Saturday, January 24, 2015

UFO Researchers, Witnesses: Learn These Signs of Psychotics, and, Beware Deviant Homosexuality

Because if you don't, that proves you are!

I do my best to avoid giving the verbose stuffed shirts at UFO Iconoclasts -- now UFO Conjecture (s) --  any attention, but sometimes one has to present the insanity in UFO Land to the rest of the inhabitants. Particularly so since so many otherwise reasonable researchers insist on playing with them.

Usually their posts are a form of UFO Guerrilla Theater. At least, that's how they see themselves; players in an unreasonable realm, (UFOs)  bringing reason to the rest of us deluded misfits.  Doesn't work; they're far too pedantic for any true surrealism, even while their spewing ends up being extremely surreal anyway. But that's simply a product of their clumsy hoax attempts (Trent photos, etc.) or dry and wordy laments about the time wasting study of UFOs. Even as they, themselves, pontificate thusly. (See what happens after reading their posts? One begins to sound like them.)

In a post dated earlier this month, they write about the inspiration given to them reading Hervey Cleckly, who wrote a  book on "homosexual deviancy" :
"The Caricature of Love by Hervey Cleckley (1957), a tome outlining the deviancy of homosexuality"
and found inspritaton in Cleckly's classic The Mask Of Sanity, (1941) outlining the traits exhibited by psychopaths. What does this have to do with UFOs? 
Well . . .

In a bizzare leap (told you they were surreal, in spite of themselves) Cleckley's book on psychopaths should be read by UFO researchers. The traits presented by Cleckly should be kept in mind when UFO researchers interview witnesses, or, when dealing with researchers themselves. 

(Remember, this is a book on psychopaths. Suggested for use in UFO Land. By a man who wrote about the "deviancy of homosexuality." )

Number six in Clecky's list is interesting here: "Lack of remorse or shame." In what context? Seeing a UFO? Studying the subject?  Oy. And so it goes. 

The jesters at the Conjecture(s) blog recommend UFO researchers learn about these traits:
"That UFO researchers do not have the qualifications, usually, to pursue personalities lies at the heart of the UFO dilemma, as it's UFO reports that make up the core of the UFO story, and that core is besotted by liars or psychotic personalities, telling the stories or asking the questions."

(Snarky little bastards aren't' they?) So that's why we can't get anywhere in solving the UFO mystery, er, "dilemma." And here I thought it was because of a tangled complex mass of cover-ups, misinformation, disinformation, religions, politics, infrastructures, fear, greed, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, manipulations, shadow governments, folklore, conspiracies,myth, power, corruption,galactic wars, vying entities, and simply not having gotten there yet in the whole magical mystery tour thing of mind, soul, universe and "them." When really, it's just been us psychos all along.

I don't think they're entirely serious; I do think they enjoy intentionally being ridiculous. Still, it is annoying. 

In UFO Land as well as the mundane world, psyopaths exist. This is news? It's good to be aware of the psychos among us. The more you know and all that. But really, the juxtaposition here of "psychopath" "deviant homosexuality" and "UFO witness/researches" is too much. 

Notice how I didn't link. That's on purpose. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

From "alienviews: Blissful Ignorance Is A Lie…" on Dolan

Alfred Lehmberg's latest on Richard Dolan's volume three on UFO history. As with volumes one and two, which were stellar, Lehmberg comments:

alienviews: Blissful Ignorance Is A Lie...: To start, I suspect that in a more perfect future world a copy of Volume One will be a much respected core text in the history classrooms of highly respected and accredited universities everywhere. I don't remotely oversell.

Indeed, the volume could (and should!) go into many different kinds of classrooms (from high school to graduate school) right now, as required reading! It could certainly be a top-listed alternate for many other different kinds of classrooms as well. (Alfred Lehmberg, alien

Thursday, January 22, 2015

UFOS on the Brain and in the Dreams, a Lucid Moment, and an Appearance by Jacque Vallee

The other day, I wrote about my own UFO sightings in Oregon, (also posted at UFO Digest)  inspired by a recent survey of the top ten states for UFO sightings. Oregon did not make that list, though California and Washington did. Interesting how Oregon, sandwiched in between those two states, did not. I wonder what the reason is for that. 

Yesterday, I came across this item from Open Minds about an Oregon UFO sighting from the 20th of this month: Witness Sees UFO Reminiscent of 1997 Phoenix Lights. 

And last night, a dream about a crashed UFO in one of my "dreamscapes." I have several dreamscapes; they remain the same, with slight variations. I don't often have dreams of this particular one, but when I do, it seems they're always tinged with a mystical element of some sort. This dreamscape is of a valley surrounded by huge mountains covered in snow. So huge and right there, you could almost stretch out your arms and touch them. Where we are is flat, and not full of snow, but it is dry, and quiet, somehow. Out in the open.
So in this setting:

I'm with some others, including Jim. We're on the third floor of a hotel looking out the window. These mountains are just so huge, looming above us. Very scenic, like a postcard. Pristine little village of a town, in the valley, surrounded by snow covered mountains. All of a sudden, next time I look out the window, I see an enormous rim of a flying saucer sticking up from the ground. It's across the street, behind the buildings. (The buildings are not tall, the tallest ones are only three or four stories.) The rim of the saucer, and part of the dome, are sticking up from the ground, and just… the size is amazing. As is the color; a golden color that shimmers.  It's so close! Less than a half mile away. 
It is too incredible to think there is a flying saucer there! And, it doesn't make any sense. I tell everyone to come and look; we all try to explain it away. "Oh, it must be a plane," but there is no plane anywhere on this earth that is close to that size. Or, color. "It's a fire, there must be a fire…" but that's ridiculous. There is no smell of fire, or sound, or flames moving. This is a stationary object. We have to accept it: it's a flying saucer all right. 
This is confusing since no one heard anything crash, or saw anything in the sky, it wasn't' there, and then, a moment later, there it was! Some of us have the feeling it was always there and we just didn't notice. Some of us have a feeling it didn't crash, but was underground for a long time and something caused it to appear … whatever the reasons behind its appearance, the reality is that it's there. 
As I'm looking out the window, I see a group of about with men striding purposefully across the street. Some are wearing lab coats -- all very official. In the middle of this group is Jacque Vallee. I say to everyone that this proves it -- if Jacque Vallee is here, then there is most definitely something very important happening. Here I have a lucid moment. I tell the people I'm with that this is odd; in "real" life, Jacque Vallee looks very different than the man who's the dream Jacque Vallee. Real life Vallee is tall, thin, has hair, doesn't wear glasses, and is good looking. Dream Vallee is short, bald, wears glasses, and, while not unattractive, not George Clooney either. The only thing the two Vallees have in common is that they seem to be about the same age.
There's more, concerning military and morphing character perspectives, but overall, that's it. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My UFO Oregon

UFO Chronicles links us to Top 10 States with The Most UFO Sightings. Oregon did not make the list, which is curious, seeing as how I've seen many a UFO here, including an eerily large and silent -- and fast moving! -- triangle. Not to mention the famous orange orb, complete with missing time. And all manner of craft, morphing machines, and twinkling things in the skies.

So the question is, am I one of those UFO statistics that say so many sightings mean I am an abductee, or picked by "them," or another human plaything of the Reptilian Overlords? "They" seem to follow some people.

On the one hand we could say: "Well, kiddo, probably most if  not all of those things you've seen were simply man made objects." I have no doubt at all many of the things I've seen are ours. Drones, climate monitoring devices, weird space station satellites gizmos.

However, we're left with three interesting pieces of data:

1.) Regarding Oregon sightings, we still have the orange orb, with alien tinged dreams and missing time and spooky triangle.

2.) I've been seeing and experiencing UFO and UFO related events since childhood.

3.) My husband, too, has had these experiences since his childhood. Apart, and together, we've experienced -- and continue to experience -- the UFO Weird.

In that context, the UFOs do seem to be attracted to us. Or, us to them. Or maybe it's just the tracking devices they inserted and we're simply a random sample.

So, while Oregon may not have made the Top Ten list, (though Washington to the north, and California to the south, did) in my little Oregon world, UFOs have been very present.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ESP Experiments on Children

The Washington Post reports on an Canadian experiment on indigenous children. Sadly, not the first story of this kind; throughout Canada and the U.S. experiments were conducted on children, native as well as non. What gives this particular story a twist is the paranormal aspect. (Thanks to The Anomalist for link.)

The bizarre ESP experiments conducted on aboriginal children without parental consent - The Washington Post

A recently uncovered experiment reveals the depths of the access given to so-called researchers seeking to find evidence that aboriginal children, by dint of their race, had extrasensory perception, also known as ESP, or a “sixth sense.”
Fifty children at the Indian Residential School in Brandon, Manitoba, became the subjects of a series of tests that sought to establish a new measure for identifying ESP and also to find evidence of supernatural abilities of “primitive” people.
As was typical for the time, there was no parental consent. But the children, ranging from ages 6 to 20, likely participated “willingly,” as the study claims, eager for candy that might stave off their persistent hunger.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Synchronicity Boom! "Mystery Booms Still Being Reported Daily Around the World" reports Gralien

Oh I do love these synchronicities!

Today at work, out on the playground, I heard a tremendous boom/jet roar type of sound. So long and loud that the ground shook. Not only was it loud, but it went on for a long time. So … impressive, I guess, … that the children all looked up to see what it was. A few of them mentioned it to me; which is saying something for it to have interrupted their Zombie game.

I kept looking up of course hoping to see something but I saw nothing. True, it was very overcast.

I telling Jim how odd the experience was, and then glanced down at my laptop. On my Facebook page, right as I was telling him about the large and loud sound, this popped up on my page: from Micah Hanks Mystery Booms Still Being Reported Daily Around the World.

Random Rants


Trust Issues
Jack Brewer's recent posts at his The UFO Trail on the ethics of Hopkins and Jacobs has caused a lot of comments everywhere in UFO Land. Me, I say this:

The witness needs to know that trust works  both ways. Where else is the witness to go? Mainstream won't help. With rare exceptions, just try going to the media/doctor/shrink with your tales of missing time, strange craft, aliens, talking animals, floating through walls, abductions and all that goes with the mysterious realm of UFOs.

UFO researchers are rarely doctors, shrinks, and the like. They're "just" writers and investigators. They're not legally bound to honor anything. THAT DOESN'T ABSOLVE THEM OF BEHAVING UNETHICALLY! Why this is even a question is beyond me.

And to suggest that because they're not legally bound to respect any type of confidentially, no expectation of such trust should exist is very discouraging.

Oh I have mocked the alien reptilian scenario, the hybrid baby scenario, and much more. On other hand, we all know the UFO realm is rife with these kinds of tales. Let's not get on our UFO Police high horses and dismiss such tales because they're "nutty." Okay, so some of them are nutty, but that doesn't do any of us any good if we just chuck them out the porthole. With all sincerity, the witness has these tales to tell. They believe they've experienced them. We have to listen! We have to respect. We have to -- hey, anyone here remember Jacque Vallee?

Oh Those Wacky, Fanatical Researchers
David Icke is, well… and Alex Jones took a wrong turn while tumbling down the rabbit hole a long time ago. Phil Imbragno disappointed as we distanced, and Steven Greer met a talking bush and believed he was Moses.  And, often, aside from their theories and ravings, their personalities put us off. (That last bit; I've met some researchers whose work was fine and dandy but they were quite … odd, ahem,  … but this isn't a personality contest. It'd be nice if we were all nice, but we're not always.) Yet every now and then these people have something actually interesting to say. Their connections make sense, (sometimes) and they aren't entirely full of hogs slop. Slow down and listen to them now and then.

Science. Get Over It
Science can help. Sure, they can come on over. Let's play! But share nicely.

UFOs aren't strictly nuts and bolts, no matter how badly some insist on still, in 2015, that they are. Science can't help us all by themselves, they can only contribute.

Why we still haven't arrived at the place where UFOs is seen as a phenomena that requires a hugely multi-discipline approach, well, boggles my mind, it does.

Now Let's Be Reasonable!
You can't really believe that aliens from outer space are abducting earth women (and men) and collecting their ova/sperm and creating alien-human babies and that the contactees were real and hey, contactee Truman Bethurum was a just a rummy and …

Spare me. That's all beside the point!

It's Zen like, in a way. No one's arguing those things -- not on the face of it --  but go deeper, grasshopper.

After Sixty Years We Still Haven't . . . 
No, we haven't, it's true. So what? That's assuming that it only has been sixty years. (post Kevin Arnold era.)  It's really been thousands of years, but who's counting.

One reason why we haven't gotten very far "in sixty years" is because of everything mentioned so far. Refusal to recognize this whole UFO thing is vastly bizarre and needs vastly bizarre methods to delve into things. Witnesses continue to be marginalized by many a researcher; ignored if their stories are too wild for us to handle, their stories traded back and forth without permission or the respect of request. UFO Police deciding who's who and why, researchers behaving like religious cult leaders or D list celebrities. UFOlogy acting like a groveling step-child at the feet of Big Science.

The main reason however is that we still refuse to understand that we need to turn our heads inside out in order to understand what this is all about, and many are still expecting a rational response from UFOs based on our oh so very rational approach to them. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

(Video) Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano

Interesting, if true. Certainly strange and anomalous things happen on mountains and around volcanoes. Mt. Shasta, for one, where Bigfoot type creatures have been seen. Are these giant beings on Popocatelpeti some kind of animal, unidentified human climbers, or something unexplained altogether?

Popocatepetl (

(Video) Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano: In a recent interview on Tercermilenio television, climber Guillermo Vidales, also known as Huracan Vidales, said that mountain rescue crews on Popocatepetl saw humanoid creatures measuring about 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) in height at an altitude of over 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). Seen on more than one occasion, the beings appeared to be thin and brown and not wearing any visible clothing. They showed amazing speed and skill, according to Vidales. (

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well, No UFO But I Did See...

No UFO this New Year's Eve, but we did just observe Chinese lanterns. I have never seen those in person before. Good to know what they look like in the night sky.

The first one moving slowly and steadily, and very orange, from the east. Then another. And another. All in all, we saw six of them. Watched them through the binoculars, where the flickering action was very apparent.

When we saw the first one, we thought it was … well, we didn't know. Not a plane; planes here don't fly that low in the east, and don't have the single orange light. For a moment there I was thinking it was going to be the same thing we saw last NYE's, but nope. Nothing like it at all.

So, no UFO but nice to finally see what those lanterns look like for comparison.

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2015.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Egg Shaped UFO Dream Silliness

Me: "I had a dream you had just returned from a trip in an egg shaped UFO and you were telling me all about it."

Him (without missing a beat): "Yeah, I was scrambled from the trip."

Me (pretending I didn't hear that): "I was standing in my dreamscape of combined campus/dorm/mall, on the third or fourth level, talking about my tarot practice to a woman who was asking me all kinds of questions, and that's when you showed up, just back from your journey in the egg shaped UFO. You were very matter of fact about the whole thing."

Him (again, without missing a beat): "That's because I'm hard-boiled."

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The UFO Trail: Security of Budd Hopkins Archive Called into Question, David Jacobs Shares Responsibility

Jack Brewer on his UFO Trail writes on ethics, trust, Hopkins, Jacobs, abductees, witnesses, and so much more. All in one post. Important and sadly, on-going. It seems to me -- has seemed so since Emma Woods exposed David Jacobs for the sloppy and unhinged individual he's become -- that all this, this, unethical bullshit, isn't brought out enough.

The UFO Trail: Security of Budd Hopkins Archive Called into Question, David Jacobs Shares Responsibility: This blog has previously explored issues central to the ethics of UFO research. They include how abduction researchers have dealt with in the past and continue to deal with witness confidentiality. The story of the leaking of Larry Warren's audio-taped session(s) to Charles Halt continues this exploration. Let's begin with a summary of some of the players and what was stated on recent podcasts. (Jack Brewer, The UFO Trail)
Besides all that, is this interesting bit about Bigelow, a nefarious player in UFO Land, one that I've never trusted. How he is lauded by some, including George Knapp, who I do respect, is beyond me.

… a series of events during the 1990's in which John Carpenter, a Missouri social worker, hypnotist and MUFON director of abduction research at the time, provided data from case files of some 140 possible abductees to controversial ufology philanthropist Robert Bigelow. The 140 subjects were neither asked nor informed about the transactions that included a reported $14,000 in cash payments made to Carpenter. (Brewer, UFO Trail.)
I don't know the whole story and all the ins and outs -- who does? Who really knows? I'm not taking sides, (not much, David Jacobs doesn't count) for example, Peter Robbins part in what Brewer writes about. Always so damn difficult when you respect someone in this realm, and hear other things that conflict with your own values …

And we're not talking about theories here, ideas and philosophies on what UFOs are, if Reptilians really exist, if abductions are literal events or if there is a UFO-Bigfoot connection. Those things matter of course, very much so, but those don't carry the same onus of responsibility. Theories are speculation, ideas pulled from personal experience and or study. Treating witnesses as only grist for researchers is reprehensible.

Witnesses come first. They (we) are to be respected. Everyone cries out for "credibility" but what about the credibility of the researcher?

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