does not explain their intelligence, their intentional movements, synchronicity, and their responses to human thought. Hall and PIckering write, of plasma and the intelligent behavior of orbs: “We now have two possibilities; plasma energy and luminosities with consciousness.” (Beyond Photography, p 96)

The Oz Factor implies that the UFO close encounter has a visionary component. You might interpret that as meaning it is all in the imagination, but it really means that there is a direct feed, if you like, from the source of the encounter to the consciousness of the witness. (Jenny Randles, The Oz Factor)

This idea of sentience, of a non-human intelligence that is UFO related interacting with us is nothing new. Jacque Vallee suggested this decades ago with his ultra terrestrial hypothesis. But it seems that, even with this history from many researchers of exploring such a connection, the UFO community is still missing this huge piece of the puzzle.

Entities, ET, Djinn, Angels, and, Oh My
Hall and Pikcering do not discount the reality of UFOs and aliens from other planets. For the purposes of their book, they are mainly concerned with so-called spirit orbs (as well as beams of light, humanoid type light figures, etc) captured on film. Are these lights earth spirits, fairies, etc.? Are there sometimes cross over interactions between what we call aliens -- meaning, ET entities -- and more elemental beings? Spirit energy? What some of us call Djinn?

I still have no idea what it was I saw that night, why it happened, or  what it meant. I do know it was very important, and not a mere case of ball lighting, or some mistaken sighting of, say, a helicopter.

It’s possible that on that night so long ago I did not see a UFO in the classic sense, but had an interaction, not with an ET from another planet, but something else involving an earth based consciousness. Which makes this not any less fantastic, nor does it negate any of the other UFO experiences I’ve had.

It could be that these things -- UFOs, entities,ETs, missing time, synchronicities, games, telepathy -- are connected. Aspects of the various and often seemingly separate phenomena join in a performance, one where we’re surprised to find we’re witness to.

“Something makes them pay attention by tuning out the normal sensory flow and looking up to watch the show. Where that show is being projected from remains the subject of great fascination. And it certainly does not eliminate another intelligence as running this show. To me the Oz Factor is a vital key to the UFO mystery, and may help us to resolve what is happening. We should not be afraid of its implications, just because they seem to suggest a fuzziness to the phenomenon. In truth we should embrace these cases.” (Jenny Randles, The Oz Factor)
The Oz Factor

Airships and Moon: Steampunk Tarot

I received a steampunk tarot deck for my birthday. These two cards fit in well with what the Orb is all about: Ace of Airships, and Moon Voyage.

The Steampunk Tarot, designed by John and Caitlin Matthews

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Phantoms and Monsters: Orange UFO Over Mt. St. Helens?

Another orange orb sighting, this one by way of Lon Strickler's Phantoms and Monsters, who has an item about an orange orb UFO over Mt. St. Helens
Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: Has St Helens been visited by aliens?

This strange orange object was spotted by Star reader George Hunter hovering above his home close to St Helens town centre.

Described by Mr Hunter as a "huge object" that moved at "warp speed", it was seen just after midnight in the skies over the Rainford Road area.