Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sharon Day:" My Take on Ghosts, Aliens and Bigfoot"

Sharon Day, at her Ghost Hunting Theories blog, posts on her take on what ghosts, aliens and Bigfoot are. In her section on aliens, one comment she wrote really leaped out at me, for obvious reasons:

I have watched them leave in a red-orange light that is most unusual …(Sharon Day;Ghost Hunting Theories: My Take on Ghosts, Aliens and Bigfoot )


Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Worries, It's Just Mind Control

Guest host Jimmy Church  (Darkness Radio) made an excellent point last night on Coast to Coast. A caller made the point that he thought much of the UFO/abductee events were the experiences felt by individuals were victims of mind control. This, the caller said, was the explanation for the UFO phenomenon. Mystery solved.

I was glad to hear Church point out, very clearly, that while the mind control angle might very well be so, that doesn't explain a thing, really. And, more importantly, it is equally heinous if it is mind control. Our own government (or other human factions) glibly involved with messing with our minds for their own ends. Doesn't this bother anyone?

The same argument goes for those unidentified machines in the air. "Top secret   classified human technology." Mystery solved. Some of those black triangles might be human made machinery but if so, what the hell are they doing up there? The behavior of many of these craft/UFOs has been harmful and even fatal to individuals. If the origin of these craft are human, not alien, then that is  horrific. Not many are paying attention to this point, instead offering this as an "explanation" and end of the discussion. Really, if it is the case that humans are behind such things as mysterious craft, cattle mutilations, abductions, etc. that is extremely disturbing and absolutely worthy of follow-up and serious research.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Holy Moley. The Paracast's Steinberg posts yet another comment on my post. And yet another!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Disney UFO Documentary

UFO lore has it this was shown on TV in 1995 without notice, and only once. Disney produced this pro-UFO program to promote new "alien encounter" rides at Disneyland.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Update: 5 Years Later, And Still

Update: Yet again… today (May 25th) GS has posted yet another comment . . .

The typical and unfortunate madness within UFOlogy continues In this case, it's Gene Steinberg (Paracast) who just today posted a comment -- his second-- on my five year old post concerning Emma Woods. Oh, and he cites Sean Meers as a reasonable and valid source.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Not That I'm Jaded . . .

Because I'm not. Some have given it up altogether, others are close to walking away from UFO and all that relates, but not me. I've shifted.

UFOs, Sasquatch, ghosts and other paranormal, anomalous topics are related in many ways. Keeping with the contradictory nature of weird stuff, they're also separate from each other. Connected or not, I've long ago accepted the fact that they are. 

The "hunt" for Sasquatch -- not a literal hunt, not that, ever! -- well, what's the point? If you've seen a Sasquatch, you know they exist. If you haven't, well, maybe one day you will. And it seems to me the surest way to see one is to just be, sans guns, cameras, Paris of plaster, and just meet, (if you're lucky) in mind and spirit, the being in its own realm. I haven't personally seen a Sasquatch, but I know they exist. Some may argue that I prefer to have faith it exists -- philosophical quibbles. I know too many people who have seen one, and I believe them. Either I believe them, or I don't, in which case I am calling them liars. I am pretty sure they aren't lying. I know them -- why would they --in fact, some have only reluctantly told me upon promise of not repeating their encounters. So I accept along with the other evidence that's out there that Sasquatch exists.

Ghosts. I have seen, heard, and felt their presence.  It's difficult to explain to some who haven't experienced this for themselves. For example, the energy, the type of movement and motion involved in objects that do things they shouldn't. Or the voices that debunkers will say are just sounds from the radio, television or kids  other parts of the house. Nope. None of those satisfy, nor do the "explanations" that it's migraine or vision going wonky when seeming white mists forming before your eyes.

Not to mention the very location. A home that is over a hundred years old, once an old folks home, prison, hospital, orphanage, sanitarium, buried on top of an old cemetery, once a plantation -- haunted? You can be absolutely certain that place is haunted!

But while cameras do capture interesting images, and EVPS are always intriguing and evidence adding to the proof pile, there is something to be said for the sensitive, the medium, the psychic, that goes into these places. Respect, for one. Like searching for Sasquatch, a quiet and intentional respect for the situation goes a long way to an authentic experience.

So I no longer feel the compulsion to go out and take casts, photos and the like. I'm not out to prove anything to anyone, and certainly not to any infrastructure, so the only thing left is my personal experience in relation to the energy I'm curious about.

In many ways, the same goes for UFOs, USOs, UAPs.   Many have given up, as they have the search for Nessie or Sasquatch, because no Big Answer has appeared to us, revealing its reality or its purpose. I know its real, so I don't need to discover that aspect. I have no idea -- though I play around with tons of theories -- as to their purpose or intent. I'll probably never find out. But I've always been more of a process oriented type than a result type.

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Skeptic's Take on Ghosts/ Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Why, C2C, why??!! "Professional skeptic" (oy) Joe Nickell on tonight's episode.

A Skeptic's Take on Ghosts/ Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: Professional paranormal investigator and feature columnist for Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, Joe Nickell, will discuss his latest work on ghosts and Bigfoot. Using the best science and technology available, he has researched many prominent ghost sightings and experiences, and will explain the anomalies he found, and if they are really the result of disembodied souls. (Coast to
How much would you like to wager that Nickell will find that those anomalies are surely not the "…result of disembodied souls." ?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Insect Synchronicities and Weirdness

My realm has been experiencing insects in recent days. First, the current language packet for the students in my reading group: Bugs!  Today, the classroom next door explored caterpillars: each student got their own to keep on their desk to observe for awhile. (Hopefully the poor things will survive and be set free. The caterpillars, not the students.)

The other night, went into the bathroom and heard a frantic buzzing. Like a fly on meth. Always weird to find a fly active at night, and this fly's non-stop bzzzzzzzzz!!! made it creepier. I didn't want to deal with a crazed fly at three in the morning, just wanted back to bed, so I let it be. A few hours later, while getting ready for work, the fly was still there, buzzing it's little icky head off. While looking for where I thought the fly might be, I see a small, perfectly round spider on the window curtain. It's round body was white. I turn around, hoping to see the fly, couple seconds later turn back to the curtain, the spider is gone. Vanished. Couldn't see it anywhere.  Feeling more creeped out by the second -- this is just what I needed before my morning coffee! -- I looked on the floor, up the curtain, etc. but couldn't figure out where it had gone.   I don't see how the spider could have moved that fast, that quick, but it seemed to have done just that. Or, maybe I was hallucinating spiders.

Yesterday, my husband told me wasps were just starting to build a nest inside the front passenger door of my car. He sprayed the door with a non-toxic (well, not to the wasps) spray.

In Fortean news, lots of insect items. For example, the following study, which reveals that insects are indeed nasty plotting insidious creatures we should be very wary of:
Insects Are Conscious and Egocentric : Discovery News: insects are conscious, egocentric beings, according to a new paper that also helps to explain why and likely when consciousness first evolved. (Discovery News)
Attention Earthlings! blog posted a pic from the 1959 Wasp Woman. (Remade in 1996.)

Phantoms and Monsters has a post about a giant wasp found in Japan.

And finally, this. I am not making this up, I promise you! I was just going to hit "publish" on this post, when my husband Jim got up to go the kitchen. He's signing, for no apparent reason, the Stones The Spider and The Fly! Why that song, no idea. We weren't talking about music, bugs, or, anything. He was reading, I was typing away. He had no idea what I was writing about. And yet, when he got up to go into the kitchen, he started signing a 1965 Stones song with "spider" and "fly."

What was that again? "When you start noticing them, they start noticing you…"

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Alien Abductions" and PTSD

By the Beside While Dreaming, sketch by Regan Lee 2016

I wrote "alien abductions" in quotes because, sigh, I don't know why. I believe there are literal aliens out there in space -- ETs -- who have manipulated us since the beginning. I believe they're here now. But when it comes to alien abductions, I don't know what to think. I don't disbelieve anyone who remembers their experiences. I don't dismiss them with smug and condescending trivial statements that they simply experienced sleep paralysis, or have mental disorders, or … something. But I don't know what to think. I tend to be more accepting of government involvement (as in MILABS) than I do with the literal idea of actual aliens from space (or inner earth, below the seas, or within our solar system) committing such awful acts. But then again . . .

So, along with the UFO folklore (used in its purest academic form and not to mean "false") of humans with Rh negative blood, working in the healing or teaching professions, and having Celtic or Native American ancestry, (all of which I have) is that many abductees have PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)

Many of us have this due to all kinds of reasons, including child hood traumas. But in my case, I'm thinking here of the specific context and relationship to alien abductions. While living on Friendly St. in Eugene, where we saw the Orange Orb and had missing time, I had my first easily recalled moment of a high stress reaction. I had set up a little writing nook in an unused closet -- a perfect spot for a desk and chair. I remember my husband Jim coming up behind me and I literally screamed, I was so frightened. He was both amused and a little weirded out by my reaction. "I'm the only other one here" he said. "Who -- or what -- did you think I was?!" I thought my reaction was odd too. But I've reacted this way since. Easily startled; very easily startled. I sometimes startle myself just standing there.

Here are symptoms of PTSD from the National Center for PTSD; my comments are in blue.

There are four types of PTSD symptoms:
  1. Reliving the event (also called re-experiencing symptoms)
  2. Memories of the traumatic event can come back at any time. You may feel the same fear and horror you did when the event took place. For example:
    • You may have nightmares. Certainly something I continue to experience. Again this is related to the context of UFOs. After the orb sighting, I had a series of nightmares -- so severe I sought counseling. 
    • You may feel like you are going through the event again. This is called a flashback. Not literal recall of the event -- and in fact, that is why I do not say I am an abductee, since I don't remember specifics of any such thing. But see below:
    • You may see, hear, or smell something that causes you to relive the event. This is called a trigger. News reports, seeing an accident, or hearing a car backfire are examples of triggers. Images of some types of aliens, scenes, etc. do this to me, as well as being in certain locations. 
  3. Avoiding situations that remind you of the event
  4. You may try to avoid situations or people that trigger memories of the traumatic event. You may even avoid talking or thinking about the event. For example:
    • You may avoid crowds, because they feel dangerous.Yes, though to be accurate, I have always felt this way.
    • You may avoid driving if you were in a car accident or if your military convoy was bombed.
    • If you were in an earthquake, you may avoid watching movies about earthquakes. I'm curious about the other side of this; an obsession with immersing ones self in the very thing. In this case, UFOs.
    • You may keep very busy or avoid seeking help because it keeps you from having to think or talk about the event.
  5. Negative changes in beliefs and feelings
  6. The way you think about yourself and others changes because of the trauma. This symptom has many aspects, including the following: 
    • You may not have positive or loving feelings toward other people and may stay away from relationships.
    • You may forget about parts of the traumatic event or not be able to talk about them.
    • You may think the world is completely dangerous, and no one can be trusted.
  7. Feeling keyed up (also called hyperarousal)
  8. You may be jittery, or always alert and on the lookout for danger. You might suddenly become angry or irritable. This is known as hyperarousal. Yes…
     For example:
    • You may have a hard time sleeping.
    • You may have trouble concentrating. 
    • You may be startled by a loud noise or surprise. Definitely. 
    • You might want to have your back to a wall in a restaurant or waiting room. Yes. Or, could be I read too many spy/suspense novels.  
I wonder if humor is a part of this -- using humor as a deflection, an expression, and a way to both avoid yet confront the event. I know I use humor a lot. The list above mentions avoidance quite a bit, but on the other hand, I wonder about obsession, or, if that sounds too judgmental, an avid interest in the event. Since that orb sighting, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, or anything else remotely connected. That rabbit hole is endless, bottomless, and I'm still tumbling down…

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sean Meers and His Rants

While some in UFO Land lament that which offends and "gives UFOlogy a bad name" like contactees or telepathic communications with UFOs and Sasquatch, the real things that continue the circus vibe inherent in UFOlogy are the hyper sensitive and trollish. Such as Meers, who has included me in his list of supposed harassers.

I wrote a post some time back about Meers being a self-appointed UFO Police officer, wanting to censor those he disagrees with. Anyone disagreeing is guilty of "hate mail" and other offenses. Then I responded with a post, and he responded on his site with his response of my response.

I know, it's non-productive and a bit immature but on the other hand, it is sometimes necessary to call out those who obsess and, while not lying, exactly, certainly are highly disingenuous in their melodramatic defenses. This, like it or not, is a part of UFOlogy. And while it's true that not too much attention should be given, now and then it is a worthy act to occasionally show them up for many reasons. One, yes, they're a distraction. Possibly even intentionally; ops or professional trolls, literal agents of disinformation and misdirection. Two, within the obsessive minutuate of people like Meers, the lies are present and therefore spread thoughout UFO Land, which shouldn't always be tolerated. Now and then it's okay to rattle the cage.

Anyway, the latest from him:

Case Related Hate Mail - The Linda Cortile UFO Abduction Case Website: A Brief Commentary on the Latest Harassment from Regan Lee
The most recent hate mail entry from Regan Lee is extremely contradictory in nature. At first Regan Lee argues that the material she’s written does not constitute hate mail, then she concedes that she did in fact make an ad hominem attack, then she indicates that she stands by her ad hominem attack characterisation.
-- Sean F. Meers
December 30, 2015
According to Meers, my opinions are "harassment" and "hate mail" -- even though it wasn't "mail" at all, as in email or snail mail, but my blog post.

My post was not "extremely" contradictory -- I was pretty clear. I called him a thug because I think he is a thug because, as I explained, anyone who demands that others shut up just because they want them too is a "thug."

Once again: personal opinions are not "hate mail," nor "harassment" and saying someone is a bully (thug) isn't necessarily an ad hominem attack.

But most of us know all that.

Orange orb Archives -

List of orange orb ufo sightings from around the globe: Orange orb Archives - Scroll down a bit for an orange orb sighting in Grants Pass, Oregon from January of this year.

Monday, February 29, 2016

"Gang Stalking" in UFO Land

Cyber bullying exists. As a victim of that myself, let me tell you! Gang stalking is a form of your all around bullying, but sounds a lot more technical and ominous. Mind control and all manner of nefarious methods employed by some to harass others. Including on-line.

Both exist. Serious, real gang stalking is not amusing. But being vocal about one's opinion; that is not "gang stalking." So, in UFO Land (and elsewhere) do not confuse, whether one is being disingenuous or just melodramatic, being vocal with "gang stalking."

We have so many reasons why ufology is not "taken seriously." Contactees. Abductions. Bigfoot and UFOs. Ancient Aliens. Still clinging to Roswell.  Etc. None of those reasons are why "ufos aren't taken seriously." The fact that we continue to eat our own, whine about disagreements, and mock each other (true, some deserve mocking, but you don't have to get so smug about it when you do it) doesn't help matters. But the reason why ufology isn't taken seriously is -- and I've said this many times through the years -- the set-up. It's fringe, always has been, always will be. By its nature, all anomalous activity is considered suspect by the infrastructure. Some in UFO Land don't understand this simple fact. It's an interdiction.

The only way ufos might be "taken seriously" is if the mothership of motherships lands somewhere big, aliens disembark from the craft, the whole thing is broadcast globally, and government officials admit the "truth." (Even with the admission that aliens and UFOs are real, there will still be a lot that will remain hidden.) Disclosure, maybe. Full disclosure, no.

What this have to do with "gang stalking?" Not much, I did go off point for a moment. I suppose one small way of being a squeaky wheel that irritates the infrastructure is to be honest, which means, being vocal and unafraid. Accusing those whose opinions you don't like of "gang stalking" contributes to the misdirection that "ufology isn't taken seriously."

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unusual Sound Keeping Oregon Residents Awake and Baffled

Mystery high-pitched noise keeps Oregon town awake at night | US news | The Guardian:
"An unexplained high-pitched tone has kept residents of a Portland suburb awake at night for at least a week, confounding the best efforts of police and firefighters to pinpoint its source."
What's odd, as reported in the news item, is that the sound had appeared "decades ago" and is only heard at night. It was a mystery then and a mystery now. Before listening to the audio provided in the article, I thought it might be a bird call. But it's definitely a mechanical sound. To me, sounds like metal scraping against something. Whatever it is, it's a mystery.

Friday, February 26, 2016

This Just In: Dolan Posts on FB; UFO Land Goes Crazy

I can't take it anymore. People I respect in UFO Land going after each other based on presumed notions about what is respectable and worthy… oy. Latest in the round of nonsense: the outrage, yes, outrage, over Richard Dolan posting a little post about his haircut. Suddenly, because of that simple, mundane post, the UFO realm has now been destroyed. At least that what's some think.

It's Facebook. How many of us -- myself included -- have posted images of our new shoes, or hair color, or other trivial (yet fun) stuff? We're supposed to be "friends" - - it's Facebook, not the "I'm So Damn Intellectual and Above This Nonsense Because I Take UFO Research Seriously and You Don't" book.

Dolan has contributed greatly to UFO research, and continues to do so. One might not always agree with him, but, like many a researcher out there in the UFO public eye (because let's face it, no one much outside of UFO Land cares, much) they're doing something. And yet, goddess forbid a researcher posts about a haircut. By the way, Nick Redfern posts things along these lines -- no one's screamed at him about that.

I don't get it. Relax. UFO research is never going to be taken seriously anyway by the infrastructure; that globalist cabal of overlords that own us all. All we can do here in UFO Land is continue on the research path that calls to us, and try not to eat our own.

Now, outrage over some things, like, oh, David Jacobs … that's worthy of such responses. Call researchers on their stuff like that, not whether or not they post a pic of their new haircut.

Again. Seriously.

Monday, February 22, 2016

"Aliens are Real"

We see this often; the statement on social media and throughout the internet that "aliens are real." I agree with that, aliens are real, and I won't argue that with the debunker crowd. (Just like I don't argue my case with them on ghosts, UFOs, etc.)

But, the question is, not are aliens real, but what do we mean by "aliens?"
Exchange the word "alien" for "God" and it's the same idea. I believe in "God" but, as I've discovered through the years, my idea of "God" is very different from the majority's, at least in our culture.  My Christian friends definitely disagree with me on this conception of "God." (Yes, I'm an old hippie flower child, believing that "god" is all, everywhere, within and without, consciousness and star stuff. A bearded man in the sky who sent his son, who was also him, what?! -- no.)

So we throw the words around -- alien, God, -- and assume we're on the same page. Oh dahlings, we are so not!

For that matter, I'll even throw in UFOs, for our definitions of that seeming obvious term has different meanings for different people. (Debunkers and skeptics often like to be cute and insist that when using the term "UFO" 'everyone knows we're really talking about aliens from space.' Bless their disingenuous hearts.)

"Aliens are real," sure. But that belief, that opinion, doesn't stop there with the acknowledgement that "they" exist. We really have two questions -- what are aliens -- and, which ones are talking about -- in what context?

Were the "aliens" listening in on our conversations -- invisible yet very distinct  presence felt by many -- aliens from outer space? Another planet? Or an energy? Something co-existing with us here on earth? Something mystical/spiritual, like angels? Djinn? Even something co-created, even unconsciously, by us via our intense discussions of the subject? A sort of UFO tulpa?

What of the beings seen by landed ships and inside craft?

The list of weird unexplained beings that are non-human but described as "alien" is a long one, as well as a varied. We can't simply put the idea of "alien" into one category, acknowledge its existence, then feel as if we've solved something.

Just trying to define terms is exhausting in the land of the weird, and we realize how complex the "thing" (UFO, alien, er, "God") really is.