Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Layers - Binnall of America

My latest column at Binnall of America:

Layers - Binnall of America: I’m thinking of layers. Layers of experience. Layers of theories. Layers of intent. Of ilks and types and kinds.

MILABS. Globalists. Shadow governments, shadow industries. Participating in staging UFO/alien scenarios for the witness, who believes with literally every nerve in their body that aliens visited them, toyed with them, implanted them (and here’s the proof, say x-rays and the likes of Dr. Leir’s) and drugged them to repress memories of what really happened.

Some are satisfied with the above as the answer. Sure it’s an answer, but not the answer. I have no doubt some of this is truly happening. But that’s not all that is happening. (Regan Lee, Binnall of America)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hangar 1 and Witness Harry Joe Turner

The recent episode of Hangar 1, which features MUFON case files, included the unnerving encounters of Harry Joe Turner. You can read about Turner's UFO experiences in the following article on UFO Digest by Sean Casteel:

Latest UFO News | UFO News Today | Recent UFO News | UFOs: One such incident from Beckley’s huge collection of clippings took place in Virginia and was reported by “The Richmond Virginia Times-Dispatch” in September of 1979. A truck driver named Harry Joe Turner claimed to have had a UFO encounter that left him unable to work and seeking psychiatric and neurological help. He had only partial use of the left side of his body after the incident.

“Ever since it all began,” Turner said, “I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been.” (Sean Casteel, UFO Digest)
My post here is not about Turner's case, but about the treatment of witnesses from researchers. In general, MUFON's Hangar 1 annoys me because one rarely, if ever (I don't recall one episode) has the witness talk about her or his sighting. Specifically, this particular episode bothered me for what the MUFON talking heads concluded regarding this case.

Turner's encounters have haunted him. Like many who've experienced missing time and other confusing and strange events in context of UFOs, the aftermath of such encounters are often intense and negative.

And yet, MUFON ends with inane Space Brother stuff about the wonders of alien technology, aliens,  and "alien superpowers." Superpowers? Postively glowing at the wonder of it all, the MUFON representatives on the show talked about the alien's technological supremacy which equals, to MUFON, a good thing for us.

It's obvious aliens have advanced technology -- including inter-dimensional, astral realm consciousness abilities  -- but that doesn't make them nice guys, nor spiritually superior. Meanwhile, Turner suffers, yet what he's going through is treated in a blithe manner in this episode. MUFON chooses to focus on the "superpowers" of UFOs and aliens instead.

I have no doubt aliens exist. Where they come from, who knows. Assuming there are more than one race of alien, they probably come from all over the place: inner earth, parallel dimensions, other planets… all of it could be true. But the more I explore the realm of UFOs, the less I buy into loving space entities here to gently guide us into higher levels of good vibrations. They're simply using us for their own ends.

Another aspect of this episode was the lack of mention of government involvement. Turner's experiences could have been staged by shadow government ops -- MILABS -- either in partnership with actual aliens, or simply on their own using the UFO/alien theme to make us think aliens are afoot. If that is true -- government creating some of these encounters -- that doesn't negate literal aliens.

What's important here isn't whether or not government was responsible for Turner's experience, but that MUFON's attitude, via their program Hangar 1, seemed to use Turner's experience to bolster their own agenda of super powered aliens.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rest in Peace Dirk Vander Ploeg, UFO Digest Publisher

Very sad news. I just learned that Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher of UFO Digest, has passed away. Dirk was always very kind to me. His contributions to the realm of UFOs via his UFO Digest made for a lot of very good -- and diverse -- articles on not just UFOs but a variety of anomalous topics.

Rest in Peace Dirk. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Schools and Creative Thinking Exercises: Another Fake UFO Crash

From England, where they really love to stage these fake UFO crashes, complete with injured or missing aliens, the most recent:
UFO crash lands at Semley School | Blackmore Vale Magazine: Pupils at Semley CEVA Primary School, Wiltshire, returned after their half-term break to find there was a flurry of excitement in the playground on Monday morning. Staff dressed in florescent jackets ushered children into the hall and declared a state of emergency… a space rocket had crash-landed on the school playing field! 
The reason given for these scenarios is to encourage creative writing and thinking in children. Well, at least it wasn't the fake WWIII scenario, or the murdered-in-front-of-students scenario.

These staged events are not specific to England however. There have been fake drills involving not just UFOs and aliens as well as the above mentioned WWIII and murder scenarios but staged shooter invasions, fatal accidents and other violent and frightening scenes. There have been aimless hours long bus rides without explanation to students. In Scotland, there was a fake "the state is coming to take you away, deciding you're not worthy." (At least in that one, one student refused to follow these orders.) In many of these cases parents are not notified that these lock downs, drills and staged scenes would take place. Sometimes much of the staff didn't know either; they were as surprised as anyone.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

UFO Themed Dreams and Memory

Rosemary Ellen Guiley was the guest on last night's episode of Coast to Coast. The topic: dreams. Host Noory asked Guiley why it is that we don't remember dreams. (We may remember dreams a day or two later, but not over time, certainly not years.) Guiley said that dreams are in the "short term memory" part of the brain. (Realize I'm paraphrasing here and working from memory.) She explained that, unless something very intense and important happened at the time of the dream, trying to remember it, if trauma happened, then the dream would be remembered. 

Salvidor Dali, Persistence of Memory

So, that had me thinking. The dreams that I remember involved UFOs and or entities. The "Patio Alien" that I've written about here in the past happened a good fifty-five years ago. Yet I remember that "dream" to this day. And, in fact, I have only called it a dream because, what else could it have been? 

The second was a dream -- the Geisha Woman-Alien "dream" -- but, the question is, based on what? Why does that dream out of the thousands of dreams stand out? Was the dream a cover memory dream of an actual event? (In that dream, I am inside a domed spaceship out in space. The walls are glass. I sit across from a very tall, chalky white alien with the big eyes, but she is wearing a black "geisha" style wig. She is one cold detached being. I am angry, furious, that she will not let me go, and will not let me see my husband, who is somewhere on this ship.)

Speaking of this second dream/memory, I had this dream in the same time frame and location as our missing time episode. I've written about both many times. I asked Jim, who was present during the missing time episode, if he remembers if I had this Geisha Woman-Alien dream before or after the missing time. Neither one of us remembers. What is for certain though, is that the dream did happen during this phase.

There is also my eagle "dream" from when I was about four. Again, I remember this in vivid detail and emotion, and have to put it in the category of "dream" because, once again, how could it literally be? (A few nights ago I had a weird experience regarding this eagle presence, which I posted about at my Mothman blog.)

And of course, there are the dancing invisible aliens that came to visit me during my childhood. All "dreams" and yet . . . they remain, in vivid detail, stand-out episodes of my life. Why those and not others?

Finally, Jim remembers a "dream" he had when he was a child that haunts him to this day. He calls it his "Popcorn UFO" dream.  An excerpt from an article I wrote for Tim Binnall's site a few years ago:

When he was ten years old, he said he had what he calls the “pop corn machine dream.” He was living in Hawthorne, California, at the time. Back then the area was almost out in the sticks, no sidewalks, brush, tumbleweeds. He woke up -- or, as he put it, he dreamt he woke up -- to see a craft outside his window. He went on board, where he saw a machine that “smelled like popcorn, and it reminded me of one of those popcorn machines.”  
“I knew they were aliens, and they weren’t good. Over my life, of all the dreams I’ve had about aliens, they’ve never been good in any of them. They’ve been all about bad, or Trickster at best.” (To this day he talks about how he hated living out there, moving from the Hollywood area to live in the middle of nowhere. 
This could probably be chalked up to being a kid, and suddenly uprooted from friends and school. But I wonder if some of this intense dislike has something to do with his “alien” experiences.) 
I told him I rarely see aliens in my dreams. (But then I immediately remembered my “Geisha Woman” dream of the tall female gray being; where I found myself on board, sitting across a tall “gray” female with black hair.) He said “I have. They’re usually human looking, but alien nonetheless. I just know they’re aliens. I don't’ think I’ve ever had gray aliens, specifically, but I have had insectoid aliens, giant preying mantis kind of things.” (When he said that, I almost fell out of the chair!) 
He continued: “You never see them completely, but more like parts of them, and they appear in parts, revealing themselves slowly. I never see the whole thing.”
“Do you still have alien dreams?” I asked him.
“Yeah, occasionally.”
“I don’t have bad dreams or scary dreams that often, but when I do, they’re about aliens. Whatever it is I’ve been seeing all my life, it hasn’t been good,” he said again. (Regan Lee, July 2007,  Trickster's Realm at Binnall of America.)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Synchronicity: Golden Light and Picture Post Cards

Two synchronicities today.

Last night, or early this morning, I had a strange experience. A brilliant, beautiful and intense golden light filled up in my head. I was awake, not dreaming or asleep. Just waking up… this light was sort of like those so-called "head explosions" but different in many ways as well. The color, for one ("head explosions are white, in my experience) and there wasn't any sound. And the emotion that accompanied this golden light -- incredible! Just profound. I knew it was important, and special. Why it was, I don't know, simply that it was. As the light was beginning to fade away, I very distinctly heard my name being called. I had the impression the spirit or entity (angel?) was both male and female, or, also, that the energy or entity was more than one single being.

This afternoon someone shared with me their experience of a sighting. I won't write about it without permission, but this person did say that part of the encounter included a golden light, and that the experience had deeply affected them.

Later this evening, I was reading Jim my post on the 7 Foot Eagle "mind post card." (see post below.) As soon as I said "mind post card" Jim interrupted me and showed me what he had just written a minute before. (He had been writing when I asked him if he could listen to my reading the post. He said "In a sec, I just want to finish this sentence.") The sentence: "… she rented a villa above a picture post card isle."

Active lately; synchronicity, dreams, visions. I have put out the intent of intentionally recalling encounters; it's possible the call has been heard and answered. Or, just more weird for its own sake. I think on some level it's as simple as the latter, even while equally and concurrently profound on another.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Menacing 7 ft. Eagle

Weird little "mind postcard" the other night. That's what I call those vivid, full color -- often with smells and sounds -- images that come into my mind in rapid fire "clicks." They are extremely detailed, and often I feel as if I'm right there, walking among, within, the scene. These are real, but so fast I can barely keep up. And much of the time, these scenes have nothing to do with me; they seem random. Fascinating, that these "mind postcards" are so vivid and detailed, compete with odors and sounds and color, and yet appear with such quickness and are often irrelevant to my everyday experience.

Sometimes these scenes expand. In other words, as I find myself in them, I can slow it down a bit; walk around, try to interact. But sometimes the people in these landscapes, when they do notice me, even though I'm right next to them, seem annoyed that I'm there. It's as if they notice my being out of place (or time) -- do I seem like a ghost to them? Or that I wandered into someone's else's dreamtime.

These moving mind postcards happen when I'm awake, but lying in bed, prior to sleep. I know this is a typical thing for many and there's a name for it. However, it's still pretty damn intense and weird at times!

So, the other night. Abruptly, as usual, I find myself in a scene. I'm outside in a backyard somewhere -- I don't recognize anything. I have the sense that even though I'm me, now, I'm also a child, around four or five. There's family around, people, like a barbecue or something like that. A semi-rural place. I have the feeling this is in California somewhere; southern California, inland. To my left is a white picket fence, a little worn and wobbly. I look up from where I am in the yard, near the porch, and look over to the large tree (an oak?) that is on the edge of the yard. I think it's actually the beginning of the semi-woodsy area. Somewhat leaning against the tree trunk, and staring right at me, is an eagle.

This eagle is very tall, about 7 feet tall.  It's standing like a human would stand, and leaning against the tree. Every detail is exact, vivid; his white head, his height, his eyes. Large eyes! I am very scared; this thing is not of good intent at all! He (and I just know it's a he) is watching me, and it is not a good thing.

Then I remember the "dream" of the large eagle flying through my open ceiling when I was little, around four or five. In that "dream," I felt elation, not fear.

Well, just one of those many strange and creepy moments that comes when we're traveling through the realm of the weird.

Prior to this intense and scary little scene, I was thinking of two things: one, ghosts as aliens/aliens as ghosts, and going over and over my orange orb experience. Did this call up something? Or is it just the subconscious having some fun? Probably a little of both.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting at What Happened: Simultaneous Diversity

Yesterday's post on medium Amy Allen of The Dead Files (see post below) and her comments about aliens and possible abductions within a haunting experience had me wondering, for the millionth time, about how to get at these memories.

We're familiar with hypnosis, including the controversy surrounding use of hypnosis to delve into memories of alien encounters. I'm still out on that one -- if I were to go through hypnosis, I'd be very very careful. Very. IF.

But what if something like the following were to happen? Hypnosis. Meanwhile, while the witness is going through that, remote viewers are looking at that moment: missing time, the moment of a sighting, etc. And, a psychic medium did their thing. All at once, all separate from each other. No one knows what anyone else has discovered, including the witness. When all is done, then notes are compared. Chilling to think all three would reveal the same events. 

If there are multiple witnesses -- as in my case, my husband also experienced these things -- this process would continue but with a different set of remote viewers, psychics, hypnotists.

How realistic is this? I don't know. I do know that finding the right people would be difficult, but more practically, it no doubt would be very expensive. I know that I don't have money to spend on a diverse crew of investigators.

Still, an interesting thought. Using different methods at the same time to get at what happened. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Medium Amy Allen's The Dead Files and … Aliens

The Dead Files is Travel Channel's ghost/medium program, where medium Amy Allen explores locations said to be haunted. Research into the particular home, building or site's history is done by co-host Steve DiSchiavi. (Who is a retired homicide detective.)  Ghosts and spirits abound, and I find the program interesting. I think Allen is a good psychic. These are the type of ghost shows I prefer; Allen's, and medium Kim Russo's The Haunting Of . . ., where mediums are used to communicate between spirits and the living. Not yahoos with "spirit traps" and the like banging around in order to catch a ghost. I have nothing against using technology to aid in ghost investigations, but I think they're often overused, the input of mediums neglected, and responsibility for the interactions between humans and spirit disrespectful.

I've been intrigued by the sometimes overlapping encounters of ghostly hauntings and alien encounters. Are they the same thing? Does one know of the other? Does one -- mainly, aliens -- intentionally mimic ghostly behavior? Is some of what witnesses report as ghostly hauntings not ghosts at all but aliens pretending to be ghosts?

Last night's episode of The Dead Files referred to this cross-over, or parallel ghost/alien realm. Ghosts were present in the home Allen investigated, but she also mentioned another energy; an alien presence. Paraphrasing here, but Allen said something along the lines of something else "not a demon, a dead thing, but something else. Alien" Literally.

 Steve DiSchiavi asked if the family had been "abducted." Amy said it was possible, and that the aliens were "visiting." "They kind of manage it" she said, suggesting that the aliens had something to do with manipulating in some ways the paranormal aspects of the case.

At the end of the program, Allen gives her recommendations to the families on what to do to end their ghostly experiences. She offers advice on the use of mediums, blessings, maybe moving, etc. In this episode, regarding the aliens, Allen said that magick wasn't going to help. As far as the aliens went, Allen suggested the family document any experiences, and keep talking about what they remember. Interesting she didn't mention hypnosis. I'm glad she didn't, but wonder why. The emphasis was on memory, bringing it out into the open, and keeping a record.

There was another Dead Files episode where Allen mentioned aliens. The following is from my post in January of 2014:

Dead Files: Encountering Aliens

Wow. Tonight's episode of The Dead Files, with medium Amy Allan, had Allan tell the haunted residents in their Rome, New York home that she had encountered something she had never experienced before. Besides the usual spirits haunting the property, it seems there are also tall, human looking but decidedly not human beings that Allan said were "aliens." Either aliens, or beings from another world -- not spirits or ghosts of humans, or even non-human energy type entities and creatures (demons) but, for lack of a better term, aliens. Non-human beings from another planet.

These beings appear to be after the children in particular. Allan said these beings will probably always be there and she didn't know how to get rid of them.

Friday, June 5, 2015

MUFON's Hangar 1

There is none.

Not a literal place, as shown in the show's picture of "Hangar 1" -- that's not really MUFON Headquarters, you know, like the Batcave or something.

One of the most pompous as well as amusing statements from UFO Land: this show's "Now, MUFON is granting access to its vast archives…" oh please.

Call me the Kathy Griffin of UFOlogy, but I mean, please. One of MUFON's experts is Dwight Equitz, who I can't help calling Clay Brickstone, given his soap opera looks and worse, his presentations, complete with raised eyebrow…

Although, the most respectable and honored Richard Dolan is often on the program, and that is one saving grace.

The show if all right for the the general audience who is mildly interested in UFOs, or, new to the whole crazy-ass mad hatter tumble down the rabbit hole of UFOlogy. But the sheer arrogance of this program, not to mention their disingenuous, gets to me. Most of all, their avoidance of the fact of Robert Bigelow's participation within MUFON is suspicious. Very, very suspicious.

I will make the disclaimer that there are many individual UFO investigators who are MUFON members that are to be respected. But MUFON as an institution, as an entity, is a not just a joke, but a dishonest one.

Just my opinion. As usual, I'm of two minds. One, overall pretty ridiculous, arrogant, and dishonest (i.e. Bigelow.) On the other hand, any enterprise whose purpose is to present to the hoi polloi UFO info from a non-debunking perspective is a good purpose. So, I don't know. Well, I do know one thing: it really doesn't matter. The debunkers/"skeptics" will continue on their path, despite shows like Hangar 1. The rest of us, varying in degree from gullible and naive aliens-are-here-to-help-us to the individual who has experienced such things all their lives to the generally interested, will continue to watch just about any show on UFOs. Because that's all we have. Mainstream anything will not give it up -- not ever, not until forced to anyway by the aliens themselves -- so we have to get our slivers of info and yes, entertainment (or, para-tainment) any way we can. That's all right.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vanessa's Medical Support Fund by Lon Strickler - GoFundMe

If you can, please help with Vanessa Strickler's (Lon Strickler's wife) health fund. She is ill and medical bills are extremely high. I wish the best for both of them.

Vanessa's Medical Support Fund by Lon Strickler - GoFundMe: name is Lon Strickler and I started this campaign on behalf of my wife Vanessa and our family.

On January 10, 2015 Vanessa was diagnosed with colon cancer. She immediately had surgery to remove an aggressive tumor involving her small & large bowel. Since then, she has battled through infection, low electrolytes, DVT/PE and the effects of chemotherapy. Her spirit has been impressive as she fights to get well. Unfortunately, our financial resources have been used up and our situation has become desperate.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Still Stealing I See on UFOs and Aliens Blog

Some time ago I commented on Usko Ahonen's archons as greys article. You wouldn't know that from UFOs and Aliens blog, because there

Are Archons Greys By Usko Ahonen Md  the idiots have posted my comments under his title, without citation that it's me commenting on the article. Plus, they used the same photo of me they did the last time (see posts below.) So some might think Ahonen is me, or, I'm Ahonen. Clown shoe stealing morons.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stealing Content Gets Weirder

So, I'm searching the blog cited as the "source" for the item posted on the blog mentioned in my post below. She cited Outer Space Guests as the source. Not my name or link, but some other blog. I haven't found my article there yet, but I did find this: Proof For Bakterial Alien Life In Outta Space | Outer Space Guests, which is a small item about life on mars. I didn't write it. I have nothing to do with it. But apparently the blog master at Outer Space Guests thinks so, since he posted this photo of me, holding the mug with UFO cartoonist Dennis Rano's image of me as the Orange Orb. (thank you Dennis!)

Stolen Yet Again: Revisiting The Tempest In A Teapot Mcminnville Ufo Photos Faked Again | Greys Area

Came across this, a post I wrote a few years back, posted in its entirety, without any mention of the author of such piece, which would be me. As I commented on Greys Area:

Revisiting The Tempest In A Teapot Mcminnville Ufo Photos Faked Again | Greys Area: Huh, you neglected to mention the writer of this piece. Which happens to be me. Regan Lee
I don't mind being mentioned, linked, or even having my entire articles reposted, but I DO expect correct citations. Otherwise, it's just stealing. (Regan Lee)
Really now.