Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cousins of the Grays - Ryan Sprague's "Hidden Auditorium" -

I like the following by Ryan Sprague on the grays -- and the entities that seem to have echoes of the grays, even though they may or may not be related. This is something that's lurked in the back of my mind for some time, and suggests that there is some sort of "super spectrum" (as John Keel wrote about) that shares space with all of the weird. Whatever the connection, if any, very interesting:

Cousins of the Grays - Ryan Sprague's "Hidden Auditorium" - But what many may not be aware of is that both small and tall gray beings have also been reported in the world of cryptids, monsters, and mythical beasts, enigmatically breaking the myth that we may be dealing strictly with extraterrestrials. I began a search for stories of gray creatures that seemed to bare striking resemblances to the grays, yet held their own lore in the most mysterious of ways. (Ryan Sprague)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dr (of History) David Jacobs Exposes Himself or: Defending The Indefensible | Ripples In A Pool Of High Strangeness

Excellent video blog post from Joe Gooch at his blog Ripples in a Pool of High Strangeness about Dr. Jacobs (reminder: the "Dr." is a doctor of history, not psychology, or medicine, or social work…)  and his highly disingenuous defense of his tactics regarding Emma Woods -- which he's written about on his site "Emma Woods The Real Story."

Dr (of History) David Jacobs Exposes Himself or: Defending The Indefensible | Ripples In A Pool Of High Strangeness

Monday, November 2, 2015

"They Live" Synchronicity

Awhile back, I posted that I had recommended the book

Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah

by Colm A Kelleher and George Knapp to a co-worker I'll call "Joe." "Joe" told me that he bought the book -- the receipt from the sales clerk had her name on it, which was "Regan." Which of course, is my name as well.

The other day, I recommended the classic John Carpenter film They Live to Joe. I told him I think he could find it on YouTube, or anyway, on-line. He told me today that he was going to search for the movie on-line, but turned out, it was airing on television!

(By the way, Joe loved the movie.)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

David Jacobs' Focus on the Female

So, we know about the sleazy (and paranoid) research methods of David Jacobs. Implanting the suggestion into Emma Woods' hypnotized mind that she has multiple personality disorder, asking her to send him her unwashed panties,  telling her to wear a chastity belt… wow. And still, people think he's worthy of respect and depth of consideration in things UFOgical.

What of the male witnesses who have sought out David Jacobs? Has Jacobs asked or suggested that male UFO "experiencers" do the following?:

  • Have you ejaculated during UFO and or alien experiences? 
  • If so, please send me the unwashed sheets, boxers or briefs.
  • Consider the use of an erection suppressant in order to thwart the intentions of aliens and their hybrids.
  • You are under a deep trance now… good. Relax, relax. Now, I am going to suggest you have multiple personality disorder. When you awake, you will behave as if you do indeed, have this disorder. 
  • Your insistence and persistence of finding answers, of combing through taped sessions, of presenting your personal experiences, is indicative of an hysterical male. Please get a grip. If need be, there are several anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that can be prescribed.
  • Oh, you're already on medication? Good, good. That proves you are unstable.
  • Stop posting about your experiences. They are now my experiences. I'm the researcher. 
  • You have used a pseudonym on-line in order to protect your family, your job, and yourself? Those actions prove that you are not to be trusted.
  • I've asked you to not share what I've thought. Since you have --- which demonstrates a willful defiance of my authority -- you are, again, not to be trusted.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

From Jeremy Vaeni:After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless

This from Jeremy Vaeni at his blog JayVay, on Jacobs:

After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless | JayVay: Again, he thinks this is his defense. He’s. Not. All. There. Folks. He wants to make this about Emma, “diagnose” her with mental illness, and claim she took him out of context. You would have to be mentally deranged to buy it, defend it, and not want to get him help. (Jeremy Vaeni)

(See post below linking to Paul Kimball's comments on the misogyny directed at Emma Woods.)

For those out there in UFO Land who might say things such as: "Let it go already," "This is such old news," "We don't really know the whole story," I say, get the space brother dust out of your eyes and listen, pay attention, and think.

Because something is "old news" does not alleviate responsibility or absolve one of unetchial behavior.

We never, ever, know the whole story of anything. Including our own. Some things remain obvious, clear as day, brilliant as the most magical crystal diamond from the inner rings of Saturn, that one does not need to know the "whole story."

If that isn't, still, a big loud blip on your radar, then you're hopeless.

Paul Kimball: Ufology and Misogyny

Clear and exactly so comments on misogyny in UFO Land, and the sexist reactions to Emma Woods in particular. Short but very bitter sweet:

The Other Side of Truth: Ufology and Misogyny: Every now and then someone writes a well-meaning blog post or article about the problems with ufology, and how to fix them. Virtually none of those articles mention the misogyny that permeates ufology, and which represents one of the biggest and most pernicious problems with the ufological subculture. (Paul Kimball, The Other Side of Truth)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

UFO Investigations/ Mojave Abduction - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Really looking forward to this one! Tonight's Coast to Coast:

UFO Investigations/ Mojave Abduction - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: Date: Sunday - October 25, 2015
Host: Jimmy Church
Guests: Chase Kloetzke, Ron Felber
In the first half of the program, guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomes UFO researcher Chase Kloetzke, who'll discuss all aspects of a paranormal investigation from field work and evidence collection to case file management. She'll also talk about her alien-themed children's book and how it's been used as an aid by investigators for cases involving children.

In the latter half, author Ron Felber will share the remarkable story of Elise and Tom Gifford, who were kidnapped by what they believed to be a swarm of alien beings in the Mojave Desert. Felber will discuss how the Giffords’ nightmare began when they spied hundreds of shiny objects flashing signals to one another in the nighttime sky. Surrounded and trapped in their camper, the couple says they were subjected to psychological torture, and compelled to relive their most painful and intimate memories.

Friday, October 23, 2015

"Commandos" hope to kill Bigfoot

Airing October 24th:

Destination America Will Be Killing Bigfoot in October - Dread Central: Hamilton has hunted Bigfoot since one terrorized him as a child. He and Vietnam vet Jim Lansdale lead a team of commandos, named the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO), to find and kill a Bigfoot in order to prove its existence to science and to protect the public from a future attack by a rogue Bigfoot. (Dread
Not surprising that our culture has morphed from interesting programs on the possible reality of strange creatures, to the possibility of killing one of these strange creatures. All in a disingenuous move to prove to science that such a creature really exists.

A team full of "commandos" armed to the teeth and tricked out in ghillie suits will hunt for Bigfoot. The only good thing about this is the almost 100% certainty these clown shoes will never find Bigfoot in the first place.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Is Bigfoot an extraterrestrial visitor? Some researchers think so |

 Little item on the UFO-Bigfoot connection -- if, indeed, there is one. Which I happen to think there is. (See my blog Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch.) Interesting mention of orange orbs (italics, bold, mine.)

Is Bigfoot an extraterrestrial visitor? Some researchers think so | In modern times, it is a theory that dates back to 1973, but one that is grabbing hold as more and more Bigfoot hunters are reporting run ins with what is known as the orange orbs. Those are fast moving lights that one may think are alien in nature, but seen in areas associated with Bigfoot. (Michael D. Kane,

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tiny Elephant Synchronicity, Liminality, and the UFO Cabal

On a train, at night, looking up at the wide starry sky. A man starts up a conversation with me; at first, he seems all right -- we're discussing UFOs. But then it becomes clear he's a troll, a debunker a skeptioid of the worst kind. Coincidentally, as he's droning on about how there are no such things as UFOs, I look up in the sky, and see a UFO! What appeared to be a large and brilliant star shoots across the sky, to my right, and then stops. A few seconds later it zooms off to the left, then stops for a moment before shooting downwards and stopping. Then it moves, very fast, straight up into the sky.
When I mention this to Mr. Obnoxious he snorts and says "Oh, bullshit! I call bullshit on that!!!!"
I say "There's only one reason why you'd say my story is bullshit. You think I"m lying. And if you think I'm lying then have the honesty to tell me you think I'm a liar to my face."
Mr. Obnoxious: "Oh, no … " he tries to back up a little. "I only meant…"
Me: "You only meant that, I'm probably lying, but if I'm not, then I mistook a natural phenomena for an alien spacecraft."
Mr. O: "Well, why, er, yes, of course…"
Me: "I never said it was an alien spacecraft, I simply said it was a UFO."
Oh that baffled the fuck out of him.
I arrive home. A few co-workers (I work in a school) and old professors of mine from when I went to college are there. Turns out they're a shadow government  group working to prove UFOs exist -- or at least keep them from getting annihilated from the other shadow government group that's working to keep us from working against them. Oy.
It all has to do with bits of gold in the soil on a large mountain, aliens and UFOs within the earth at this mountain, and government technology hidden inside the mountain.
As we're climbing this mountain of rich black dirt full of gold flecks, I find a tiny elephant. A living, breathing elephant, only it fits in the palm of my hand. It's luminous and white and almost see through. I also find Siamese twin fawns joined at the sides. They too are luminous and winged as well. And small, like the elephant. I love these beings and want to take care of them. I am very concerned about them; I'm not sure if they'll survive here. They aren't from here. They have something to do with the UFO Cabal and I have to threaten to kill the animals if the UFO Cabal doesn't leave us alone. Of course I have no intention of killing the animals but I'm bluffing.

When I told Jim this dream he said: "I had a dream that I was holding a tiny elephant the other night." No UFOs, that he recalls, but still, a synchronicity.

Image source

What do elephants mean in dreams? One interpretation, according to DreamsCloud:
"Dreaming of elephants may represent your memory in general or a specific, perhaps repressed, memory that may be trying to emerge from your unconscious; may be referencing something from your past that you keep remembering or bringing up and which you need to release or let go as it no longer applies to the present."
"Dreaming about Elephants may be an indication that you need to remember something or is reminding you not to forget something important; may represent someone big and powerful; or something big you are dealing with in waking life."
Deer dreams are considered favorable and lucky to have. These can denote the pure character and several future elements. In ancient times, people used to believe them as messengers of fairies which are always connected with something positive or divine. You can get the meaning by the fact that mostly the vehicles of god or celestial characters are drove by deer (Santa Claus).
More: (

15th Century tapestry, French
UFO lore is full of witness accounts of animals appearing as guides during their experiences. Are the animals an image used by "them" to lull us, or are the animals actual animals -- are the creatures shape shifters or familiars? Not just UFO encounters but all manner of liminal experience. (Liminality being a state of standing on a threshold, the journey of a rite of passage. Anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep (1909) came up with a three stage process: separation, the liminal  period, and the reassimilation. Victor Turner brought the idea of liminality to a more popular mind set with Betwixt and Between: The Liminal Period 1967 and Liminality and Communitas (Structure and Anti-Structure, 1969.)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lesley Gunter: Lasers and Lights in the Sky

Lesley Gunter has a new column at Tim Binnall's Binnall of America. A strange report of lights in the sky responding to those on the ground, under the starry skies:

Lasers and Lights in the Sky - Binnall of America: On that night, Brit was out playing with the dog and he decided to take out the laser pointer to see if the dog had any interest in it, which he didn’t. A few minutes later he came in and asked if I wanted to see “something weird.” Of course, I did! So I went out and Brit shined it around into the bushes, not into the sky. He told me to watch the sky in a certain area and about 30 seconds later a bright light appeared there (he said it was a different location than where he had seen it earlier) and about 20 or 30 seconds later it just shut off. (Lesley Gunter, Grey Matters for Binnall of America)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Orange Orbs, Pink Orbs, More Orbs, Oregon Orbs

Found this, while looking for something else: World UFO Watch - World UFO wATCH - UFO NEWS. UFO ANALYSIS. UFO STORIES. UFO PHOTOGRAPHS. UFO VIDEOS, which has the report on orbs from MUFON's New Jersey field investigator Robert Spearing. (Orange Orb Appearances and Behaviors, June 10, 2015)

Interesting for the similarities to my orange orb encounter in Eugene, Oregon years ago.
More interesting was the description of the orb itself.  It was an orange churning ball of gas surrounded by an almost invisible membrane that was shaped like a bell or a jellyfish.  The membrane was eight feet tall by five feet wide.   The interior glow occupied about two thirds of the bell. (MUFON, World UFO Watch)
The orb I saw had this same feature. I've never called it a "membrane" but there was a halo type effect surrounding the orange orb. Appeared more "solid" and darker in the center, slight glow around the edges. Lit from within.

Also, the witness said the orb "retreated" and went up into the trees when she screamed, which suggests the orb was sentient, or, controlled by something sentient. My orb demonstrated the similar behavior of being aware of my presence, and reacting to it.

Other orbs of various colors in this article, pink, for example.

And here's something, something I can't believe I've missed all these years. My Orange Orb sighting took place decades ago in Oregon. I couldn't find much, if anything, in way of similar sightings to mine back then. But the article from World UFO Watch references a sighting of an Orange Orb in 1967 -- in Oregon!

In journalist  Frank Edwards’ last book “Flying Saucers Here and Now” written in 1967 shortly before his untimely and somewhat mysterious demise, he recounts a February 16, 1967 account on  page 179 where Mrs. Esther Millard of Bandon, Oregon related a close encounter with an Orange Orb where she quite plainly saw the outline of a rectangle around the orb at 10:20 pm. A rectangular membrane?  (World UFO Watch)
Of course, the article mentions MUFON's Terry Ray, author of The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs, which I have not yet read, but naturally am looking forward to reading this book.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haunted Trails, Including White Sands

A top ten piece on haunted hiking places. Usually I think of haunted buildings, cemeteries, but hiking trails is a new location to think about. Why not? There are haunted areas, sans buildings (Horton, Oregon is one such place, in my experience), forests, such as the Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania,  and of course, this item immediately brings to mind the research David Paulides has done with missing people in rural areas, including our national parks. In terms of UFOs, I found the following on the haunted history at White Sands National Monument interesting:

10 Top Haunted Trails To Go Hiking: If you happen to be here during sunset, keep your wits about you.

Because that is when you are likely to encounter the ghost of the Great White Sands. Otherwise known as Pavla Blanca.

Native legend states that the ghost Pavla Blanca was once a Spanish Maiden. Her lover, and husband-to-be, the conquistador Hernando de Luna, met his demise in the White Sands desert in 1540. (
White Sands of course is the place of many a weird encounter, including contactee Daniel Fry's experiences. Fry wrote The White Sands Incident and They Rode in Space-Ships, which can be downloaded for free.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn on David Jacobs

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D, deconstructs the work of David Jacobs in a guest blog (The Unrecognized Revolutions)  at Jeremy Vaeni's blog: David Jacobs Wants Scientists To Take His Work Seriously. A Scientist Does Just That. | JayVay

Nothing wrong with anecdotal evidence -- what I do is collect narratives, my own included. They are valuable and worthy and not to be marginalized. (But of course I recognize they are considered fringe and coarse examples of silliness by both popular culture -- even while used as entertainment -- and by science and academia.)  But then, I don't' present myself as a scientist or the kind of researcher that insists my work hypnotizing UFO witnesses is proof of alien abductions as literal events, and that such work is solid and irrefutable, as Jacobs does.

As Kokjohn notes, there is much wrong with the approaches used by Jacobs. If David Jacobs is to be taken seriously by main stream science, his lack of record keeping concerning methodology is sloppy, at best.

Also, Jacobs strange criteria for weeding out "confabulators." Such as:

"His criteria to detect confabulation involved recognizing and rejecting evidence such as abductee drawings that depicted spacecraft interiors with square door frames, entities with improperly proportioned heads and aliens wearing dark clothing or body armor." (Kokjohn)
Jacobs, as I wrote in a recent blog post, has jumped the track long ago. We have little idea -- really, if any -- of what's going on. If we accept, as I do, aliens exist, that's about all we can say. What their agenda is, what they are, where they're from, why they do what they do; well, it's all speculation. Nothing wrong with speculation, and if it weren't for speculation we'd be stuck in the non-productive muck of nowheres-ville. But speculation is not proof, let alone evidence. Jacobs allows his assumptions, as  the above quote illustrates, to pass for the truth of the thing.

Kokjohn addesses the use of forensics and technology in UFO research, something Jacobs has not done. Not that Jacobs should have done, but I think the point here is that Jacobs wants to be considered legitimate by the scientific institution. If one wants that, then it seems you have to play the game. Use the tools. Jacobs has not done that. What I find personally disturbing are the assumptions Jacobs makes concerning the alien presence, as well as his insistence that he has the truth. He arrogant use of self-appointed criteria, such as deciding what is "real" and what isn't, not to mention his surreal scenarios of aliens, emails, alien-spy vs. alien spy adventures, as well as insisting female witnesses (Emma Woods) wear a chastity belt and send him her underwear -- anyone on either side of UFO Land should know this is not any kind of research to be taken seriously.

Video of Virginia Orbs

Thanks to Open Minds, this video of white orbs seen in Virginia: Virginia witness videotapes orb UFOs | in May of 2015.

They're not orange, nor large (like the one I saw so many years ago) but I find these interesting because:

  • It's a day time sighting (?) *
  • While appearing small, they seem to be astoundingly bright
  • I've seen this same type of brilliant, white, daytime orb in Eugene about eight years ago, exhibiting same type of flight behavior
*The report says 8:13 p.m., in May, which doesn't make it a daytime sighting, though still light out. Either a misprint, or it was evening but still light.